Legendaries Guide 2 + Story-Line Update October 4th, 2018

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Legendaries Guide 2 + Story-Line Update October 4th, 2018

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Legendaries Guide 2 part1

Alola Pokemon trainers!!

The new Update is released and finally the guide is Finished and with many surprises!! If you want to read the official post made by the staff, you can click on the following Link (Click here)

Unfortunately these last months I was somewhat busy and the Halloween event came over us... that is why the guide took longer than expected. So here I will leave the material that some of you were waiting for. I hope you like it very much! Enjoy!!

As always, I want to give my thanks to the following users for the great help provided to me for guide, to make it possible to bring you this guide the most complete and enjoyable possible: Camckee316, PrincessPhoenix, Atomous, 4rGoS, LoneWarrior, Nexus, j0sip, princex and aurimasmil

I hope you like it, enjoy!
Good luck and Catch them all!! ;)

NOTE 1: Press Ctrl+f if you want to find something in specific
NOTE 2: Read the guide from Top to bottom to make sure you do not get lost and /or end with many questions.
NOTE 3: Here is a guide on how/where to give rebirth you Legendary.
Image from the web site www.summersymphonylive.com and painted by me :u

Legendaries Guide 2

In this guide you will be able to find:
  • Legendaries
  • Quests
  • Walkthrough
  • Dark Egg
  • And more Legendaries

Route 19
Here is were this new update begins! When we are ready, with our team healed up and plenty of Pokeballs and potions in the bag we should go to the route 19, to the most south-eastern corner where an Officer will stand alongside some cones blocking the path that we need to go through. The officer will allow to pass if we bring him a cup of coffee.

--Interact with the Officer.

Coffee Run
Objective: Give a cup of coffee to the Officer.
Reward: Entry to the new Update and 3.000¢
Solution: The cup will cost 2.000¢! Go to the Eatery found in Dorocoast town (The house with a girl standing outside) and buy a cup of coffee from the Northern lady, then go back to the Officer and interact with him once again and the Cones will be removed.

--Once the cones are removed, walk south and we will find our self on the ''Grayview Gatehouse'', and there will be an explorer that will tell us about an Ice type bird that used to save the people from freezing to death, and now that we have Articuno I feel bad, ok no :lol:
--Talk to the Npc standing in front the elevator to start a quest:

A Really Cool Elevator
Objective: Give a Magcargo to the NPC at the elevator.
Reward: 7.000¢
Solution: Evolve a Slugma into Magcargo. Enable it for quest and remove from team, trades, etc, etc....
Tips: Slugma is in route 2 on the southern-west grass patch.

Now that the quest is finished we should take the elevator, follow the path defeating the Npcs and when you reach the statue you will have to fight water pokemons lvl 100.

Finally on Grayview Town!! Gz!!
Optional: Finally on Grayview Town!! Here we should heal up and buy some items from the Pokemarket if needed.
--Enter the cave on the west side and follow the path defeating some of the Npcs until you reach the middle where you can fight a Golem lvl 300 and if you win, you get 8.000¢, go back to town and Heal up your team.

--At the entrance of the town, there is a big building to the right, enter it and go to floor #2 and enter the room most to the left. Talk to the old man and start:

Fangs, Claws, or All of the Above
Objective: Stop the 2 guys fighting in the room.
Reward: 8.000¢, Razor Claw and a Razor Fang
Solution: The Karate guy wants a Originally owned lvl 30 Zangoose and the Ninja guy wants a lvl 30 Seviper.
Tips: These Pokemons are a bit hard to find but not impossible:
Zangoose | Location: Eastbourne Farmlands, Grand Maze: Rare.
Seviper | Location: Route 7: Rare.

Now we should talk to every Npc around the town, and then walk to the building with the stairs going all the way up to the roof with a hole on it, we must enter and talk to the Rainbow haired Npc. to start:

Quest Accepted: The King of Puns
Objective: Retrieve a book with pun.
Reward: 5.000¢ and one Grayview Museum Ticket.
Solution: Go back to the town and then walk to the east of the town and enter the most eastern building that is found north from the red big house. Go upstairs to the top and enter the room to the left where we can start a new quest, start it and read the quest down below:
Tips: Buy 5 Charcoal (1.000c each) to make some ink, if you do not have. Charcoal can be bought from the Pokemarket or from other users.

