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Requesting Assistance

Hi everyone, so this isn't really a report but I just want to ask anyone for assistance in helping me track down the user called Chinmaya. They agreed to help train three of my pokemon, a Darumaka, Snover and Swablu to level 60 for me. I also asked them to put them on trades when they were done training them. This was I think Sunday or Monday night. When they were training the pokemon (maybe 10 minutes later), they gave me an update saying the pokemon were now level 37. Now it's Thursday and I have gotten no word from them whatsoever. I'm not sure if they took the pokemon, forgot about it, or any other reason. If anyone sees this player could you please ask them to put my pokemon on their trades like I asked them to?

Thanks in advance,

Re: Requesting Assistance

HI suckitup.
hey man i still hve it i forgot to put it up on trades.Meanwhile i had schools so i could not on the game at that tiime anyway ill put it up for u in the trades.i hve finished altara to 60 darumaka is left with snover ill do it and then put it cool ill give it back dont worry

Re: Requesting Assistance

Thanks nexus I really appreciate it and no worries Chinmaya its just because I couldn't contact you so I didn't know if you had forgotten or smthin. Anyways, when you're finished put it up on your trades and I'll offer the amount we agreed on.

Edit: Could you let me know when you're going to be finished with the pokemon?

Re: Requesting Assistance

Hi Suckitup,
hey bro,First of all sorry for not responding these days cause i didn't play the game.Yeah,and about your Pokemon i hve done it to 57/58 lvl cause u wanna increase their EV levels or any other things.I have put them up on trades for you to offer.Thank You and sorry for the delay.Bye