Just a very old friend reminiscing about MRO/MBA

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Thu Jul 09, 2020 4:50 am

I honestly have no memory of making this account, and have not played this game in particular.
But, many years ago (10? 8?) I did play Monster Ranch a heck of a lot when I was a kid. Along with all your pokemon online games. I was there for the launch of Monster Battle Arena which feels very similar to this game! It is very sad that MBA didn't work out but I am glad you still were able to create a successful pokemon game from it.

I remembered about those games randomly today, and I started to remember the fun times I had grinding mindlessly, breeding many froglish! I still remember my favourite monsters like my +3k Razirak! and also the countless good friends I made along the way.
Having searched a lot around the Internet it seems that all traces of MRO are long gone, but I did stumble upon this game thanks to finding some YouTube videos from sharks and kyro. I had a brief look and the nostalgia really hit me when I found that this game feels similar to one I spent so many hours on as a kid. I was also very surprised to see atleast a couple of familiar names in the admin list.

I highly doubt that anyone I spoke to on those games as a kid is still around, but if you are, and you stumble upon this post, then I hope you are well and have a great life. I remember every friends username but sadly no real contact details (although I was only about 12 at the time so that is probably safest practice online 😂).

For any admins of MRO or any of the developers (I can only really spot PrincessPhoenix as being active on this game from those I remember), I would like to say a huge thank you for the time and effort you spent during the years the game was running. Being a kid can be tough sometimes, and MRO was a fantastic escape at its height. I hope you are all doing well and have wonderful lives, and I am Incredibly impressed and shocked that even a few names and some familiar looks have survived this long and are still giving people enjoyment after so many years.

I shall end this message with a Bushil, for old times sake.
(image credit to Princess Phoenix ofcourse, I hope you do not mind) Image
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