An Absent-minded Shopping List
Objective: Bring ink to the writer.
Reward: 3.000¢
Solution: Go outside the building and walk all the way east until you reach a new map. Keep walking east and talk to the Npc who is just north from the big crate. He will need 5 charcoal to make ink. Once you have the ink, back to the Blue-square Apartments to finish the quest and we will get the book that Pun master needed. Lets go to the Pun Master inside the building with the hole on the roof and talk to him to finish the previous quest.

Now that we have a Gratview Museum Ticket, let's go there. (Red big building)

--Once inside, we should interact with all the Npcs on the Museum and I will recommend to start with the northern room and the go to the western one where we will have a Pokemon battle. When the battle is finished we will get a note: ''It reads "meet us at the PurpleRidge Apartments Room 1".
--Go to PurpleRidge Apartments (first big building to the right when you first entered the town). When we are inside we will have to enter the room number 1 (From left to right). Let's talk to the Npc with the exclamation sign to start:

Grand Gracidea Flowers
NOTE 1: The following quest is longer than the others and will be completed after completing a few side quests.
NOTE 2: From I recommend you to have many Healing items, Revives and Pokefood to use Crobat fly-system, just to save time. (Optionally you can walk and you can also heal your team at Pokecenters).
Objective : Research all the areas near or in Willowsteen Town
Reward: 15.000¢ and Shaymin
Solution: When the quest is started you will be given a letter that must be delivered to some Npcs at Willowsteen, but first enter the Grayview Post Office (north from the big crate) and defeat Dranogite 2 times to acquire a ''Postal Bag''. Now step in line and Deliver the letter on the right side. Now go back to the Room 1 at the PurpleRidge Apartments and talk to the Npc who gave os the quest.
--Go to Willowsteen and find Rinta along the hence. Follow Rinta who will be at Willowsteen Ridge just before the clouds. (Read the quest below after you start the new quest by talking to Rinta) T
Tips: To gest to Willowsteen you can fly to Sandmarsh Town and then walk south until you reach the lake and there will be Pidgeot that will lead you to Willowsteen. Shaymin will join you once you continue this guide :)

A Floral Inquiry
Objective: Talk to someone in Onderblade Town who might know about the flowers.
Reward: 4.000¢
Solution: From Rinta, walk north until the next map and then you can interact with a Pidgeot and select Newpine Town, talk to Crobat and then we will arrive to Onderblade Town. The Npc we are looking for is the old Lady inside the ''House 1'' (House to the Right).
--Talk to her and she will send us to talk with ninja with a red headband found inside the Pokemon Center and after we talk we will start a new Quest:
Tips: Follow the

Pranking the Prankster
Objective: Make a cure.
Reward: 5.000¢
Solution: Give 3 very Bitter Powder and 3 Dusk Stones (Read the ''tips''') to the Ninja with red headband inside the Pokemon Center. Once you have those materials, go back to Onderblade and give them to the Ninja and quest completed.
Tips: Give 2 Tiny Mushrooms to the Npc on the south-western house from Eastbourne Town, the ''Mushroom Fanatic's House'', to make 1 Bitter Powder. Bring 6 in total to make 3. Tiny Mushrooms are dropped sometimes by Paras or they can be bought from another Player.
Dusk Stones can be Bought from the Pokemarket at Grayview Town and also from other users.

Now that the quest is completed, we must meet the Ninja with red headband outside near the cliff, and after a short dialog the quest from above called ''A Floral Inquiry'' will be also finished. The ninja will also tell us that in the ''House 2'' another Ninja with red headband is in there and we should talk to him.

