Monthly event: Leo the Mighty's letter.

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Monthly event: Leo the Mighty's letter.

Post by ChilenoEnDinamarca » Fri Jul 26, 2019 10:49 pm

Hello there!
Some time has passed and finally a new mini event has arrived to Pokemon Legends.
Here is the official post on the ''Log-page'', made by PrincessPhoenix: and the post made by Nexus on the Forum Page viewtopic.php?f=6&p=83438#p83438
I want to give my thanks to: the ''Team PL'' for bringing this event to us and Editman for sharing info.

Let's start.

Firstly, if you did not participate in the ''Winter/Christmas event 2019'', you might not know where the Chamber of the zodiacs is. To enter it, go to Easbourne Town, get past the gym and you will reach ''West Eastbourne farmlands'' right after the gate-house.

Enter the house found on the northern side and once inside, walk north (up) and talk to ''Leo The Mighty'' in the upper side of the map.
He will send you on a quest to solve 3 puzzles:
1st is on route 5, 2nd on route 11 and the 3rd is around Blackfell Graveyard.

On route 5 you will find a scientist at the top of the mountain hiding behind a tree.
To get the puzzle solved, you must have an originally owned Luxray, enabled for quest, and off your team, trades, etc, etc.

Route 11 has an npc hiding very well (Click here). To solve this puzzle you must have an originally owned Crawdaunt, enabled for quest, and off your team, trades, etc, etc.
6 Candles left

BlackFell Graveyard has an NPC hiding on the way to the beach (Click here). You must have an originally owned Dewgong

For each puzzle solved you will be rewarded with a Razz Berry. Once you have the 3 Razz Berries, go back to Leo who will trade them for one of the Following Fire-Starter pokemon:


There are 2 Non-map pokemons able to catch as long the event is ongoing:
Tympole (uncommon)
Drilbur (rare)

I hope this short guide helps you, enjoy and good luck on your shiny hunting! =)
Useful guides, click here | Guías en Español, Click aquí!
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