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How do I find certain sections?
Just Press control + "F" then type in what you are looking for.
1. ~+~More Guides~+~
2. Starter Information
3. Quests
4. Towns & Routes
5. Gyms
6. NPC Battles
7. PVP Battles
8. Tournaments
9. Updates & Help
10. End of Guide

1. ~+~MORE GUIDES~+~

Aero's Guide to Find Pokemon
Shield's Eevee Quest Guide
Aero's EV Guide
Aero's Map Guide
Aero's Nature Guide
Sharky's HELP Guide
Brad's Tiled (Map Making) Guide
Hassi's Daycare Guide
PokemonPrincess's Tiled Map Guide (with pictures)
Numa's Quest Guide
Sandy's IRC Chat Guide (Unfinished)
Heleoz's Pokemons That Drop EV Reducers Guide
PrincessPhoenix's Orden World Map Guide
AfroRudolph's How to catch a Good Pokemon Guide
Juliochp's Evolution Guide
Now....Let's continue our guide ^_^

2. Starter Information

Where can I find the City/Town I'm in? How many players are online? Why can I still play and not see anything in chat?


Teal- Pokemon NPC's that you can battle; Miltank- lvl 60; Magikarp- lvl 100; Squirtle/Wartortle/Blastoise- lvls 20; 40; 60
Burgundy- Cost to use- $200; You MUST buy the premium feature from the clerk before entering the safari zone (cost- $15,000); This NPC will heal your pokemon for $200.
Orange- City/Town/Location you are at
Pink- Number of people online
Blue- Your username (It says YOU because....YOU are YOU....nuff said!) :P
Purple- Your connection to the server. TRUE- Online and you can talk/read chat; FALSE- You are OFFLINE and CAN'T read/talk in chat.

How do I move my character?
Use the arrow keys or the following:
A - moves you left
S- moves you down
D- moves you right
W- moves you up
M- zooms in closer (press M again to exit the zoom)
X- talk to an NPC/Confirm a move or action
Z- makes your character RUN/cancel an interaction
F5- refreshes the page
"Control + W" or "F4"- exits the game (people like to troll you with this)

How do I set skills/moves to my Pokemon so it isn't all "Pound"?

To set a Pokemon move (or buy a move/skill) please do the following:
  • click Pokemon -> My pokemon
  • click the Pokemon you want to teach a move to (ie. Blasty my blastoise); this will take you to the Pokemon's page
  • under the pokemon you will see pokemon moves
  • select the box next to the move you want and click on save pokemon move set
Selecting Pokemon

The highlighted section is what you will see when you select a pokemon

Giving a move

To give a pokemon a move click on the box next to the move you want to give it. A check mark or "X" will appear in the box. Now click on save pokemon move set.

Buying move

To buy a pokemon move click on Buy Skills. The prices for moves vary for each move so make sure you save up your money!

How to edit your lineup

Click on Pokemon-> My Team

A page should pop up that looks like this.

Select the pokemon in your party or an empty box (ie. Your Team) that you want to "Swap" out for one in your computer (ie. Your pokemon). Once both are selected click on "Swap". To return to the game click on Explore.

What are Hearts? How do I use them? When do they replenish?


Hearts are given to pokemon to make them "obey" you. This is useful if you have a pokemon that was traded. Otherwise it won't listen to you.

To give a pokemon "Hearts" click on Love. Hearts replenish every 24 hours.

How do I send a whisper or PM in chat?

To send a "whisper" or PM in chat just type /pm [the username you want to send a message to] [the message]

Example- /pm Anirah Thanks I like your name too =D

This will appear like so in chat: Click here

When you receive a PM in chat it will look like this: Click here

How do I add an item to a pokemon? How do I evolve a pokemon?

Attach an item

To attach an item to your pokemon just click on attach item and the box above should pop up with a drop down arrow.

Evolve Pokemon

To evolve a pokemon click on "use items". A box should appear like the one above with a drop down bar. Choose the item you want to use and click on "use".

Where can I get Metal Coat and Dragon Scale to evolve Scyther and other pokemon?

There is a travelling salesman in Eastbourne City who will sell you both items for $9,000.

What are Rock Presents for? How do I obtain and redeem them? What will I get from the Rock Present I turned in?

Okay, Rock presents are items that you can give to the hiker in Bluegum Cave. To get a rock present just kill a bunch of zubat then go to the hiker after you get the rock present. He will open the rock presents for you and give you what is inside.

You may get 2x Pokeballs, 2x Ultra Balls, 2x Great Balls or NOTHING AT ALL!

How do I change my character avatar? Why do some people have special characters (ie. Gary, Wallace, Cynthia, etc.)?

