Re: Ancient Relic Quest

snivypokemon28 wrote:
Jog wrote:you complete the wedding by first of all going INSIDE the dorocast gym and speaking to the green haired guy. after doing this the king pigeot will be outside the gym and ask you to fly with him. accept and you will be taken to eastbourne town. make the way to the chapel where raina and lani will be getting married and defeat them. this will give you access to their house. after doing this go to the house that is normally blocked by a guy in green who said he has a parcel for them. HE IS NO LONGER THERE. go inside and click turn on the fridge then go over to the top left side where the golden statue is to reveal a hidden path. you will find the relic in that room :P
How do I go inside the Dorocoast gym? It says that the door is locked. I talked to Oliver in the Pokemon Center, and he says that the gym is unlocked, even thought it is...
You have to save the king pidgeotto first. Go to the docks (so go east) and defeat the grunts on the blue ship. Once you've done that, go through the gym like normal even though you've already been given the badge and talk to Oliver again, otherwise the wedding wont happen and the delivery guy will remain in the way of the house. You have to complete the wedding fights before going to Raina's house or the delivery guy will be there.