Chat Combination!

I request to combine the chats as there are only few members being online!

At present help chat was completely dead, country chat will be dead always and becomes alive rarely like a shiny staryu lol

The only living chats were global and trade, it's not for my selfish hukora, but it's a suggestion! but NOTE that there is a decrease in players day by day!

Decision is ursssss, !!

Re: Chat Combination!

Well, my Country chat has been very lively that past few days
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Re: Chat Combination!

Big +1, since global chat is rarely used, country chat doesn't allow for communication between other players from different countries, and help chat is now defunct. With the low number of players, this would be a good way to bring players together in less chats.

Re: Chat Combination!

When the game only had one chat, people complained that all of the trade-related topics were drowned out by the non-trade-related topics so trade chat was formed. I still agree with this decision. Same reasoning was put into creating help chat, though I recognize that help chat has not been used often recently.

Although I do agree that there are too many chats (namely we can do without Global Chat being separate from Country Chat) I still see use in a trade chat and a help chat because that separates those topics from everything else. Especially since I still see a lot of people utilizing Global/Country chat to discuss miscellaneous topics and these conversations would simply bury the trade-related and help-related topics if all the chats were combined.

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Re: Chat Combination!

If all chats were combined then wouldn't there be like a lot of confusion like there would be way too many ppl speaking a different language that most ppl don't know and there would be a lot of spamming of trades and ppl asking for help and such. I think its fine as it is so -1.
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Re: Chat Combination!

I don't think merging them into one chat is a solution, for me the country chat is empty but the other channels are pretty active, i'd be open to put the first active tab to always be Global rather than the current Country one.

Re: Chat Combination!

I am not suggesting to combine into one chat, but remove the useless chats ( mostly help and country)
Everyone are asking their questions in global and trade as none of the players who can help aren't staying in help chat!

Similaryly, country chat is being used for only a few members 2-3!

And brad, since u r a mod everyone follows u, try coming to help chat and let people know, see how help chat turns to!