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Sat Sep 08, 2018 3:12 pm

hi guys. I am not going to invite you all to join the guild in this post rather i am just going to tell you some things about it.

PH ELITES was one of the earliest guilds created ever since guild system was added in the game. It was deleted at some point since the guild system didn't function the way it should and it made me lose my interest about it entirely thinking that it's quite pointless to continue running it. But lately I have decided to revive the guild hoping this time that it can somehow function to make the game more fun especially to my fellow Filipino players in the game. Well obviously the guild is exclusive only to Filipino players and I really am hoping to have every Filipino players join the guild.

The purpose of the guild is not really to be the best there is but just to make the game more fun and lively for us Filipino players. If at some point we managed to become the best guild in the game, well let's just consider it as a bonus and let's continue to have fun in the guild while playing the game.

Since the very purpose of the guild is for members to have more fun in the game, I would really appreciate if every member of the guild would avoid any conflicts as much as possible between other members of the guild, not only to the members but also to the non-members of the guild. If at some points jokes are thrown quite offensively just warn the member/s to back down a little to avoid any arguments that may happen. In addition to that I would also like to in part to other members to not take everything so seriously and remember that we are part of the guild to have fun and just consider that we are all different individually, which means we have different ways of having fun. In totality i would just like for us to respect every way we want to play but at some point not tolerate abusive or offensive ways of doing things especially to other players.

Speaking of having fun, I've also decided to hold a weekly events in the guild every Saturday/Sunday when most members can join. It is just to promote some interactions to all guild members and for us to have some friendly competition sometimes to also help other members improve the way they play the game. In addition to that members who may want to contribute or donate to events may do so by buying the items in my shop if you want to donate in terms of currency or just pm me whenever i'm online if you want to contribute some other things like items or pokemons. Besides having fun i would also like for us to help one another especially those members who are just starting to play the game so contributions and donations will really be much appreciated.

Well I thank you for reading this post and this is all for now. But this section is subject to change in any terms that the guild may advance in the future. Members will be notified in cases there will be an update to this post. Again, thank you and may you have a good day. :D

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Sat Nov 17, 2018 1:55 pm

Running raffles for your guild is fine.

But only if they follow the rules. Your current raffle (see: ) breaks the rules. If this continues, your accounts will be banned.
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