Streak keeps resetting

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Thu Oct 10, 2019 10:46 pm

Some days when I log in, it resets my streak back down to 1. It did it once and then it just kept doing it. Does it like once a week it seems like. I've logged in every day for almost the entire life of my account. The only break I took was like a week after i made the account and didn't log in for that 1 day.
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Thu Oct 10, 2019 11:35 pm

Several conditions must be met in order for log in streaks to count:
1. You need to manually log IN. Meaning, if you open your game page and it automatically logs you in, you need to log out and log in again.
2. You need to log in sometime between 24-47 hours from the last time you logged in and received the streak. To confirm that your log in was correctly registered, click on the heart icon at the top-right corner of the game page to see when you last received your hearts, which is counted similarly to the login streak.
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