To change your character avatar click on Account-> profile. You will then see 9 icons of your character. If you want to be a boy or a girl just click on the double arrows above or below the character and click on save appearance.

You must "Donate" to get an option for a custom character avatar/sprite.

How do I get a pokemon to follow me? What are Tokens? How do I get more tokens?

In order to get a pokemon to follow you, you have to "Donate" to the game a minimum of $5 (USD). This "donation" will give you "Premium" status which will also give you a bunch of "perks" in game.

Tokens are something you may need to get a specific pokemon that you can't find in game. To buy more tokens you will need to "donate" to the game. To do this click on account-> donate. Here you will see a bunch of options (and advertisements) for buying more tokens or getting them for free by simply filling out a survey.

How do I turn off the music/sound?

To turn off the music or sound all you do is click on account-> profile. Now you will see a clickable button to turn the music or sound on/off.

How do I trade pokemon? How do I accept a trade or make an offer on a trade?

To Setup a Trade, click on "Trades" in the sidebar (this will redirect you to the Trades Page). If you are setting up a Pokemon for Trade, press on the bar that says "Select An Option", choose whichever Pokemon you want to set in your Trades, press the button that says "Place Pokemon on Trade Set" (you can leave a note on your Pokemon Trade for other users to see, mostly used for listing prices/Pokemon you will want in exchange, but it's optional) once you done that just press "Set Trade" and your Pokemon will be shown to users of Pokemon Legends in the Trade Market!

To offer on another trade, simply press the "Place an Offer" button, offer a Pokemon on the trade you are interested in. If you are paying for a Pokemon, simply insert the amount in the Money option. Once you done all of this you are set to press "Set Trade" and the user will receive the offer.

Where can I get fossils? How do I revive the fossilized pokemon?

You can find your first fossil at the stone (pictured above). This is in the Desert on Map B2. You will get a choice of taking only ONE of the two fossils.

Your choices are:
Helix- Omanyte
Dome- Kabuto

If you go to Map A1* in the Desert you will see a little cave that has a "rock game" for you to play!

To play the rock game you will need game tickets.

1 game ticket = 1 playable round

Prizes under the rocks include:
Dome fossil
Ancient/Old Amber
Helix fossil
or even NOTHING at all

Reviving fossils is now available

More Fossils and the Pokemon they turn into:

Claw- Anorith

Skull- Cranidos

Ancient/Old Amber- Aerodactyl

Plume- Archen

Sail- Amaura

Root- Lileep

Jaw- Tyrunt

Cover- Tortuga


Where do I start out at?
After creating and verifying your account via e-mail you can log-in to the game and you will start out on a dock. Just walk North.

How do I confirm the options from NPC's? How do I talk to the NPC's?
-gif made by Aerobous-

Just press "X" to confirm or "Z" to ignore or cancel

How do I exit a battle that I don't want to be in?

Just press F5 to refresh the page and exit the NPC battle or wild pokemon battle.

3. Quests

What are Quests and how do I check what Quest I'm on?

Quests are a type of "mini-event" that you can do to progress in the game.

~How do you check what Quest you are on?~
Off to the left hand side of the screen you will see the following:
  • HOME- Click this to go to your account statistics, pokemon caught, hearts received, tokens, etc.
  • Explore- Click this to play the game
  • Pokemon- If you click on this you will see four options: (a.) My Team (b.) My Pokemon (c.) My Pokedex (d.) Pokedex
  • Trades- Click here to trade a pokemon to another user or put up one of your own pokemon to trade away
  • Account- If you click this you will get seven drop down items: (e.) Profile (f.) Friends (g.) Bag (h.) Quests (i.) Leaderboard (j.)Donate (k.) Issues/Requests
  • Help- Click this to read a "helpful" guide made by our fellow members Aerobous, PrincessPhoenix and Sharks
  • Community- Three options will drop down: (l.) Forums (m.) Blog (n.) IRC
A.) My Team- If you click on this you will be taken to a page where you can edit your line-up really easily.
B.) My Pokemon- If you click on this you will be able to see what pokemon you have caught/traded for. If you click on a pokemon name you can add a move to their "set list" so they can use that move in a battle. You can also nickname your pokemon here as well and give them "hearts" to make them obey you.
C.) My Pokedex- See what pokemon are in your pokedex here
D.) Pokedex- See all the pokemon in the game here
E.) Profile- Need to edit your profile? Do so by clicking this option
F.) Friends- Want to add a friend or see if any are online? Check by click this option
G.) Bag- Check what items you have collected (GYM BADGES ARE ALSO LOCATED IN YOUR BAG)
H.) Quests- Here you can see what Quest you have accepted or finished
I.) Leaderboard- Check out where you stand against other players on the Leaderboard
J.) Donate- If you want "Premium" status (for better pokemon, having a pokemon follow you, etc.) then you can PAY real money to support this game.
K.) Issues/Requests- Here you can report any issues or requests you have for the game
L.) Forums- This will take you to the forums for the game
M.) Blog- This will take you to a Blog for this game
N.) IRC- a chat room where most members/players are at when the connection is FALSE.