--After the dialog we must defeat a lvl 90 Sableye and with that win, we will get a quest that will make us Ambassador of Onderblade when completed:

Ninja and Samurai Ambassador
Objective Repair both the gym and two fallen towns
Reward: 12.000¢
Solution: Go to Willowsteen Ridge (near the clouds) and Talk to the Npc and then talk to the Town Leader in the center of Willowsteen Town. Now go back to Onderblade Town and you will find the Ninja South-west near the statue. After a dialog, walk west until you see the town leader along 3 ninjas, fight the 3 ninjas to win their trust. Now you are trusted and a New legendary appears!! :o
Yes, but we will not be able to capture it since Regice and Articuno did Shooo him away :lol:
After that scene, we will be teleported back to Onderblade inside the Pokecenter.
--Go back to the House 2 and talk to the leader, after a dialog a New quest starts:

Attack of the Lava Demon Pokemon
Objective: To stop Heatran at Grayview cave A1 or the will be destroyed.
Reward: 9.000 ¢
Solution: First of all you need a Dugtrio on your team and some max revives, lemonade or what ever you need to fight many times, or, you can run back to the pokecenter many times.
From the Onderblade Town, walk east and then south to reach Grayview Cave A1. Once there, press the x button close to the rocks blocking the path (There should only be 3 Rocks left to the south and you can not destroy them) to open your way to Heatran and for each rock destroyed you will get Molten Core (Read the tips).
When you reach Heatran, interact with it and you must fight him, he is lvl 200. Run to route 5 after Heatran to stop him because he is making trouble outside and we will have to fight vs a Girl. Keep walking though the route 5 and a biker will fight you, then go to the secret grotto.
Heatran will be on the north side, fight him! Then leave the grotto and talk with both ninjas and go to Oldpine Town. Defeat Arcanine and enter the cave to the south. Heatran will be close to a cone, face him! Wait, he manged to escape again! Follow him and defeat him for the last time and he will join your team! Wooh! Gratz!! :D
Tips: I destroyed all the Rocks all the rocks to get Molten Core since it might be useful in the future, who knows? =)

--Good Job Pokemon Trainers, it seems to be a nice Start!! We Should head back to the Leader, but I decided to help the little Mawile just to the right where Heatran was, before leaving the cave. It will start a quest called Mawile's Missing Mother but it seems that the Ninjas will be priority.
--We will now notice that we are missing a Ninja, and in the way back to the cave some agents, wait what!! The ''MIB (Men In Black)'' are back!! After a shot dialog we will re-spawn at the House 2 in Onderblade (Agent's work). Once we talk to all the Npcs in the house 2, let's go to Willowsteen to hide and we must also talk to the Leader, we must hurry and hide :o !

++The Agents are back!!! (Waow :? ) and as they were in the last update too, were we called them MIB, I will call them the same here, just because they teleport in and out just like in the movies >:3 .++

Mawile's Missing Mother
Objective: Help Mawile JR (as I call him :3)
Reward: 3.000¢
Solution: Read quest down below. Find the tips and there is the real solution
Tips: Keep reading down Below.

--Now that we have talked with the leader a new quest starts:

Gathering of the Mawile
Objective: Deliver 6 Originally owned Mawile to the Leader of Willowsteen
Reward: 5.000¢
Solution: Walk south and find 6 Mawile at Willowsteen forest, they are uncommon there :) Activate them for quest and remove from team, trades, etc, etc... and return to the leader to finish this quest. (Read tips).
Tips: We can now finish ''Mawile's Missing Mother'' quest, by going to Newpine town where you can be able able to find the Mother surrounded by 2 Arcanine (South from the grass patch). There was mine, Idk if it is random for each user. Defeat the Arcanine and then go back to Mawile JR.

--Now let's hurry to the nearest Pidgeot -Fly-system and reach Sandmarsh Town, keep walking all the way south and you will reach ''Sunrock Desert E3''. Once there you will find 3 persons and 1 agent... Interact with the agent and if you defeat him you will get access to the Pyramid.
--Enter the Pyramid and pick up the item between the leaders and Boom it is a trap (This must happen). After a dialog both the leader and you will be teleported from that place.
--We find Our self inside a locked room. Walk on the bed to heal your Pokemons and to exit the room, we have to press the button x close to the hole in the wall (top right corner).
--Next room will be secured with some MIB agents. Take the northern path and defeat the agent. Enter next room and there will be a little cut scene with a ninja. Keep walking north and in this room, we must step on the square on the ground (You can walk behind the Agent directly to the square). Now defeat all the MIB Agents (must be done) and then leave the room and take the path to the right.
--In this new Room there will be some Wax Pokemons and what we have to do is to activate them by
interacting with them following their ''Alphabetic order''! Click the ''Show'' button for hint:
--The door will be unlocked and in the next room, interact with Pachirisu or Rattata , who arethe only different pokemon from all others since they are the only Pokemon of its kind and interacting with them will open the door. Go to the next room.
--Defeat all the MIB Agents to rescue the people and pick up the key on the room to the left. Now go back until you see The Ninjas, talk to them (just in case) and then take the path to the left, where we will have to use the key to open the door.
--Take the path to the south until you reach a room that looks like a home/hotel room. Firstly we should take a nap to heal our Pokemons and then activate a button to open the door by interacting with the plant since it is the only item that does not have an exactly copy of it in the room.
--In this room we will have to defeat all the MIN Agents do not start with the Agent on the left side and remember to talk to all prisoners just in case and go back where we came from.

