How to get Latios and Latias. Pokemon Legends.

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How to get Latios and Latias. Pokemon Legends.

Post by ChilenoEnDinamarca » Sat Dec 08, 2018 8:18 pm

++How to get Latios and Latias (This includes: How to get Heracronite and Sablenite)++

I want to give my many thanks to the user Atomous for the big help! I do really appreciate it! ;)

NOTE: For the following part, I will highly recommend you to complete all the other quests (Click here) because I do not know the minimal requirements to do this... since I just found the entry to a strange place.

NOTE 2: Recommended to start and complete at day time only!

NOTE 3: Have an Originally owned Leavanny, enable quest and of your team, trades, etc, etc...
Later on, for these Legendaries you will also need:
  • 1 Pinsir lvl 20, 1 Heracross lvl 20 and both enabled for quest and of the team.
  • 3 honey (They can be picked from the Farm (100 years in future)
  • 3 tiny mushroom (Defeat paras at night or buy from other users)
  • 10 Pokefood
  • 2 Antidote
  • 1 Lemonade (Machine inside the Gatehouse, I use Blackfell)
  • 1 Fresh Water (Machine inside the Gatehouse, I use Blackfell)

Make sure you have all from the list before starting or you will have to go back to the present and the future and it is a pain.

When I was looking around Grayview Town, I saw one strange Bookshelf with some kind of violet aura in the Museum Office. I figured out that it means something... I kept looking and found another Bookshelf where Phione was mentioned. From here on I started look everywhere and talk to every Npc and got nothing... But I was told by a friend that there was a bush that could be cut down... Immediately I ran back to the future:

--From Grayview town walk north, enter the building, go east keep walking north, touch the Crystal, walk south, fly with moltres and take the Dodrio ride to the Farm.
--Walk south till you reach the Rain forest. Once there, with your Leavanny who is enabled for quest and of your team, trades, etc, etc... cut the bush blocking the following path on the ''Show'' button by just interacting with the bush.
--Follow the path and enter the cave and reach its end. Once outside, talk to the old man by the little island.

NOTE: I'm not sure but if you do not have the 7th Badge, called Sunrise Badge, you might not be able to continue. Scroll up
or press Ctrl+f and find the quest ''Conquering the First Gym... Again!''.
Start it and and follow the story until you reach the Sunrise badge... (There are like 7 quests until you can Defeat the gym) Maybe you can skip some quests, but it is up to you. Good luck!

--Now that we talked to the old man and we have the 7th badge, the old man will ask us if you want to hear a story, say yes.
My grandfather was a sailor and he used to talk about an island that was his home.
The remarkable thing about this island were two odd Pokemon found nowhere else.
I searched all my life for this island, but could never find it.
My greatgrandfather told me when I was a child the he charted a map to this island.
But he gave the book to an old museum in Grayview City.
Of course it was lost in the eruption...
But I could retire happy if I could see that book with my own two eyes...
A hidden quest starts :shock: It is called:

The Journey from Eons Ago
Objective: Find the book and bring it to the Old man.
Reward: 11.000¢
Solution: NOTE: Do not reset position. >_>
--From the old man go all the way back to the farm, take a Dodrio ride to DRA (Dorocoast Research area), reach Moltres and then touch the Crystal and leave the Orden League to reach Grayview Town.
--Once we reach Grayview Town, enter the ''BlueSquare Apartments'' (Biggest building to the east. Go all the way up to the top flor and enter the room to the left to talk with the NPc inside. (We will be given a ''Pun Encyclopedia'' every 24 hours).
--Leave the building and enter the Museum. Once there, take the elevator get past the skeleton and reach the office and search this bookshelf (Click here)... Take the book and swap it with a copy of the Pun Encyclopedia. Yes!! :lol:
--Leave the museum and reach the Crystal inside the Orden League Building. Ride Moltres, reach DRA, use Dodrio Ride to the Farm, walk south to the Forest, enter the cave and deliver the book the the Old man.
--After a short dialog, meet the old man at DRA. close to the dock, talk to him and then talk to the captain.
--Once we reach Twin Ravine Island, interact with the old man and leave him be alone with the book and the house ;) Old man ....
--We may explore the town as we wish... lets go to the western part of the isle and touch the Crystal to get teleported to another time.

--Talk to the little girl near the house and ask her what is wrong and then ask her why the Heracross and Pinsir are fighting...
-After a dialog enter the western cave and interact with Latias, go back to the house and talk to the Dad to start a Poke duel with a wild Heracross (if I'm right). When finish a new quest will start:

Bug Eviction!
Objective: Stop the Pinsir and Heracross so the dad can make a Butter tart for Latias.
Reward: 6.000¢ Butter tart
Solution: Go outside and defeat 20 wild Heracross on the east side of the isle and 20 wild Pinsir on the west side. Return to the Dad inside the house.

--Go back to Latias and Give the butter tart. Go to the other side of the isle where Latios is, and defeat him.
--Go back to inside the house to get some medicine from the dad... This will start a new quest:

Forest Hunting and Gathering
Objective: Bring ingredients to make a Potion.
Reward: 7.000¢
  • Go outside and pick 1 Miracle Sap from rainbow trees (You will need the Pinsir and Heracross to be lvl 20, enabled quest and removed from your team, trades, etc, etc...
    3 honey (They can be picked from the Farm (100 years in future)
    3 tiny mushroom (Defeat paras at night or buy from other users)
    10 Pokefood
    2 Antidote
    1 Lemonade (Machine inside the Gatehouse, I use Blackfell)
    1 Fresh Water (Machine inside the Gatehouse, I use Blackfell)
--Once you have all the ingredients, return to the Dad and he will make the Potion. Hurry and give the potion to the Lati birds :)
NOTE: Once the birds are healed they will be combative again. Remember to have a healed team!
--Defeat both birds and then go to the other side of the isle and interact with Latias...
You will recieve, Pinsirite, Heracronite and Latias.

--Now go back to the old man by touching the crystal and after a talk, the quest called ''The Journey from Eons Ago'' will be completed.

That is all guys!! I do hope you enjoyed!!
Chileno!! ;)
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