For a full list of Quests please click here.

4. Towns & Routes


5. Gyms

Darlinghurst Gym - Rock pokemon (20+)
Newpine Gym - Water pokemon (30+)
Eastbourne Gym - Electric pokemon (40+)
Dorocoast Gym - Grass pokemon (50+)

6. NPC Battles

If you cross the path of a person walking around or just standing still it may be an NPC that wants to battle you. If you don't want to battle the NPC then you can get out of the battle really easily. To get out of an NPC battle just press "F5" to refresh the page.

7. PvP Battles

If you want to battle another player (PvP- Player vs. Player) then ask them in chat before clicking on there character. You then click on PvP Challenge. If they accept then you will battle them, but if they decline please don't pester them with constant requests. (You never know if they are AFK)

8. Tournaments

A. How often they run - Every hour; MUST arrive at least 10 minutes before start; Enter the arena 5 minutes before start
B. The level restrictions for each tournament - Starter (1-20); Intermediate (20-40); Advanced (50-60)
C. How to actually battle in the tournament - Battles are automatic so you don't need to challenge another player
D. A warning about lag timeouts - The very annoying ways some of the tournaments seem to time out on the first round. If everyone refreshes the tournament will attempt to restart.
E. Tournament locations - Starter at Bluegum Town; Intermediate at Darlinghurst town; Advanced at Eastbourne beach next to cafe.
F. Prizes - The shiny pokemon prize will be announced in chat

9. Updates & Help

For all updates you can visit the BLOG by clicking here.

For the Help and Credits please click here.

10. ~+~END OF GUIDE~+~
Please post a comment if you would like:
+ Something added
- Something removed
or even tell us you like the guide!

I worked really hard on this guide and all copyright:
+ Guides: goes to their owner(s)
+ Images: Google, IMGUR, Lightshot, Tinypic and Photobucket
+ Game: Pokemonlegends

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Numa, you should probably prepare yourself for further updates
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Updated and added all sections to the guide!

Will add images later! ^_^
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Ooh some great work Numa :D
Keep it up :)
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Wed Apr 08, 2015 5:51 am

Its a nice guide for starters.
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Wed Apr 08, 2015 5:51 am

It's a good guide that is in progress but I would like to make some suggestions to edit/add to make it awesome.

It would be greatly helpful if the beginning of the guide (after the links to the other helpful guides) focused or linked to the basics of the game; the things that help a player be able to play the game in the first place (in this order):
  • How to talk to NPCs/Cancel
  • How to run (and move in general)
  • How to set skills to your new Pokemon so it isn't all "Pound"
  • How to edit your lineup
  • How to change your character avatar
  • How to turn off the music
  • How to trade stuff
These are the top questions that are asked in the in game chat. You already cover some of these and these are in the help section in game too, but it would be good to have a refresher for these at the top of your guide because not everyone reads things in game.

Then the guide can continue with the process of getting off of the first map (which you did a nice job with).

There is eventually going to be a ton of quests in game, which may have a lot of sub-tasks attached to them. For this reason you may want to consider placing quests on its own post somewhere else on this topic, and then linking to that post in your menu above.
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yeah i may just make a new thread strictly for Quests....idk yet :lol:

anyways...all of the stuff you mentioned above is all in the Updates & Help section

Wed Apr 08, 2015 6:16 pm

{hello!!!! i am lolsoij and i need some tokens or good pokemon please} so please can you gave me pokemon or tell me how to get tokens and please tell me how to go rouet 11 please because i stared like 3 day and i pass oldpine towen and i am next town but i can't go inside the gym that why i need help please help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :|
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Wed Apr 08, 2015 6:35 pm

Loli- are you following the storyline?

After the police quests you should be able to go through the cave. Once through the cave you will be on route 6. If you continue south (past the Pokemon sanctuary) you will see a Pokemon center and a pokemart. Go right and you will be on the map with the third gym.

To get Tokens please read the "Donate" section under part 2 of this guide.

Uh I don't think route 11 is in the game yet. :/
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Mon Apr 13, 2015 7:05 am

Can someone pin this post & make it available on all forums please?
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