How to get Mawilite and Sablenite Mega-Stone?

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How to get Mawilite and Sablenite Mega-Stone?

Post by ChilenoEnDinamarca » Sat Dec 08, 2018 7:58 pm

How to get Mawilite Mega-Stone.

NOTE: Maybe there is a faster way to have it, but to make sure I will take the info from ''The Legendaries guide 2'' (Click here) and leave it here to you. Remember that you can only obtain this Mega-stone once you get past the route 19 where the new update begins...

Fist of all we will we need to complete a few quests (If you are confused, read Legendaries guide 2 from top) then we can start the following quest:

Attack of the Lava Demon Pokemon
Objective: To stop Heatran at Grayview cave A1 or the will be destroyed.
Reward: 9.000 ¢
Solution: First of all you need a Dugtrio on your team and some max revives, lemonade or what ever you need to fight many times, or, you can run back to the pokecenter many times.
From the Onderblade Town, walk east and then south to reach Grayview Cave A1. Once there, press the x button close to the rocks blocking the path (There should only be 3 Rocks left to the south and you can not destroy them) to open your way to Heatran and for each rock destroyed you will get Molten Core (Read the tips).
When you reach Heatran, interact with it and you must fight him, he is lvl 200. Run to route 5 after Heatran to stop him because he is making trouble outside and we will have to fight vs a Girl. Keep walking though the route 5 and a biker will fight you, then go to the secret grotto.
Heatran will be on the north side, fight him! Then leave the grotto and talk with both ninjas and go to Oldpine Town. Defeat Arcanine and enter the cave to the south. Heatran will be close to a cone, face him! Wait, he manged to escape again! Follow him and defeat him for the last time and he will join your team! Wooh! Gratz!! :D
Tips: I destroyed all the Rocks all the rocks to get Molten Core since it might be useful in the future, who knows? =)

--Good Job Pokemon Trainers, it seems to be a nice Start!! We Should head back to the Leader, but I decided to help the little Mawile just to the right where Heatran was, before leaving the cave. It will start a quest called Mawile's Missing Mother but it seems that the Ninjas will be priority.
--We will now notice that we are missing a Ninja, and in the way back to the cave some agents, wait what!! The ''MIB (Men In Black)'' are back!! After a shot dialog we will re-spawn at the House 2 in Onderblade (Agent's work). Once we talk to all the Npcs in the house 2, let's go to Willowsteen to hide and we must also talk to the Leader, we must hurry and hide :o !

++The Agents are back!!! (Waow :? ) and as they were in the last update too, were we called them MIB, I will call them the same here, just because they teleport in and out just like in the movies >:3 .++

Mawile's Missing Mother
Objective: Help Mawile JR (as I call him :3)
Reward: 3.000¢
Solution: Read quest down below. Find the tips and there is the real solution
Tips: Keep reading down Below.

--Now that we have talked with the leader a new quest starts:

Gathering of the Mawile
Objective: Deliver 6 Originally owned Mawile to the Leader of Willowsteen
Reward: 5.000¢
Solution: Walk south and find 6 Mawile at Willowsteen forest, they are uncommon there :) Activate them for quest and remove from team, trades, etc, etc... and return to the leader to finish this quest. (Read tips).
Tips: We can now finish ''Mawile's Missing Mother'' quest, by going to Newpine town where you can be able able to find the Mother surrounded by 2 Arcanine (South from the grass patch). There was mine, Idk if it is random for each user. Defeat the Arcanine and then go back to Mawile JR.

--Now let's hurry to the nearest Pidgeot -Fly-system and reach Sandmarsh Town, keep walking all the way south and you will reach ''Sunrock Desert E3''. Once there you will find 3 persons and 1 agent... Interact with the agent and if you defeat him you will get access to the Pyramid.
--Enter the Pyramid and pick up the item between the leaders and Boom it is a trap (This must happen). After a dialog both the leader and you will be teleported from that place.
--We find Our self inside a locked room. Walk on the bed to heal your Pokemons and to exit the room, we have to press the button x close to the hole in the wall (top right corner).
--Next room will be secured with some MIB agents. Take the northern path and defeat the agent. Enter next room and there will be a little cut scene with a ninja. Keep walking north and in this room, we must step on the square on the ground (You can walk behind the Agent directly to the square). Now defeat all the MIB Agents (must be done) and then leave the room and take the path to the right.
--In this new Room there will be some Wax Pokemons and what we have to do is to activate them by
interacting with them following their ''Alphabetic order''! Click the ''Show'' button for hint:
--The door will be unlocked and in the next room, interact with Pachirisu or Rattata , who arethe only different pokemon from all others since they are the only Pokemon of its kind and interacting with them will open the door. Go to the next room.
--Defeat all the MIB Agents to rescue the people and pick up the key on the room to the left. Now go back until you see The Ninjas, talk to them (just in case) and then take the path to the left, where we will have to use the key to open the door.
--Take the path to the south until you reach a room that looks like a home/hotel room. Firstly we should take a nap to heal our Pokemons and then activate a button to open the door by interacting with the plant since it is the only item that does not have an exactly copy of it in the room.
--In this room we will have to defeat all the MIN Agents do not start with the Agent on the left side and remember to talk to all prisoners just in case and go back where we came from.

NOTE:Just in case, take a nap with the bed to heal up again and to be ready to the next part. or you can talk with Rina at the Crossroad.

