Expand the Nickname Character Limit

I suggest that we expand the pokemon nickname character limit to be more than 20 as it can limit a lot of creativity. Like I was naming pokemon after song lyrics and had to shorten one to be almost gibberish due to the 20 character limit. Like this probably won't be changed but you never know so if you don't wanna expand the character limit just ignore this okay thank you bye have a good day
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Re: Expand the Nickname Character Limit

The reason why it has a current limit is because if it is any longer, the name would run out of the little box area designated for it on the battle window. The battle screen is small so that it could fit on a mobile device (even though mobile compatibility is currently atrocious...)

If they ever change the battle window to support bigger screens or cut off nickname characters after a certain length on the battle screen, then yes I'd be all for having Pokemon with longer nicknames; then I could finally have a Magikarp named "The Great and Awesome Lord of all Pokemon"!
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