2019 Non Map Pokemon Guide {UPDATED}


From what I see, many players wonder if some pokes are available in map or not. Therefore, I will make a short lists of non map pokes (not including their evolutions) until Feb 13th, 2019. I hope it will be helpful for new players and suggestions for future events.

Non maps are divided into three categories:

1. Obtainable non map from past events (can be bought from other players):
2015 Summer event
2015 Halloween event
2015 Winter event
2016 Valentine event
2016 Easter event
2016 Summer event
2016 Halloween event
2016 Winter event
2017 Valentine event
2017 Easter event
2017 Fallumer event
2017 Halloween event
2017 Winter event
2018 Valentine event
2018 Halloween event
2018 Winter event
2019 Valentine event
2019 LEO mini event
2019 VIRGO mini event
Raffle or Streaks for moss stone
Tourney prize

2. Obtainable non map from unique breeders (cannot be found in maps until now):
I would not list the pokes based on breeders because many breeders can breed same poke

Most active breeders: Hassi01, Latiinoh, Vamp, Josue_396, Hukora, Nara

3. Non obtainable non map, which are divided in 2 groups:
3.1 Some of legendary and mythical pokes are unavailable in map now, such as

3.2 Pokes are not belonged to above groups:
(Thank you the help of player Toriell in this group)
Some pokes from Gen I-VI

All pokes from Gen VII

With my limitation, there will be some missing pokes from this list so please notice me if you know these pokes.
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Re: 2017 Non Map Pokemon Guide

Otto33 wrote:Thanks but Where to catch in the easter event?
The easter event start at 2017 april 16th?
From what I heard, was given from the quest in Easter 2016, like bergmite in Winter event.

For Easter event this year, I have no idea.
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