Legendaries Guide

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Legendaries Guide

Post by Zire727 » Sun Dec 18, 2016 6:18 pm

Note: Added Cressellia guide (Thanks hpatdh!) but there are no images yet. Also made some adjustments that were in the comments so should be more accurate. There still might be some changes I could make, so if you see any, comment and I will fix as soon as I can!

Hello everyone! This guide will be for everything that came out in the "Let there be Legendaries" update. It will include how to obtain the 8 legendaries that came with this update, a guide on how to obtain the plushies, and a guide on how to defeat Eevee Tower. So without further ado, let us begin!

Note: Before you start this update you'll need to fill certain requirements.

1) You'll need the first 5 gym badges (Concentration Badge is the 5th one)
2) You'll need the first 4 relics. For a recap of where they are:
1. Route 12 Tree Den
2. Greyview Cave
3. Raians's house
4. Blackfell Caverns
3) You'll need a high leveled team. I would recommend levels 90-100 with EV training. Most of the NPC's pokemon are between 80-85, and the legendaries are level 200 (Yes, you read that right).

Relic 5: Articuno
1. Talk to King Pidgeot in front of Wildhaven gym.
2. Complete the puzzle, Answer is
Left yellow, right yellow, right yellow, right green
3. Talk to Articuno
4. Go back to King Pidgeot and talk to him

The Temple
1. Head to Sunrock Desert E4.
2. Go inside the temple and talk to Sycamore and give him the relics.
3. Defeat the healer.
4. Take the ladder on the right and head to the green switch and turn it on.
5. Go back to temple F2 and head south for the blue switch.
6. Go back to the beginning and take the path on the right.
7.Go through the path on the right of F2 and talk to Scyamore,
8. Battle the 3 Regi's (Note: Not that hard).
9. Turn yellow switch on and go to the right path.
10. Take the new path opened (upper left of F2 > F3 go past 2 pillars near all the pots > F2 > F3 > F2 > F1) to the room on F1.
11. Take Chimchar plush
12. Leave the temple and receive the snorkel form Sirius.

SS Neptune
1. Go to the room with the deep water in the SS Neptune
2. Snorkel down and head north
3. Once you reach a split path, take the right path
4. Talk to Sycamore
5. Head to Wildhaven and enter the right Gatehouse.

The Poster
1. Go to the right Gatehouse in Wildhaven.
2. Talk to the everyone in the building. Then talk to the poster in the top right.
3. Go to the Team Royal Black Market in Sunrock Desert. Buy the poster paper and talk to the mailman.
4. Go to Sandmarsh and accept the quest "Documenting Wildlife". These are the Pokesmon's locations:
5. After taking all the pictures, talk to the ninja and get the stock photo.
7. Go back to the Gatehouse and put up the new poster.

Strongwater Town
1. From Wildhaven, enter the right gatehouse
2. Accept the bounty quest "Wanted Poster: The Eevee Poacher: by talking to the police officer
3. Go to Route 14 and locate the hidden grotto
4. Once inside the grotto, talk to the NPC walking around. The map is around the red flowers near the entrance
5. The Eevee Oasis is right of the flowers on the other side of them map
6. Defeat all ninja inside, red is last.
7. Talk to the officer again to receive your reward and access to Eevee Tower.
8. Enter Strongwater Town on the right of Route 14.

Strongwater Gym
1. Make your way to Pyrolius and defeat him.
2. Enter the lab and go into the crystal room.
3. Press X on the blue/gray machine.
4. Free King Fur and battle Pun Master JK and his grunts.
5. Free the Regis.

1. Complete the quests "Reunification of the Regi Sages" and "A Zero Effort Search".
2. Go to your parents house in Bluegum.
3. Battle the level 150 Mewtwo. I recommend using a dark type pokemon because Mewtwo mainly uses just psychic moves.
4. Obtain a level 100 Mewtwo.
5. Go outside and fight your rival to get the Route 17 gatehouse key.

1. From Dorocoast town, take the left gatehouse to Route 17
2. Head south until you reach Route 19
3. Veer left and take the path to the hidden cave
4. Battle Pyrolius. His team is defeated easily by water moves and Sandstorm.
4. Talk to Articuno and battle it and defeat it. It is level 200 as with all legends, and sandstorm is heavily recommended. The Tyranitar from the riddle quest works well. Rock moves also defeat it easily.
5. Obtain a level 70 Articuno
6. Go to the Route 17 Gatehouse and talk to the scientist. She will give you the Bergmite Plushy.

Eevee Tower
Eevee Tower (DAYTIME ONLY) is a tower full of eevolution trainers. There are a total of 9 trainers that you have to defeat, each of which has a different eevolution. You may come and go to heal as you please while taking this challenge. The Eevee I would recommend is this:
  • Nature: Sassy
    Level: 70 with a no exp stone
    EVs: 252 Defense and 252 Special Defense or 252 HP and 128 Defense and Special Defense.
    Move 1: Toxic
    Move 2: Swagger
    Move 3: Return
    Move 4: Confide
The strategy I used was: For Vaporen, Umbreon, and Leafeon, use toxic and then return. For the rest just spamming return works fairly well. If you are having trouble defeating one, just poison it then spam hyper potions on your Eevee.
Note: The Leafeon is the hardest one. If it uses Leaf Blade is drains most of your health.
Note: The Eevee Tower challenge can only be taken during the in game day.
Note: If your borrowing an Eevee from someone else, be sure to give it hearts!
Note: Beating Eevee Tower will also complete the "All for One and One for All" quest. The reward is 12000c.