Now we will have to start a new quest:

Follow the Leader
Objective: Get out of that place!
Reward: 500¢
Solution: Go south to a new room and defeat all the MIB agents, then enter the room where Mawile and Sableye are. Walk south where the ''Agent Leader'' (as I call him) is waitin. Win all the battles. Walk south again, to fight the Agent Leader, who has a Darkrai lvl 200. After we win, we must face the machine on the southern side of it to interact with it, and this is what I did select:
  • Hack it: since we are a Pokemon trainer and not a hacker I gave it a Porygon
  • Show it a Porygon: since Porygon is non-map, not all the users might have one so the machine did not need one at all, so I decided to kick the machine
  • Kick it: since kick did not open the door, I wanted to use Earthquake on it but I'm not a Pokemon so I decided to take the machine apart.
  • Take the machine apart: Since nothing happen I decided to give up
  • Give it up: All the previous stuff was not needed but since we really want to end this and get out of here, I Attempt to shut it down by mashing buttons (askjflkgdgdsas, rofl :lol: ), this will call Zapdos who will launch a legendary thunder to the machine and the machine will finally ''faint'' (Hardest boss so far, :shock:, ok no... hehehe :lol: ) and Boom quest completed!

NOTE: Do not hate me, I was bored and wanted to make a little story :3 I hope you are enjoining the guide and I do also hope that it is a big help so far! Let's get out of this place!
Tips: Read below to continue with the story

--Now talk to the Ninja Leader and will give us a new Quest:

Spying on the Spies
Objective: Destroy all the hidden cameras.
Reward: 12.000¢, Shaymin and Mawilite Mega-Stone.
Solution: NOTE: Each monitor leads to a camera hidden around Pokemon Legends. Down below the solution will be shown and also how to get there quickly... Just click the ''Show'' button.
Press the ''Reset'' red button to restart your location, walk to Bluegum town and take the ''Pidgeot fly system to Darlinghurst Town and interact with the bottle close to the Tournament House to destroy the camera.

Now we should Fly to Easterbourne, walk close to the church and interact with the sing to destroy the camera Image

Fly to Dorocoast Town and walk South-east, get past the gatehouse to reach ''Old Dorocoast Safari-Zone 3'', Interact with the stone close to the tree to destroy the camera. (Omg I was so lucky!!)

From Safari Zone go back to Dorocoas Town and fly to Blackfell Town to interact with the Pokeball, to destroy the camera.

Fly to Wildhaven, get past the Gatehouse and interact with the rock at route 13

--Now that all the 5 cameras are destroyed, we should head back to the room with the monitors, but how? :idea:
Fly to Eastbourne and reach the desert, Interact with the Numel and go to E2 (Only if you have completed the Numel quest, if not, you can just walk to E2). Once there go inside the Team Royal Black Market, walk north and then enter the cave, climb up the ladder and keep walking until you reach the Monitor room and talk to the leader, Congratz!! ;)
Tips: If you want the Mawilite Mega-Stone and also want to start/complete this quest as well, I will highly recommend you to follow the story-line from start to make sure you are allowed start this quest.

--Now that all the cameras are down, we should go to Willowsteen to teach the leaders to have a meeting with them. The fastest way to get there is to go all the way outside the Black Market and take a Numel ride to the Oasis, and there take the Pidgeot to Willowsteen. Talk to the Samurai Leader who is along the Ninja Leader at the center of the town.... When the dialog is finished we will acquire a Mawilite Mega-Stone. :twisted:..

--Ninja and Samurai Ambassador quest is now completed and we should meet the Ninja Leader at Onderblade Town but, first we have to deliver a scared Shaymin that recently joined us. Find Rina at Willowsteen Ridge (Near the clouds) and talk to her. Walk away and Shaymin will want to fight us :o Once you defeat it, Shaymin will join our team :P and we will also complete the ''Grand Gracidea Flowers'' quest. Go back to Willowsteen Town and talk with the Leaders and then Walk north-east (to the clouds) and use the Pidgeot to Newpine Town, use the Crobat to fly to Onderblade Town.

++Onderblade GYM (Will open Next Update, if we are lucky)++

Finally are we on Onderblade Town ready to beat the gym!! But first we will have to complete a quest or more.

--Reach the GYM and talk to the Ninja Leader, who will let us know that Pokemons are watching Onderblade town and that they will give Alarm if the
MIB agents are around. The leader will need our help to repair the GYM (I hope we get the Badge just for helping lol, nah that does not proofs that we are a true Pokemon Master, Want to be the very best ;) ) we need new Paint, Construction supplies and Molten Core.

Rebuilding the Onderblade Gym
Objective: Repair the GYM.. Needs new paint and structural support
Reward: 7.000¢ and a Sablenite Mega-Stone
Solution:Use the ''Reset'' button, go to Bluegum Town and talk to the Traveling paint salesman (Click here) He will needsome Charcoal, just enter the Pokemarket and buy 5 Charcoal from the NPC fron the left side (1.000 each) and give them to the Paint sales man.
Give 5.000¢ to the Construction worker (Clich Here) in Eastbourne and he will sell the supplies we need.
We should already have the 7 Molten Cores, If you followed this guide from the start, if not, read the tips. =)
Let's deliver all the stuff to the Gym leader at Onderblade town, fastest way is to use the Crobat from Newpine. Gz!
Tips: Go back where Heatran was making trouble in the caves and while a Dugtrio is in your team, interact with the rest of the rocks blocking the path.

That is all guys!! I hope it was helpful and you did enjoy!!
Useful guides, click here | Guía de quests y mas en Español, Click aquí! Image

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