Tyrouge !

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Mon Aug 14, 2017 11:32 am

In many sites the evolution of tyrouge is something like this :-
but 2 of my tyrouges
with ivs attack > defense {even (sp. attk +attk) >(sp.def + def)}
evolved to hitmonchan
and with ivs attack < defense {even (sp. attk +attk) <(sp.def + def)}
evolved to hitmonchan
I think its a bug or is there different rule here ?

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The Tyrogue evolutions are functional for me and the mechanics are the exact same as what is stated for evolution websites like the screenshot you provided. Evolutions depend on Attack and Defense only. The stats of the Pokemon change as you evolve them, so I cannot tell what the stats of the Tyrogue were before the evolution.

If the evolution still turns out wrong then do not evolve the Pokemon at that level and just level the Tyrogue again to try to evolve it again. For example, I had a level 19 Tyrogue that had ATK > DEF but I wanted a Hitmontop so I EV trained the Tyrogue so that ATK = DEF. When the Tyrogue leveled to level 20, it still wanted to evolve to Hitmonlee, so I leveled the Tyrogue to level 21 and it evolved into Hitmontop.
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Wed Aug 16, 2017 1:00 am

Note that it isn't just the IVs that dictate the evolution but the actual value of the stat (so nature and EVs can affect the evolution). In particular, your first Hitmonchan had a relaxed nature, so its defense stat was boosted by 10%, probably overcoming the difference in IVs.

I can also confirm that the evolutions work correctly. Good luck getting the other Tyrouge evolutions!
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