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Hello! Welcome to my Guild! As always introductions have to start cheesy or else it wouldn't be any fun!

First of all my name is, as listed, Chronix and I am the Guild Leader of "Den Of Dragon"
I never chose that name because I let my members pick it
Yes, I am a Guild Leader and anyone who I allow into my guild will have to ask members FIRST, why? Because I would like the confirmation of someone from my guild, even if it's one, to say that they know you. I do not invite strangers that me or my guild members don't know

I offer my help to anyone in and out my guild, may it be from quest items or just because you want some pokemon
BUT, never ask for free pokemons from me if you are not in my guild! I give out pokemon (for free) to anyone in my guild

The catch is that you have to do the "TASK" that my guild requires:
TASK----> is something that guild members do to help their Guild rank up in the leaderboards
----------> to do a task, simply goto to "ACCOUNT>>GUILD>>TASK" and on there should be the pokemon you need and also the gender of the pokemon
----------> A lot of people do this and I don't know why, they don't hit SUBMIT,but after you have caught the pokemon follow the procedures above in ". . ." and hit "SUBMIT"
(If you do not hit submit then it will not say that you have not completed task)

Next is that I watch the activity in my guild. If you are off for more than 100+ days or if you have not done the "Guild Task" for more than 50+ days then I will delete you from my Guild, if you, by any chance, have complications and have reasons you cannot login, play, or do the task, plz say so in the comments so I do not DELETE you

For the most part I will be on for most of the days, and will likely be chatting in "Country Chat (USA)" or "Help Chat" and sometimes "Trade Chat"
I do not tolerate any bullying, teasing, cursing, any unessecary actions/words, any inappropriate things, or I WILL REPORT YOU.

Back to Guild,
- I offer these type of "Help"
----> Pokemon Needed For Quests (Ex. Scyther, SS Neptune)
----> I give needed quest materials (Ex. MooMooMilk, HypnoticOrbs, Geodes, Potions, Pokeballs, etc.)
----> I offer my help on quest (if you need help with something you don't get)
NOTE: Sometimes I am busy helping other people or buying pokes, so if you cannot get my attention simply pm me and I will instantaneously reply back
(hint: if you write a players full name it will appear on their screen as purple)
(If you do not get, write your full player name inside chat box and you'll see what I mean)
---->If you have ever done/finished the task I offer the following as a reward
- 10k
- Mawile
- Pancham
- Zorua
- Pokemon not listed
- Shinies (Depends on what you want)
- Items (Pokeballs, Potions, Stones)
- I can also level up your pokemon for up to 20 levels for free
(Or if you would like anything else not on this list plz "PM" me)

I also keep my word
I do not scamm people because I find it useless, annoying, unessecary, and untrustworthy and if should you ever do that in any occasion, I WILL KICK YOU OUT, NO DEBATE
I will try to meet your "requests"

I will also breed the following pokemon: (if you have any requests, pm me)
- Currently
----> Noibat (OP Modest)
(This will be updated everytime I switch breeding pokemons)

Selling FD (Friend Donations) for: 150k each $$$
Level Up Service: 200c per level
EV Training: 20k per stat

Welp, that's about it I think? Well, if you need anything comment or pm me when I'm on. Or if you think I should add something here comment and/or pm me :lol: :lol: :lol:


(P.S. If I'm not on I might be afk, school, event, out, or asleep ;) )
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Sat Oct 27, 2018 1:40 am

me gusta estoy dispusto hacer lo que usted diga
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Mon Oct 29, 2018 9:22 am

¿Conoces a alguien de mi gremio?
Estoy usando un traductor de google
Mi no hablas espanol :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Hi Chronix!

My screen name is MysticStorm and I recently joined Pokemon Legends this week. I was hoping to possibly join your guild. I have read your Introduction thread and unfortunately I dont know any of your guilds members as I am new. I understand that is a condition for acceptance. I am personally looking for an active guild that I can grow and help out with. I am usually on daily and would be willing to help with the guild tasks whenever possible or anything else that is required as a guild member. I am hoping you could discuss with your guild about possibly giving me a chance. Thanks!
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Fri Nov 16, 2018 5:59 pm

Hey chronix it’s me, Swirvypancakes3451,
Just saying I’d like to join your guild. I have 5 badge, and now want to tryout in a guild. Please consider accepting me and thanks,
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Fri Nov 16, 2018 10:28 pm

Ok, Ill add you two
give me a sec and make sure to check it out daily so as to see I have added you two :D
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Sat Nov 17, 2018 12:06 am

Thank you :)
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Sun Mar 15, 2020 6:32 pm

I was wondering if you can sell me a few geodes (i dont care how many you give, as long as its a geode.) for under 2000? I'll trade some non-maps...

At this point, im desperate...

*I know this is an old topic, please don't tell me :(

Sometimes, when things get in the way, think.
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