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Mon Nov 25, 2019 8:43 pm

Where are you from: America
Tell something about yourself: I like to read a lot, and every Saturday I will go to the library.
How did you find this game: I was looking for a good/descent pokemon game with at least a story line. Then I found this, and I been playing this since then.
My experience so far: I'm doing good. I'm having a little trouble, but other than that, it's great!
Rate the game:
1.updates because I love progressing treough a game and finding out the story.
2. Events, because I like non maps. To sell. :lol:
3. Training because I love seeing my pokemon getting stronger
4. Farming because I love to farm. There is not much to it, I love to farm.
5. Battling because I love when you lost so many times, but then you finally defeat it.
6. Staff, because they help everyone.
7. Breeding, because I love to hatch a pokemon and be like, wow, it's a baby!
8. Bug fixes because I can continue trough the story.
9. Community because there is some very nice people, but there is mean ones too.
10.hunting, because I get bored. The only shiny I caught in the wild is a houdoir I got after I was running back from a quest.
My favorite pokemon is eevee because it can evolve into many different pokemon.
Favorite type is flying, because of the birds.
Favorite pokemon trainer is ash, because he is all I remember. :|
5 players I'm close with:
1 megaesonXYZ, who is my friend at school.
2 no one. I'm very lonely, and megaeasonXYZ is all I know in the game.
3 no one
4 no one
5 no one. :(
Hopes for the game: I hope there is new pokemon out soon.
What I want to say to you/ everyone: good luck in what ever you are doing!
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Tue Nov 26, 2019 12:59 am

I am from Portugal

I'm a Pokémon Legends player.

I love to play, and I also like and have many friends.

1.Training. Training is a lot of fun. And it's great to be a good player.
2. Updates. I like updates. To improve the game.
3. Hunting. I like to hunt many. And I don't like to collect.
4. Battle. I like to battle with my friends.
5. Breeding. Breeding is ok. It's hard to hunt OP really, which makes me a rewarding one.
6. Community.Anyway I like the community and although I don't like some good players.More I find them cool.
7. Farming. I like the farming system, especially Big nuggets.
8. Staffs.The staff are friendly and make the game keep running.
9. Bug Fixes. I haven't seen the staff of 10, I haven't seen one yet.
10. Events. I like some events because they bring us non-map pokemons. But sometimes in some events the pokemons are repeated, they could change and bring in newer ones than the ones that have already been placed in events.

I like Mega Garchomp. Very cool its massive and hard hit. Its ability compensates for low defense status.

Dragon.I like the dragon type and he's very cool.

1 Phcs98
2 Lagaendary
3 LagendaryGelox14
4 Garydeone
5 IronMan90 (Although he gave up playing but I'm here)

I really hope that next year they will fix these 4 year bugs, and have pokemon from other generations.

Goodbye naruto have best wishes and have a good luck. Bye. :D :lol:

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Tue Nov 26, 2019 10:12 am

where you from?: Philippines

tell something about yourself: Im A Student Who Does Part Time Job To Earn A Living

How did you find PokemonLegends?:Before Ive Know This Game I Was Really Addicted To Some Other Game Until I Find This

How is your experience of the game so far?:Its Been Years Since Ive Played The Game And Im Looking Forward To It

Base on your time spent in the game rate the aspect of the game from 1 to 10 starting from the most you like. a.Battling b.Hunting c. Farming d.Breeding e. Community g. bug fixes h. updates i. staff j. training.? and explain it.
1. Battling (Im Really Not Good At Battling So RIP Me)
2. Updates (I Like It Since The Dev Are Working Hard For The Game)
3. Events (I Really Like It Since We Can Get Some Nonmap Nuggets Rebirt Crystal And Etc.)
4. Staff (They Do There Best I Really Can't Blame Them)
5. Training (I Do Ev Train Sometimes Just To Get Some Money)
6. Bug Fixes (Some Of Them Get Abused By Others But Still Mod Do There Job)
7. Breeding (I Do It Just To Earn Money)
8. Farming ( I Farm Nuggets )
9. Hunting (Sadly It Took Time And Sometimes U Dint Get The Poke U Want)
10. Community (Well Good Old Players Quit And New Comes Its Been A Good Community Cause Some Of Them Really Help)

