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Quest List

Post by Nexus » Mon Mar 12, 2018 9:17 pm

A list of currently available quests in Pokemon Legends Very simply, a list of all current quests that are available to users to complete. They are in alphabetical order, not chronological order. This is not a guide on how to activate or complete the quests (guides will be linked where applicable).

Current total: 82

  1. A Foresty Stroll - Help create the Super Antidote!
  2. A Gym Leader in need is a Gym Leader indeed - First you battled against them, and now you battle for them!
  3. A Little Too Famous - An impromptu poster for a sudden spotlight!
  4. A Rarity made even Rarer - At least this Lapras is safe and sound.
  5. A Sorcerer`s Work - Upkeeping a magic castle turns out to be a lot of work!
  6. A Zero Effort Search - The hunt for sage Orez!
  7. All for One and One for All - Conquer the Eeveelutions in the Tower of Eevee!
  8. All Hail Glalie! - A frost Pokemon needed to keep the Dorocoast diner food ice cold!
  9. Ancient Relics in Modern Times - Uncovering these relics will be a long and arduous task.. are you up to it?
  10. Behind the Trees - A brother and sister are playing hide and seek. Will you help them?
  11. Birthday Wishes: Friends are Forever - A companion as old as time, for someone who has seen everything.
  12. Blah Blah Blob Berries - Don't pick the SUPER POISONOUS Berry.
  13. Bounty of the Banette - A disputed treasure needs to be set right.
  14. Calculating Success - Sometimes it's best to stop and think.
  15. Catch a Pokemon! - Catch a Caterpie to advance to the first town
  16. Crunchy Crunchy Corphish - Help this old man collect Corphish from the river!
  17. Dancing the Night Away - This festive person wants you to give him 6 Ludicolo.
  18. Defeat 15 Sentret for the Farmer - The farmer in Bluegum Town is having trouble with Sentret.
  19. Diamond in the Rough - A treasure is buried deep in the desert. Can you find it?
  20. Documenting Wildlife - There has to be some photogenic Pokemon somewhere!
  21. Dreaming of Articuno - A daydreaming scholar hoping for evidence from the legend of Ice.
  22. Earn your first Badge! - Travel to Darlinghurst Town to defeat the Pokemon Gym Leader there.
  23. Feeding the Fire - Rock may beat fire, but a trainer can defeat all types!
  24. Find Me - Find all 5 of the hidden sages scattered around.
  25. Find me Staryu - This guy just wants you to find a Staryu. Not that hard, right?
  26. Finding a Needle in a Cactus Stack - This crazy researcher wants you to find a flowering cactus.. somewhere..
  27. Fossils of Fortune - A strange guy asks for fossils. Will you help him?
  28. Grand Theft Magikarp - Are you going to help this rich thief steal poor defenseless Magikarp?!
  29. Justice Will Be Served! - You really shouldn't be getting a reward for this quest..
  30. King of the Sand - It's like finding a pebble in the desert
  31. King Pidgeot`s Decree - King Pidgeot wishes to test your skill at Pidgeot training.
  32. Lost Poster: Run Away Caterpie - Pokey the Caterpie has run away from its trainer. Where would it be?
  33. Luxuries of a Home - Are you ready to own a home for no reason at all?
  34. Old Dorocoast Safari Survey - This researcher would like to see an Absol, Lickitung and Snorunt.
  35. Pid-pid-Pidgey?! - What does this Pidgey want? We can't speak Pidgey!
  36. Raising Nomads of the Desert - Will you invest in this poor man's Numel business?
  37. Relic of the Moon - Things that rest among the stars tend to want to stay there.
  38. Relic of the Sun - Ironically found in the darkest of places..
  39. Rescuing the Route 4 Magikarp - Another quest involving a Magikarp.. but this time it is a good thing!
  40. Reunification of the Regi Sages - The Legendary Shrine must be reopened!
  41. Saving the Rich Man`s Daughter - You`re hired! Go rescue the girl!
  42. Searching for a sign - Literally!
  43. Show me the Scyther! - The curious gentleman in the Bluegum Town Pokemon Center would like to see a Scyther.
  44. Super Double Dugtrio - Bring 2 originally owned level 30 Dugtrio!
  45. Suspicious Summoning Ritual - A mysterious ritual involving a mysterious flower.
  46. Taking Care of this Daycare - Is something shady really going on with this Team Royal-run daycare?
  47. The Ambush Job - Will you help this bully?
  48. The Child of the Sea - Searching for a Pokemon that might not exist.
  49. The Fallen Guardian - Can you find the dragon that lurks in this grass?
  50. The Hive Mind - Can a hundred bees be wrong?
