How to Obtain Giratina (NOT A HAPPY ENDING)

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How to Obtain Giratina (NOT A HAPPY ENDING)

Post by bonchan » Sat Mar 16, 2019 5:26 pm

How to Obtain Giratina

(This guide is for those people who did not follow the guides ;) :twisted: )

Let us start to the part where you already got the dark fire and was about to hatch the dark egg.
When Giratina tries to eliminate the baby, I have accidentally choose NOT TO SAVE THE BABY :( ,so I just watched as Giratina murdered it. :( :shock: :? and the baby giratina is now gone..FOREVER...
But wait, there is more. Giratina said that we can still obtain another Giratina (the old giratina) if we can prove to be worthy.
Giratina said to meet him outside of the house, (that is where you currently is) and battle it.

(I dont have a picture of it :D ;) but giratina can be found in Eastbourne City where the guy with the blue bag can be found)
Talk to giratina and he will tell you to battle it 3(THREE) times.

For the first battle, Giratina will be level 100.
After defeating it, it will warp somewhere else and will tell you to find him. (He will not tell you the exact location :x )

(Dont worry because you wont suffer the frustration that I felt because I already found giratina for you)
Second battle will be on Eastbourne City Gym and Giratina is back at level 200 now.

Third battle is at the Luxury Home - East Wing (where the replicas are) and battle it at level 125.

After defeating Giratina, he will then join you. :o :D

Then someone will call you from the doorway outside. He is the legendary pokemon hunter who gave you the quest.
He will said that he visited because he had something to give to you and that this object was found outside your door..he will then give you the dark wing..

He will then tell you the sad part (where the other guides didnt know 8-) :P ) that it is a shame we couldnt find out what happened to the hotel owner at the end. ....

Sadly, we didnt get to rescue the hotel owner but who cares? :lol: :P we finally finished the quest.

That is all. ADIOS

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