Well i'm kinda banned rn so might as well make one
- my name is Malik obviously
- I'm annoyed/sad 24/7 but I don't say anything
- i read looooooots of manga and anime (i'm probably the most cultured anime reader/watcher yk)
- My favorite Pokemon is Mega Gallade
- My favorite Shiny is Roserade (i want one so bad)
- i'll talk about anything with anyone idrc
- I could careless what others think about me
- my favorite anime is jjba aka jojos bizzare adventures
- I like to help people with their story line as much as i can
and thats bout it
Oi Josuke .
lol jojos reference


Jojos Best Anime Boi
I think im addicted to jojos :D
“You truly are the lowest scum in history. You can’t pay back what you owe with money.” – Jotaro Kujo