NOTE:Just in case, take a nap with the bed to heal up again and to be ready to the next part. or you can talk with Rina at the Crossroad.

Now we will have to start a new quest:

Follow the Leader
Objective: Get out of that place!
Reward: 500¢
Solution: Go south to a new room and defeat all the MIB agents, then enter the room where Mawile and Sableye are. Walk south where the ''Agent Leader'' (as I call him) is waitin. Win all the battles. Walk south again, to fight the Agent Leader, who has a Darkrai lvl 200. After we win, we must face the machine on the southern side of it to interact with it, and this is what I did select:
  • Hack it: since we are a Pokemon trainer and not a hacker I gave it a Porygon
  • Show it a Porygon: since Porygon is non-map, not all the users might have one so the machine did not need one at all, so I decided to kick the machine
  • Kick it: since kick did not open the door, I wanted to use Earthquake on it but I'm not a Pokemon so I decided to take the machine apart.
  • Take the machine apart: Since nothing happen I decided to give up
  • Give it up: All the previous stuff was not needed but since we really want to end this and get out of here, I Attempt to shut it down by mashing buttons (askjflkgdgdsas, rofl :lol: ), this will call Zapdos who will launch a legendary thunder to the machine and the machine will finally ''faint'' (Hardest boss so far, :shock:, ok no... hehehe :lol: ) and Boom quest completed!

NOTE: Do not hate me, I was bored and wanted to make a little story :3 I hope you are enjoining the guide and I do also hope that it is a big help so far! Let's get out of this place!
Tips: Read below to continue with the story

--Now talk to the Ninja Leader and will give us a new Quest:

Spying on the Spies
Objective: Destroy all the hidden cameras.
Reward: 12.000¢, Shaymin and Mawilite Mega-Stone.
Solution: NOTE: Each monitor leads to a camera hidden around Pokemon Legends. Down below the solution will be shown and also how to get there quickly... Just click the ''Show'' button.
Press the ''Reset'' red button to restart your location, walk to Bluegum town and take the ''Pidgeot fly system to Darlinghurst Town and interact with the bottle close to the Tournament House to destroy the camera.

Now we should Fly to Easterbourne, walk close to the church and interact with the sing to destroy the camera Image

Fly to Dorocoast Town and walk South-east, get past the gatehouse to reach ''Old Dorocoast Safari-Zone 3'', Interact with the stone close to the tree to destroy the camera. (Omg I was so lucky!!)

From Safari Zone go back to Dorocoas Town and fly to Blackfell Town to interact with the Pokeball, to destroy the camera.

Fly to Wildhaven, get past the Gatehouse and interact with the rock at route 13

--Now that all the 5 cameras are destroyed, we should head back to the room with the monitors, but how? :idea:
Fly to Eastbourne and reach the desert, Interact with the Numel and go to E2 (Only if you have completed the Numel quest, if not, you can just walk to E2). Once there go inside the Team Royal Black Market, walk north and then enter the cave, climb up the ladder and keep walking until you reach the Monitor room and talk to the leader, Congratz!! ;)
Tips: If you want the Mawilite Mega-Stone and also want to start/complete this quest as well, I will highly recommend you to follow the story-line from start to make sure you are allowed start this quest.

--Now that all the cameras are down, we should go to Willowsteen to teach the leaders to have a meeting with them. The fastest way to get there is to go all the way outside the Black Market and take a Numel ride to the Oasis, and there take the Pidgeot to Willowsteen. Talk to the Samurai Leader who is along the Ninja Leader at the center of the town.... When the dialog is finished we will acquire a Mawilite Mega-Stone. :twisted:..

