1. One ban appeal per topic. Do not create multiple ban appeals for the same ban.
2. Do not file ban appeals for other people- third party appeals will be ignored or discarded.
3. Don't post to other people's ban appeals unless you're staff.

Reason for my Chat Ban & How much Time!

I don't know the reason for my Chat Ban!

I wanted u to know that i was banned about 3days + approx 6 hrs, till now!

The reason only i have in my mind for my Chat ban was using global chat as a trade chat!

And now if the reason is true, then please forgive me this time and i promise u that this will not again happen!

You may get doubt that "this guy always says like this and continues again using global chat as a trade chat" , if it happens again i accept my permanant ban of my account!

Please i would like to know the true reason and also the time left!

I hope this is not a permanant chat ban / account ban!

waiting for ur replyy..................................................!
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Re: Reason for my Chat Ban & How much Time!

You were chat banned for 96 hours advertising your trade outside of trade chat in light of multiple instances of breaking this rule in the past even after several personal warnings from me, most recently (viewtopic.php?f=14&t=17893&p=88334). Each time you violate this rule, the chat ban will increase and may eventually be converted to an account ban.

You have approximately 14 hours left of your chat ban at the time of this post.

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