Shakeshi's Pixel Bountique: Service Update

Shakeshi wrote: Update: My Graphic Design service now includes making banners/icons (especially for clans. Note I don't make banners with human anime reference because my specialty is in Pokemon Banners).

Aside from making forum avatars, I am now availing service for banners/icons (including for any clans in need of it) :D
For this service, kindly fill up the form below if you would like me to do you graphic design service:

Order Form

1. Clan Name/Username:
2. Colors:
3. Clan pokemon mascot:
4. Orientation (Landscape/Portrait):
5. Text (optional):

1. Clan Name/Username: Team Premium
2. Colors: Blue and black
3. Clan pokemon mascot: Mega Charizard x
4. Orientation (Landscape/Portrait): Landscape.
Sample banner: For Fire Clan
Charge Rate is negotiable though minimum fine is 30k
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