AlexMarky,A2W,swaan9860 and syron's Leveling Service

Hello This Is AlexMarky Starting a Leveling Up Services With My
partner Swaan9860 And Syron

level 1 to 30 -- 250c per level
level 31 to 40 -- 550c per level
level 41 to 50 -- 850c per level
level 51 to 60 -- 1050c per level
level 61 to 70 -- 1200c per level
level 71 to 80 -- 1250c per level
level 81 to 90 -- 1500c per level
level 91 to 100 -- coming soon
3000c extra for giving heart to it
how to order

these are the word you need to type in reply box
pokemon name:
current level:
level that you want:
evolve or not
Important Note:
one order for a person at that time

Max is 2 Pokes

thanks for coming our centre
:D :D :D :D

leveling up service starts from here.............
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