The Plushies
There are 6 total plushies that you have to obtain in order to fight and catch Moltres. All the plushies can be seen at the garden in your house at Eastbourne.
Charmander: This one is already in your house's garden
Cyndaquil: This one is obtained after defeating Eevee Tower.
Torchic: This one is obtained from the team royal grunts that you gave water to on the beach of Blackfell. In order to get this one, you'll have to search the desert for the grunts and give them fresh water if you haven't already.
Chimchar: This one is in the Sand Temple in desert E4
Tepig: This one you get from trading 10 rare bones to guy outside the rock game in Desert A1.
Fennekin: This one you get after obtaining all the other plushies and giving the old man the Limited edition Chickorita plushy and the Bergmite plushy (See Articuno and Mew for info on obtaining those 2). To get it, talk to the old man in the bottom left house in Strongwater Town.

1. Obtain all fire starter garden plushes.
2. Obtain a originally owned Claydol and Jumppluff.
2. Go into the garden in your house in Eastbourne City and talk to Raian.
3. Escape the dungeon by talking to the vine.
4. Find your way to the guy standing on the warp pad.
5. Show him a originally owned Claydol.
6. Step on the warp pad and show his brother and originally owned Jumpluff.
?. Complete a quest from a lady in the main hall.
7. Go to the top floor and defeat Raian. After you beat him Moltres will teleport you back to the garden.
3. Talk to Molres and accept the battle. It is level 200 and is easily defeated by sandstorm and rock moves.
4. Obtain level 70 Moltres
5. Head to Oldpine (Mew) or Sunrock Desert Oasis (Zapdos)

1. Defeat Eevee Tower (Daytime Only)
2. Go into Oldpine house 1 and talk to the pink-haired lady in the bed.
3.Head into Greyview Cave and head north. Defeat Lani.
4. Go to Greyview Cave secret grotto (Larvitar)
5. Head south where the cone was
6. Take the left path to Mew
7. Talk to Mew and engage battle. Level 200 and easily defeated by dark moves.
8. Obtain a level 90 Mew
9. Go back to Eevee Tower to get the Limited Edition Chikorita Plushy.

1. Talk to King Pidgeot after obtaining Moltres.
2. Head into Willowsteen and accept the quest "A Forestry Stroll".
3. Gather the ingredients for the medicine. The one under the rock (forgot what it's called) you will need a level 50+ Ekans for. Once you have your Ekans go under the rock an Entei will battle you (Entei only appears during DAYTIME). The strategy is to use swagger and then earthquake until it is defeated. This may take a dew tries depending on how much your Ekans is leveled (The Ekans does not need to be originally owned). The wool is obtain by completing a quest to the left of town.
4. Give the nurse the ingredients to the medicine.
5. Go outside and talk to King Pidgeot.
6. Complete the quest "Blah Blah Blob Berries". Berry Locations(The berries can only be picked during the NIGHTTIME):
7. Talk to King Pideot to complete the quest once you have given the kid the medicine.
8. Head to the top right of Willowsteen and go into the cloud place.
9. Head north until you reach the King Pidgeot on the throne. Talk to it and you'll get the bean stalk piece.
10. Go up the bean stalk and talk to Pidgeot until you reach Zapdos.
11. Battle the level 200 Zapdos. I recommend using a ground type Pokemon.
12. Obtain a level 70 Zapdos.

North Greyview Cave
1. Defeat the doctor.
2. Accept the "To Open the Onderblade Mines" quest by talking to the police officer.
3. Complete the 2 quests below.

The Marvelous Fish
Description: Finding a Magikarp with marvelous scales is like finding a needle in a haystack..
Reward: 5000c and Onderblade key
Solution: For this quest, you have to catch a bunch of Magikarp (It's a different amount for everyone. Took me 10 and others 200) and give it to a guy in a house in Strongwater. The house is in Strongwater East top right house. Each Magikapr has to be quest enabled one at a time and given to him with only one quest enabled.
If you don't want to waste any money on pokeballs, make the wild Magikarps fall alseep before you catch them. This will give them a really high catch rate. All of the failed Magikarps the guy will give you 200c to pay for the pokeball.

To Open the Onderblade Mines
Description: Why do you want to go there?
Reward: 4000c and access to the Onderblade Mines
Solution: It's in one of these hedges:
Just talk to all of them and you will find it.

