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Re: PL-Lock Challenge!

Yukilock Day 1 Journey

Locations (Encounter = Condition at the moment = Death/Release Location)
Starter (Squirtle lv 5 = Wartortle lv 21 = Not Available)
Grassy Patch (Caterpie lv 8 = Butterfree lv 12 = Not Available)
Bluegum town (Abra lv 3 = Kadabra lv 16 = Not Available)
Route 1 (No Encounter Yet = Not Available = Not Available)
Bluegum Cave (No Encounter Yet = Not Available = Not Available)
Route 2 (No Encounter Yet = Not Available = Not Available)
Darlinghurst (Bellsprout lv 7= Bellsprout 7 = Not Available)
Route 3 ( Swinub lv7 = Swinub lv7 = Not Available)

Team at Start of Day 1 = Squirtle lv 1
Team at End of Day 1 = ( Wartorlte 21 / Kadaba 16 / Butterfree 12 / Swinub 7 / Bellsprout 7 / Empty Slot)

Day 1 mission = 1st Gym Badge

MVP of the day (Squirtle/Wartortle)

Any suggestions on nicknames for the pokes please let me know XD it would be fun to have them by names as we go on.

Re: PL-Lock Challenge!

The Journey of Neoarcadianwarrior Day 1 Our daring hero Neo and his trusty embarked on his PL Lock Challenge and was off to a good start where he caught a Level 8 . He then found himself in Bluegum town were he avoided all encounters to head to Route 1 to find his next Pokemon which was a Female . Things were going well for Neo as he pushed for his Starter to become a . He then made his way back to Bluegum catching an while gaining a in the process all while leveling his other Pokemon and making smart investments. Things were going well for our young Hero. However, they did not last.

His was fainted by a stupid Sync that triggered Confusion which was his first casualty. He then mustered up the courage to then push on and made his way to the Bluegum Caves where joined his party. Alas, lady luck did not favor Neo and his fainted while protecting his which was hit by faulty PL confusion bugs 4 times. This however, allowed Neo to gain in the process.

Neo then headed to Route 2 where his next encounter was which he then released in an effort to gain stronger Pokemon. This may have been the trigger to send our hero down a dangerous path. He then released his as he believed it was too weak. He then trained his to be able to solo the Darlinghurst Gym and gain his first Badge.

After gaining his badge he then proceeded to level his and to levels 24 and 27 respectively and gained a new partner . He then rested in the Darlinghurst PC where his friends Yuki and Carlos would be sure to join him to each gain their 2nd Badge. End of Day 1
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Re: PL-Lock Challenge!

LockeUser01 started with chikorita level 5. Then fought and caught a female caterpie level 10. After a few more fights there, we went to bluegum and caught a starly, and then returned back one map. Levelled up to 20 for Bayleaf and 14 for butterfree and 14 for staravia. caught a gulpin. went to 1st gym, won badge, but lost butterfree.
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