Possible Impersonation

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Possible Impersonation

Post by firestar20 » Sat Oct 14, 2017 8:12 pm

Hi, I wanted to report a potential impersonator by the username firestar29

1) this is an alt of another player (so it's not the case that this name was chosen purely by coincidence). This leads me to suspect that there might be negative intentions behind using this name.

2) this player has been reported before for showing hostility and using inappropriate language in pm to another user.

Here is a ss of firestar29 and Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine conversation (ss provided by Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine)

3) this username has indeed caused confusion for other players and led them to believe that firestar29 is me.
Here is ss of conversation with Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine that shows confusion regarding the usernames:

4) Following the inappropriate pm confusion, I requested firestar29 to not use that acct as it is impersonation. However, this username is still being actively used, for example, to report other players
As a result of this forum post, one user was banned. I do not mean to question this ban decision as it does not
involve me. However, because of the impersonating usernames, I have received pm's from players who do not appreciate "me"
creating reports against other players for "petty" things (again I do not mean to comment on the other report, just want to show how
it has negatively impacted my image).

Conclusion: I would like to request mods to view this case as an issue of impersonation. I have no association with firestar29, and I hope that at the very least this forum report will help to clear confusion that is associating negativity with my name. Addionally, I have no disagreements or interactions with the other accounts associated with firestar29.

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Re: Possible Impersonation

Post by Vamp » Sat Oct 14, 2017 8:33 pm

The user has been banned.
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