--Ninja and Samurai Ambassador quest is now completed and we should meet the Ninja Leader at Onderblade Town but, first we have to deliver a scared Shaymin that recently joined us. Find Rina at Willowsteen Ridge (Near the clouds) and talk to her. Walk away and Shaymin will want to fight us :o Once you defeat it, Shaymin will join our team :P and we will also complete the ''Grand Gracidea Flowers'' quest. Go back to Willowsteen Town and talk with the Leaders and then Walk north-east (to the clouds) and use the Pidgeot to Newpine Town, use the Crobat to fly to Onderblade Town.

++Onderblade GYM (Will open Next Update, if we are lucky)++

Finally are we on Onderblade Town ready to beat the gym!! But first we will have to complete a quest or more.

--Reach the GYM and talk to the Ninja Leader, who will let us know that Pokemons are watching Onderblade town and that they will give Alarm if the
MIB agents are around. The leader will need our help to repair the GYM (I hope we get the Badge just for helping lol, nah that does not proofs that we are a true Pokemon Master, Want to be the very best ;) ) we need new Paint, Construction supplies and Molten Core.

Rebuilding the Onderblade Gym
Objective: Repair the GYM.. Needs new paint and structural support
Reward: 7.000¢ and a Sablenite Mega-Stone
Solution:Use the ''Reset'' button, go to Bluegum Town and talk to the Traveling paint salesman (Click here) He will needsome Charcoal, just enter the Pokemarket and buy 5 Charcoal from the NPC fron the left side (1.000 each) and give them to the Paint sales man.
Give 5.000¢ to the Construction worker (Clich Here) in Eastbourne and he will sell the supplies we need.
We should already have the 7 Molten Cores, If you followed this guide from the start, if not, read the tips. =)
Let's deliver all the stuff to the Gym leader at Onderblade town, fastest way is to use the Crobat from Newpine. Gz!
Tips: Go back where Heatran was making trouble in the caves and while a Dugtrio is in your team, interact with the rest of the rocks blocking the path.

--Now that the GYM is under maintenance, we will have to wait for a Phone call that will let us know that the GYM is finished and ready to be Challenged (as mentioned before, next update the gym could be open, no1 knows), but suddenly our phone rings and we are informed by Saya to go to Grayview Town to meet her.....
--From Onderblade, go to the east until you reach the caves and walk north till ''North Grayview Cave D1'' and interact with the officer blocking the Exit. Once we try to reach the cave's exit we will be informed that the exit was sealed with a Legendary ice and only legendary fire can melt it. There is where Heatran is love :)

Exit the cave and talk to the Blond girl at the north side of Onderblade.
--Saya will tell us about the Seal of the orden and she will also mention that the 6 GYM leaders are in Grayview Town. Follow her to the north.
--On the next map you will see a Pokeball on the Ground, pick it up and we will get a revive.
--Talk to saya and then go to the Museum in Grayview and find the Key to open the doors. Once in the museum, enter the room to the left and walk north, interact with the Police officer who will tell us that a gym leader borrowed the key and also that we need documentation to get the key when it returns to the museum. Go back to Saya to ask her for a written permission but since someone already has the key the doors were opened.
--Enter the building and follow the NPC to the northern door, fight him and defeat him. Leave the room and take the eastern door. Defeat the Team Royal members and then go to the door to the north. After the dialog enter the door to follow Scycamore.
NOTE: If you want to know what happens in the story I do recommend you to read their conversation. It is a bit long to write =).
--When it finished, go back to Grayview Town be cause the MIB agents are making trouble. (There are 5)
--Once they are defeated go to Grayview East and defeat 5 more MIB Agents (Click here) and the last one with a violet circle, get close and interact with him and choose the options: ''Tell the others/everyone'' and then choose to fight him.

Just don't click the ''Show button''... a rock was stolen >_>
Still here?
Are you close?
Why even try?
Close yet?
Dont click
Why even try?
Still here?
There is nothing, lol
Still here? lol
NOTE: Confirmed, do not click here -___-
:oops: :oops: 8-)
Now that all the 10 MIB agents are defeated, go back to Grayview Town to heal your team. Once we are ready, to the left side of the town we will find the Factory where an NPC is walking outside. Interact with her to start a new quest:

Infiltrating the Pokeball Factory
Objective: Stop the MIB agents invasion.
Reward: 8.000¢
Solution: Go inside the Factory and talk to the kid on the left side to start the quest:
Tips: This quest is finished down below.

