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joseantonio54 still hasn't given back my dragonite

I let this guy named joseantonio54 borrow my (MrMemes acount) dragonite for beating the third gym leader, I gave it to him at level 83 when it was mine because if it was not mine how else would i be able to post this on my profile I told him he could borrow it at 5k and he said ok and we traded, and i told him to be friends so we can keep in touch. he beat the gym the day later and it was still on his team, I thought it was ok because he is not very active often and the time he usually is on I'm not always. But then yesterday i saw him on and i said hey with his name so he could hear me, but guess what he ignored me I could not believe he was ignoring me :evil:. There probably was only one reason why he ignored me, he was afraid that i would report him for stealing dragonite. Then one day later (8 hours before now) I went to look at my friends and went to click on his profile(thats how i see if he was on or not because his team changes or levels up). Then I saw he UNFRIENDED me Why would he do that unless he is trying to hide from me. Why else would he unfriend me and ignore me. Why would he do all this effort to stay away from me unless he is hiding from me to keep my stolen dragonite.

Re: joseantonio54 still hasn't given back my dragonite

PrincessPhoenix wrote:Do you have screenshots of the actual trade agreement?
no because back then i was a nice guy and i trusted him so gave it to him and i left to go to bed, when i was back on the game i went to check and see if he put it on his trades and he did not, i didn't tell him to put it on his trades before so i just assumed he forgot. But if u read my thing it will tell u about how i know he's hiding from me. So i know i don't have any evidence of the real talk but do you think I would lie about this. U can ask any question about our agreement and ill tell u.