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Post by Dave2004 » Fri Mar 09, 2018 10:15 am

Welcome to my clan.

¤ How to Join the guild ¤

1II You must have an account.
2II Must have atleast 3 badges.
3II Must know how to play the game.
4II Must know how to operate this.
5II Apply here to join.
6II Make sure you have verified your account.

¤ Rules ¤

1II Don't forget to complete the task
2II Follow my instructions.
3II Use nice words.
4II Respect.

¤ Events in my guild ¤

1II Wins moneys.
2II Wins golds/shinies
3II Wins event poke.

¤ How to join the guild ¤

•Application form

1II Application Form

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