A Voltorb in a Pokeball Factory
Objective: Return the Voltorb to the kid inside the Factory.
Reward: 5.000¢
Solution: Once we are ready, fight the agent at the north side. Enter the northern door. In this room we will have to get past the agents with out getting caught and remember to Save the Voltorb (Click here). Deliver the Voltorb to the Kid who will give the ''Factory Key Card Image needed to open the last room. Quest completed but let's finished the quest from above:
--Go back to the place where we found Voltorb and enter the northern door using the Key card.
In this room we will have to fight the first agent and then follow this path (Click here) and use the Key on the door.
Defeat the Agent's leader and when the battle is over, if you pick the option ''tell them to leave'', they will teleport out. If you choose the option ''Fight the agents'', the agents will be forced to leave because their leader was defeated and they also do not have pokemons. Both options are cool.
--Talk to the Manager and we will complete the quest: Infiltrating the Pokeball Factory.
Tips: When ''Infiltrating the Pokeball Factory'' and ''A Voltorb in a Pokeball Factory'' quests are finished you can talk to Pun Master JK (Rainbow Haired Npc) to acquire Helix who will join the garden at your house in Eastbourne!

Now that we are close to defeat all the agents, we should heal and go to the museum to defeat the remaining 4 agents. Now go to the room to the left and defeat 4 more. Use the north-eastern door and defeat 4 more agents. Keep walking east till you reach the restroom and defeat 1 agent. Let's go to the entrance and with all the agents defeated, talk to the Guard in green clothes. He tell tell us that there are more agents and we will only get access to the elevator if we defeated all the agents in the museum =) We will also start a new quest:

Delving into the Museum
Objective: Rescue the Museum Owner.
Reward: 7.000¢
Solution: In this map we will have to pick up some bones to create a password that will open the door to the north. In the image (Click here) we will be able to see the path we can take to not get caught by the agents or we will have to fight them. We will also be able to see how many bones we have to gather from each crate (read tips). Once we have all the bones go to the door at the north side and interact with it. Now we are inside the room and walk north to talk with the Owner, after a short dialog, the agent leader shows up and will want to fight us. (Defeating the leader means that the rest of the agents must leave too) and after a short dialog with the Owner, the quest will be completed. Go back to the entrance to start a new quest.
Tips: 1 Skull Piece, 5 Vertebrae Pieces, 2 Wing Pieces, 2 Leg Pieces.

--At museum's entrance we will be able to talk to a hotel guard who will give us a new quest:

NOTE: This is ''how do I get Giratina''/''How to get Giratina?''... I it is a very very long process with many quests and also hard and easy trials/task. Once you got the egg, you can continue completing quests or if you already completed them you can scroll down almost to the bottom of this guide where you can real all about the Egg. I do really hope it helps you get your Giratina!!