Favorite pokemon : Eevee Because It Have So Many Eeveelution And Im Looking Forward For A Dragon Type Next Time

Favorite pokemon type: I Love Dragon And Fairy But I Think Ill Let Fairy Win This Time Cause They Are So Majestic

Fav pokemon trainer from the anime: Gotta Be Brock Lol

5 players I am close with:

Hopes for the game this coming year : Still Looking Forward To The Ability Fix

What do you want to say to me/ to everyone: We Really Come A Long Way I Wanna Thx All The People Who Played The Game
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Tue Nov 26, 2019 10:31 am

hi im manduriao 5 players im close with sometimes jimmymontalvoiii,olmagon (for trade),and zangetsu7 and im from Philippines and im also how I found it was like my relative told me about it I like eating doritos il like using pokemon legends I also like watching youtube and I like discordtoo
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Tue Nov 26, 2019 10:31 am

its my alt acc swaggible98
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Tue Nov 26, 2019 10:59 am

Where are you from: Australia
Tell something about yourself: I'm weird
How did you find this game: I was looking for online pokemon games and stumbled upon PL
My experience so far: I took a hiatus around a year through playing, then came back, so I'm a bit behind for a player my age, but i'd say i'm doing good
1. Training - I have spent most of my time in the diner doing leveling services
2. Breeding - I'm working on some pokemon for breeding, namely Sableye
3. Community - Currently I'm invested in some PL events to host
4. Staff - They make the game better and a good place
5. Updates - I always like to experience new parts of the storyline; speaking of which, it hasn't been updated in a while :p
6. Events - Similar to above, I also like to do events and try to hunt for non map shinies
7. Hunting - I placed hunting 6th since I only get common shinies through hunting :v
8. Bug fixes - Personally I feel like there are a lot of bugs needed to be fixed, such as certain moves/abilities
9. Battling - I haven't been into battling as much, but now I have gotten some teams together, and hopefully I can win a tourney xD
10. Farming - I don't farm since I personally am bored by it, and I feel like the rewards for farming are too minimal

My favorite pokemon: Sableye - I took a liking to sableye since it is quite a controversial pokemon, and is the center of certain archetypes in battle
My favorite type: Ghost - Personally I like all ghost type pokemon because of their offensive prowess and their typing, being immune to normal, a common type, and fighting, a popular type among trainers.
My favorite trainer in the anime: Lance
Pokemon Players I'm close with:
1. MonkeyFaceChimpBoy
2. Xxtep10xX
3. benguy2211
5. pokemonpranay (stop boolying me in showdown T.T) and much much more
Hopes for the coming year: I hope major bugs will be fixed and that a big update will come, hopefully restoring the game back to what it was before
What I want to say: Farewell narutoshipu; even though I don't see you as much, I hope you enjoyed your journey of Pokemon Legends, good luck with your future endeavors!
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Tue Nov 26, 2019 4:21 pm

Where are you from: Albania
Tell smth about yourself : Im extraterrestrial
How did you find this game: I just finished seeing pokemon xyz in 2015 i think and then i was looking for a game and found this.
My experience so far: GREEEEEEAAAT!!!!
1. Training - I have spent most of my time levelling my pokemons in the beggining
2. Breeding - I love whenever i get a new poke with the specifics of his parents.
3. Community - I have great relationships with almost everybody
4. Staff - They make the game better place to play
5. Updates - I always like to experience new parts of the storyline wich hasn't been updated in a while :V
6.Events - To get new pokes mostly and fill my dex
7.Hunting - I like to search and find things myself
9. Battling - I train to reach my best and be the best of the battling but im not appearently :V
10. Farming - I farm mostly rbc only.