  51. The Hunt for the Honey Mushroom - Somewhere in the land of the dead grows a sweet and tasty mushroom.. for medicine.
  52. The lore of fire, ice and thunder - Three legendary birds... They must exist somewhere!
  53. The Lost and Found Tepig - Where is its trainer?
  54. The Lost Treasure of Eons Ago - A power deep within the sands of time.
  55. The Magician's Secret - A secret literally taken to a grave.
  56. The Marvelous Fish - Finding a Magikarp with marvelous scales is like finding a needle in a haystack..
  57. The Menacing Manectric - Its joy is in scaring baby Pokemon, someone stop this monster!
  58. The Prince of Puns - Opposites often attract.. unless it comes to puns.
  59. The Secret of the Sea Legend - Searching from a rumor that might not exist.
  60. The Suspicious Mission - Someone, somewhere, wants something that you currently have.
  61. The Victim of Evil Science - To the harmful revival of a species that was never really extinct!
  62. The Zombie`s Apocalypse - A strange curse descended upon Blackfell Island. Will you be able to end it?
  63. Thirsty Desert Pokemon - Do you have any Fresh Water to spare?
  64. Titan of Ice: The hunt for Regice! - Find the hiding ice guardian!
  65. Titan of Steel: The search for Registeel! - Find the resting steel guardian!
  66. Titan of the Rocks: The search for Regirock! - Find the sleeping rock guardian!
  67. To Open the Onderblade Mines - Why do you want to go there?
  68. Wanted Poster: Eat and Run- Eastbourne - This person is wanted for eating at the diner and skipping out on the bill.
  69. Wanted Poster: I.C. Aeromew - I.C. Aeromew- The hunt for the stolen legendary novel
  70. Wanted Poster: Lost Cottonee of the Snow - Four lost Cottonee are somewhere out in the shivering cold!
  71. Wanted Poster: Stolen Shiny Pidgey - The police need help with a crime that you have possibly witnessed.
  72. Wanted Poster: The Eevee Poacher - Somewhere in a secret oasis is a group of poachers smuggling Eevee
  73. Wanted Poster: The Illegal Team Maker - This person is wanted for carrying more than 6 Pokemon on his team.
  74. Wanted Poster: The Indoor Bike Rider - This person is wanted for skipping out on a fine for riding his bike indoors.
  75. Wanted Poster: The Lost Police Pokeball - This item seems to be important enough that they are offering a reward for its re-discovery.
  76. Wanted Poster: The Pokemon Poacher - A Poacher lurks in the desert sands. Can you stop him?
  77. Wanted Poster: The Transporter Thief - Find the person wanted for stealing transporters off of wanted posters!
  78. Wanted Poster: To Catch a Burglar - Someone dressed like a ninja is breaking into Wildhaven Town houses!
  79. Where is Caramel Sandiego? - A strange figure sends you on a mission to find another strange figure...
  80. Whispered Rituals - An unusual ritual in an isolated town
  81. Wingull Delivery Service - Help out an exhausted Wingull!
  82. Wool for Willowsteen Town - Help this Samurai start a wool business!
Credits for the guides go to Numayell, ChilenoEnDinamarca, MasterGuardian, Zire727, Dragonstars, Shield, Drazian, arijiaieni

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Re: Quest List

Post by Zeus82 » Tue Oct 02, 2018 1:37 pm

this is excellent help, finally found 1 quest i needed to finish (ground move tutor) and this helped now to find last quest i need complete hit 82.

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Re: Quest List

Post by SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE » Wed Oct 03, 2018 4:10 am

yesss thxx
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Re: Quest List

Post by camckee316 » Wed Oct 10, 2018 3:16 pm

update coming soon?

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Re: Quest List

Post by Nexus » Wed Oct 10, 2018 3:27 pm

I will update it in a week or two's time, giving people time to complete the update content.

And also to wait for guides to be created to link to.

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Re: Quest List

Post by Olmagon » Wed Oct 17, 2018 1:17 am

Nexus wrote:
Wed Oct 10, 2018 3:27 pm
I will update it in a week or two's time, giving people time to complete the update content.

And also to wait for guides to be created to link to.
Guides like this?viewtopic.php?f=19&t=15653&sid=e3c6dfc2 ... 98955a3767
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Re: Quest List

Post by saarloos1991 » Sun Jan 06, 2019 10:25 pm

This list is really handy =D

Also theres a pretty nice clear guide here by LoneWarrior about the newest updates quests - viewtopic.php?f=19&t=15929

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