Monthly Event: Libra's Epic Contest.

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Monthly Event: Libra's Epic Contest.

Post by ChilenoEnDinamarca » Thu Oct 17, 2019 12:53 pm

Hello there and welcome to a new guide!
Since I was not able to make a guide, another useful guide was made by the user MysticB3akui for which I am very grateful, and here is a link to the guide, (Click here) if you want to check it out. It has images with more and better details.
(My guide will be a short guide for experienced PL's users)

Firstly, I do highly recommend you to read the official announcement made by the staff (as always), Click here. :P
Secondly, my many thanks to the staff for bringing a new event to us!

I hope you enjoy!
Let's do this!

-Get a pokemon with the move 'Heal Pulse'. I used Alomomola who can learn it at lvl 17 but since it is a non-map pokemon and some of you might not have it, I recommend you to reach lvl 23 with Ralts. (Not need to be ori-owned, select heal pulse as one of the 4 active moves and have the pokemon with Heal pulse in your team).

-Reach the docks at Dorocoast town and interact with Altaria (It seems to be weak and we will heal it). Once it is healed, Altaria will take us to the Graveyard on Blackfell.

-Talk to Libra (Police officer) who will explain that a mysterious cave was found and it might have many treasures. Two teams fights to be the claimer of that discovery but Libra does not want it that way. Libra makes a challenge where the team with most ''Boring rocks'' wins.
NOTE: Contest will run until aprox. the 23rd October.
(I like this so much, team events and also a nice way to decide what Pokemon should be on maps on next events, or at least it is how I understood it...
Find a balance :D epic job right there!)

The teams: Krazy Krookodiles and Brutal Bisharps

+Both teams want the ''Boring Rocks''. Those rocks can be dropped by Minccino and Darumaka when defeated. (Do not forget to catch a pair of them as well).

+Both teams do have one NPC who have a pokemon-team with lvl 100s and if we defeat them (every 24 hours) we will get Gems. Both teams do also have an NPC in their camp that will take those gems and in return we will get RBCs.

Krazy Team
Is located to the north on the Blackfell Beach and 3 NPCs to interact with.

Brutal Team
Is located to the south-east in the forest. There are 3 NPCs to interact with and it seems the best place to get the Rocks and also to get lucky with shiny non-maps. (It is close to the Pokecenter).

+The Contest+

-First catch a male and Female Darumaka and Minccino.. then can you start defeating them to acquire the ''Boring Rocks'' (Remember that they are non-maps and once the event is over those Pokemons will not be able to capture.

-Once you have a minimal amount of these rocks (5), you can give them to one of those rival teams at your choice and in return you will get 1 of their gems.

-At the end of the contest (aprox. the 23rd October.) a winner team will be announced and (not sure about this yet) Libra will reveal the entry to this cave with mysterious treasures allowing the winner team to enter, under the supervision of Scorpio.

That is all guys, I hope you get many rocks!
Good luck on Shiny hunting as well! =)
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Re: Monthly Event: Libra's Epic Contest.

Post by MysticB3akui » Fri Oct 18, 2019 2:48 pm

- MysticB3akui whispers to you that your not the only nab.....
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