My fav poke - Greninja because with his abillity Battle Bond he creates a strong bond between him and his trainer and makes them 1 person(i would like this into the game)
Fav type - Dragon because i like dragons nothing specific tbh
My favorite trainer in the anime: Ash
Pokemon Players I'm close with:
5.RekiGodSpell and many more people.
What i expect for the next year is simple more updates into the game mainly storyline and keep the zodiac thing go on cuz its cool.
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Wed Nov 27, 2019 12:31 pm

where you from?: North Carolina, US
tell something about yourself: I'm a girl thats addicted to video games -p-.
How did you find PokemonLegends?: I found this game randomly while searching up pokemon mmos because I was bored.
How is your experience of the game so far?: It's been pretty decent but right now i'm taking a break, because of somethings in country chat.
Base on your time spent in the game rate the aspect of the game from 1 to 10 starting from the most you like. a.Battling b.Hunting c. Farming d.Breeding e. Community g. bug fixes h. updates i. staff j. training.? and explain it.
1. Battling - The battling system is ok but a little buggy. The only thing that makes me a bit annoyed, that I have to verify with numbers during battling.
2. Training - I like training but it can be a little boring sometimes.
3. Farming - I don't really do it that much.
4. Updates - I've not seen one :l.
5. Staffs - Even they can be a bit strict, they're still awesome.
6. Events - I always get excited for one.
7. Breeding - I like breeding but most of the time I forget to check on them ;-;.
8. Community - Its been very toxic lately and it's making me upset.
9. Bug fixes - I never really seen one.
10. Hunting - I like hunting for new pokemon and finding rares, I've never been able to catch a shiny still T-T.

What is your favorite pokemon? Explain: Sh umbreon, I love how mysterious it is, I really love the colors.
Your favorite pokemon trainer? (anime): Dawn
Name 5 players you are close with.
1 MaryJane123
2 skylarfess
3 CutieFenneKin (I haven't seen her for awhile)
4 wintercoyot101
5 (I don't really have anyone else :l)
This coming year what are your hopes with the game?: New gen pokes and maybe storyline.
What do you want to say to me?: Have a great day hopefully you go through life successfully!
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Wed Nov 27, 2019 7:55 pm

Where you from? Tennessee
Tell me something about yourself? I'm a artist/gamer/cool and awesome person to hang out with. nwn
How did you find Pokemon Legends? Welp it started out a couple years ago my sophomore year of high school. I was in my Marketing and Business class (I'm not really going into that major but was put in there anyway) and I was bored and I remembered the episodes of the pokemon anime I have watched in the past and I thought to myself "Is there online pokemon game that I could play?" I looked it up and ended up here @pokemon legends. I have really enjoyed it these pass year I played then took a break and here I am back :D.
How is your experience of the game so far?Well its awesome I have never in my life played a pokemon game (please don't rage at me) until I came into this game. I couldn't find a better one than this game :).
Base on your time spent in the game rate the aspect of the game from 1 to 10 starting from the most you like. a.Battling b.Hunting c. Farming d.Breeding e. Community g. bug fixes h. updates i. staff j. training.? and explain it
1.Battling- I don't really battle as much besides in tourney. But it could use some fixing.
2.Hunting- Oh I do this a lot and I end up getting ops if I am lucky.
3.Breeding- I am currently breeding honedge (mother and father decent IVs not right nature yet with op IVs :c) and breeding adamant minccinos. (So far sold one for 200k :o)
4.Community- Going to agree on mystic in her post it has been toxic lately but I have made pretty good friends so far. :)
5.Events- So far I really have enjoyed the events. I never participated in one when I joined cuz I was noob didn't know they existed :'D. Thank u staff for making them though. :)
6.Staff- The staff are awesome nothing else need said
7.Training- I do this when I am extremely bored plus to help me make a good team for tourneys I also help train others poke. But I am kinda lazy at most points so not best person to ask for services.
What is your favorite pokemon?Charizard, Flygon,Scolipede,Cinccino,Aegislash
What is your favorite pokemon trainer? Dawn (yes I really liked her don't judge me)
Name 5players your close with:
2.Wolfbroz22 (hopefully I got this right)
3.Jimpro (There hopefully I'm still no nab to u)
4.CharmlessNarwhal (can't remember the numbers but hopefully you know who u r)
(I have more to name but these are what I got)

