Expanding pokemon follower

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Expanding pokemon follower

Post by Olmagon » Fri Oct 11, 2019 2:34 pm

I get that in the grand scale of things this game can work on this is quite unimportant,with battle bugs and stuff,but perhaps when there’s time we could expand the Pokemon follower to cover more species? Right now it covers starters and a few small cute pokemon,but I would also like to be able to travel with many of my Pokemon that I use. I just like having them around.
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Re: Expanding pokemon follower

Post by ChilenoEnDinamarca » Thu Oct 17, 2019 1:55 pm

I would like to add something to this topic. I was thinking about to make a small list with shiny pokemons as followers and another different list for Gold pokemon as followers... this will of course affect visuals and you will know right away if an specific avatar is being followed by shiny/gold or regular Pokemon.
The idea came some time ago when I saw that my little Zorua looks like a regular one when it follows me.

But please consider to make different lists of pokemon that can be a follower, FX:
Lugia can be a follower only on its shiny version. (that could be insane) stuff like that.
Another example could be Gold aerodactil only, not the regular one.. imagine a big pink flying follower :V... with that said, it will also be a new idea to sell tokens.

As the previous post already mentioned, about amplifying the list of the followers +1
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