1. Accept the quest "Titan of Steel: The Search for Registeel!". Obtain the quest by talking to the Registeel Sage in Strongwater.
2. Have access to the Onderblade Mines (Complete the above 2 quests to gain access).
3. Have 2 level 30 Dugtrio (quest enabled and off team) and a geode (Rare drop from Geodude).
4. Head into the Onderblade mines and reach the exit
5. Summon Registeel by talking to the stone tablet.
6. Talk to Registeel and engage battle, than defeat him (level 200)
Note:All the Regis use explosion so using a ghost type is recommended!
7. Obtain a level 70 Registeel

1. Accept the quest "Titan of Ice: The Search for Regice!". Obtain this quest by talking to the Regice Sage in Strongwater.
2. Go to North Grayview Cave C1, Find a narrow path on the left-side of the map
3. Once you enter the Onderblade Town, talk to elder npc of the town, they will tell you about how to summon Regice.
4. Find the entrance that hidden on one of the house (the entrance for each players is random)
possible spots:
5. Get a Dried Ice Fruit inside the Dungeon. You will hear something outside, which is Regice
6. Obtain originally owned of these following Pokemon and show them to Regice: Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Hitmontop, Crobat, Golem, Weavile, Dugtrio, Ariados. Have them all quest enabled and off your team!
7. Talk to Regice, then beat him (lv 200 Regice)
Note:All the Regis use explosion so using a ghost type is recommended!
8. Obtain a level 70 Regice

1. Accept the quest "Titan of Rocks: The Search for Regirock!". Obtain this quest by talking to the Regorock Sage in Strongwater.
2. Go to Blackfell Cavern – Room of the Silent, Talk to the Tombstone.
3. After you get an ID card, go to the Sandmarsh Library and talk to the recepcionist.
4. Go to Route 18 and talk to the Scientist that looking at rocks.
5. Go to Blackfell Cavern – Secret Grotto, Talk to the Scientist there, show him a Lapras (originally owned, taken out from team and quest-enabled).
6. Go to Onderblade Mines B3 (if you have not done Registeel, you will need to do quest from Police NPC first), talk to a NPC that disguised as a big rock.
7. Obtain a geode (rare drop form Geodude).
8. Go back to Blackfell Cavern – Room of the Silent, Talk to the Tombstone and Regirock will appeared
9. Talk to him, and beat him twice (lv 200 Regirock)
Note:All the Regis use explosion so using a ghost type is recommended!
10. Obtain a level 70 Regirock

Cresselia (No images yet)
1. Got to Willowsteen Town
2. Enter the Main House and search all the bookshelves, find the bookmark
3. Look in your bag and read the bookmark description; it will give you a clue on where the next book mark is
4. Keep finding all the bookmarks until you get the Willowsteen Forest Key
5. Complete the quest called Whispered Rituals; can be found in one of the houses in Willowsteen
TIP: Complete the Banetite quest in Blackfell Town and go down to the Blackfell Caverns F1-A; Duskull are abundant there
TIP: To get the Flaffy Wool, complete the quest found once the Pidgeot takes to you Willowsteen
6. Follow the four people
7. Walk into the shrine and go near the top right and find your way through the trees (will take some time)
8. Go into the house and sleep in the bed
9. Battle the level 200 Cresslia; Bug, Ghost, or Dark Types recommended; doesn't attack much, but has Moonlight
10. Receive Level 70 Cresselia and Lunar Wing which doesn't have a function yet.

Rebirthing / King of the Sand
Rebirthing is a process in which you give a ninja a rebirth stone and they will rebirth one chosen legendary, meaning IVs, nature, EVs, and level will be reset. To obtain a rebirth stone complete the quest "King of the Sand".

King of the Sand
Description: It's like finding a pebble in the desert
Reward: 8000c and 1 rebirth stone
Solution: Go to Sunrock Desert D3 and talk to the fancy looking guy. Once he runs off, go to desert D2 (One map to the left) and repeatedly talk to him until you get the option to throw the transporter.Don't throw the transporter, because that's the only way to get the rebirth stone!

1. Vik9612 - Vik provided a LOT of screenshots and helped a bunch in writing the Regis part.
2. Hemptress25 - Hemptress provided the screenshots for the stock photo quest.
3. lolshort - Provided a few screenshots.
4. hpatdh - Cresselia part
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Re: Legendaries Guide

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Re: Legendaries Guide

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there is good chance some of the stuff may be changed

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Re: Legendaries Guide

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Thanks it really helped.

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Re: Legendaries Guide

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I'm not able to fly with the Shiny King pidgeot. It says there is an update, even after getting the four relics. Please help.

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Re: Legendaries Guide

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naveen99 wrote:I'm not able to fly with the Shiny King pidgeot. It says there is an update, even after getting the four relics. Please help.
After Judgement Day in 2016 viewtopic.php?f=12&t=8350, we cannot go further after the 5th gym. The only thing we can do is waiting.
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Awww man :( . Thanks for the info :D

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this helped me out so much thank you :D :D

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Re: Legendaries Guide

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im stuck on the Stock Photos quest, does anyone have screenshots to show here the pokemon are, that would be much appreciated! Much Love <3
I thought this was cute <3

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Re: Legendaries Guide

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Some things are new/changed/added/removed! Remember that this guide was made BEFORE roll-back! It is still recommended to Read!!
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