This coming year what are your hopes with the game? New maps,New gens,and New pokemon (maybe new staff too?)
What do you want to say to me? I don't know you very well but hopefully ur heart leads u in the right direction. Have a wonderful time~
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Thu Nov 28, 2019 2:33 am

De onde você é: Brasil

Diga algo a seu respeito: Sou funcionário público municipal, estudante de Administração na UFRGS.

Como você encontrou PokemonLegends ? Joguei os jogos de pokemon fire red, leaf Green e emerald e extensões mas queria algo maior em que eu pudesse interagir com treinadores. Então eu procurei por outros jogos de pokemon no google e encontrei o PokemonLegends.

Como está sua experiência com o jogo até agora ? Eu me divirto bastante ajudando os outros players e reproduzindo e treinando pokemons para ser competitivo nos torneios.

Com base no seu tempo gasto no jogo, classifique o aspecto do jogo de 1 a 10, começando pelo que você mais gosta. a.Battling b.Huntting c. Cultivo d.Breding e. Eventos da comunidade g. correções de bugs h. atualizações i. equipe j. Treinamento.? e explique isso.
1. Criação - Eu gosto mais de criar Pokémon para obter ovos op e vender pokemons bons.
2. Eventos – Eu gosto obter pokemons non maps para reproduzir e vender nos leilões e fazer as missões de eventos é bem desafiador.
3. Agricultura - Gosto do sistema de cultivo, também de vender game tickets
4. Treinamento – Treinar ev pode parecer entediante mas tem um ótimo resultado e subir meus pokemons de nível, e fica mais legal quando capturo um Pokémon shiny.
5. Caça - Eu gosto de caçar pokemon raro e pokemon gruta para conseguir op. (mas às vezes fico entediado, mas nvm, esse é o desafio e eu adoro)
6. Batalha – Pra mim as batalhas deveriam tem mais animação dos golpes dos pokemons, neste campo ainda fica muito limitado. Quanto à alguns moves que não funcionam não tem problema para mim.
7. Comunidade – É ótima alguns jogadores me ajudam muito no jogo e eu ajudo muitos também.
8. Staffs – Sem palavras, estes são os experts e sempre tem boas ideias e já me ajudaram bastante.
9. Atualizações Eu sempre espero por atualizações para progredir no enredo, ainda mais porque já fiz todas as missões existentes no jogo.
10. Correções de bugs - Eu realmente não percebo erros, mas espero que estejam corrigindo. O meu mega sableye não tem imagem.
Qual é o seu pokemon favorito? Explique Meu Pokémon favorito é o Mega gengar que é lindão e além do mais é bastante forte e difícil de vencer ele com ataques comuns.

Qual é o seu tipo de pokemon favorito? Fantasma. Pois eles deixam os pokemons adversários confusos.

Seu treinador favorito de Pokémon? (anime): Jessie (Team Rocket)

Nome de 5 treinadores proximos.
1 chespin55
2 82OAOJ
3 ItaloFelix
4 Andrezao4477
5 Andrudu

No próximo ano, quais são suas esperanças com o jogo ?: Espero ir para gilgandra e curtir as novidades deste cenário.

O que você quer dizer para mim: Que você tenha sucesso em seus futuros empreendimentos, e se não tiver que tenha a capacidade de recomeçar até obtê-lo. Felicidades e para todos: aproveitem este jogo fantastico.
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