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November - December Sagittarius Mini Event

Post by Nexus » Wed Nov 27, 2019 10:17 pm

The Brutal Bisharps have finished their treasure hunt. Sadly for them, they were unable to find what they were looking for. Fortunately for Scorpio, she's now free to go back to whatever it is she enjoys doing in her spare time (hitting things I think)!

As of today, Sagittarius has taken over the Zodiac Throne. But he appears to be playing a little bit of hide and seek with you!


It's probably a good thing that not many of the Zodiac families sit on the throne itself, that chair is too awesome to be sat upon all the time...

Standard disclaimer applies, if you do not immediately see Sagittarius where you think he's hiding, you may just need to wait 5-20 minutes for a cache update on your end.

In order to complete the main event plot, you will have needed to complete at least some of the storyline sections found in Grayview City. It is advised to do this first.
This mini event is scheduled to run until approximately December 20th 2019.

And a huge shoutout to neoarcadianguardian for his help with the theme and plot for this mini event, and Hukora for helping with testing!