Hotel Investigation
Objective: Investigate what happened to the Old hotel.
Reward: 6.000¢
Solution: Right after we start this quest we will get the hotel's key from the guard (The hotel never took the key from him when he quit). There are 5 evidences to solve this mysterious case and to do, we have to go to buildings at the south east.
--Enter the building in the middle and we will open it with the key. Once inside search box along the toilet to get the 1st evidence.
--Go up the stairs, walk west and enter the room on the west wall, interact with the Pokeball and we will get the pick lock lvl 99, now talk to the Old lady and we will get 1 more evidence. Leave the room and the pick-lock will open the door that is close to the stairs.
--Once inside, search the fridge and you will find a key to the door next room and also interact with the book on the table to get our 3rd evidence. Leave the room and search the plant for the 4th evidence and go to the room in the middle with the ''keep out'' message on the door. Use the key. Pick up the Pokeball on the ground inside the new room to get the 5th evidence and once we are here, pick up the Dark Egg that is in the north.
(This is getting very scary) :?
NOTE: Next Image is originally from j0sip's Trials Guide (Dark Egg) (Click here), whom desserves all the credits along the users mentioned on the guide. Very helpful.
---Follow the path shown on the image from above to get the Dark egg (Not needed to complete this quest but will save us a lot of time).
--Now that we got the Egg and the 5 Evidences, we should return to the Hotel guard at the museum to finish this quest and remember to talk to the Npc outside the Hotel to start a new Quest called ''When reality Can't be trusted'' Can be completed only at night time, if it day time, keep reading and do not click show:
When reality Can't be trusted (Started at Night, if it day time, keep reading.)
Objective: Find the member of the Legendary Hunter Group(I think it was what he was, lol)
Reward: 3.000¢
Solution: Go to Strongwater Town, and south of the gym there is a little park where we will find again the Npc who gave us the quest. He will tell us that in the past an Npc in a forrest, close to a sunflower field was in the search of a dragon Pokemon. Give a fully evolved version of it.
NOTE: Make sure it is a Pokemon that is not of your use since it will not come back with you.
You need a Dragonite, enable it for quest and remove from team, trades, etc, etc... A Dragonite from another user works as well.
--Once the Pokemon is released, the Npc will tell us that Dragonite escaped and went to the Secret grotto at route 3. Go there and talk to the Old man besides the Dragonite. Select the option ''sure''.
--Go to the Poke-Center at Newpine Town and there should be someone with a Dragonite, interact with that person and ask him if hes Dragonite can play with the Dragonite at the secret grotto.
--Talk to the man and it seems like it is the same man from the grotto? There is something strange :o ... give the man 10 pieces of Poke Food.
--Go back to the secret grotto and talk to the man again.. He will tell us that hes friend was not in town at all and that he have not asked you for Poke Food, but Dragonite seems hungry so give him the Pokemo food. You will now receive 2 letters, Deliver one at the the BLueSquare Apartments F2, Room4 (room to the right) and the other person is at PurpleRidge Aparments F2, Room 6..... (That was embarrassing gonna rekt this man, lol -,..,-)
Once we are done, with the letters we will find out that the grottoman needs to wake up cuz he is doing weird stuff >.> Go back to the grotto and talk to the man again :lol: ... and it seems like we are the one who is sleeping. ZzzzZzZz... :?
--Someone will call out our name and we will wake up at the Hotel just outside the room where we found the Dark Egg. Talk to the Legendary hunter and we will know that there were 2 Dark eggs that the owner had in hes possetion and that he also entered into a trance state just like we did, where we do random stuff and talk about things but they are not real. The Legendary Hunter will tell us that he once was the owner of our house at Eastbourne and that the egg should feel comfortable at the bed in the west side of the house (Click here). Scroll to the bottom if you want to do this part first but We need to continue with the Story-line, let the egg be for a while... we need to do some stuff before we can do something with the egg. (Read the tips down Below.)
Tips: The hotel guard said that if we have a Luxury home, the egg might like one of the rooms. I went to my house at Eastbourne Town and tried to leave the egg on one of the beds, but nothing happened. It seems like we need to go further in the story-line, let's have a look later on! But going to our house reminds me also about Helix who might be in the lake in our garden! When I reached the lake, I found out that we can talk to the officer to start the quest ''Helix in the Rough.

Helix in the Rough
Objective: Cooperate with the Officer and bring Helix back home.
Reward: 7.000¢
Solution: Go to Oldpine Town, enter the Jail and interact with the Police Officer. Helix made a crime and will have to do community service starting when you finish to talk to the officer and Helix will be doing community service for 7 days. Sign the papers. Helix somehow learned to write inappropriate words and Helix must pay for it. :lol:
--We can visit Lord Helix any time at the Sandmarsh library. When 7 days have passed, we can pick up Lord Helix to bring it back home. Just talk to the Old lady in the middle of the Library.
Tips: I found out that if you wait for the night and complete the quest ''When reality Can't be trusted'', you can leave your egg at your bed in your house, and now that the egg is in the bed, let's leave the egg for a while and let's continue with the Story-line. Down below OR if you have completed the storyline, you are more than welcome to scroll to the bottom if this guide till you find ++The Dark Egg++.

**Sorry if that part was a bit confusing, but it is how I did the storyline fast as possible**
I Hope you are enjoying and having fan so far!! ;)

--Go back to Grayview Town and enter the Orden League remember? Northern side of the town. Last thing we did was to clear the town from the agents. Once you enter the Orden League walk east then all the way north and we will find that the Illusionist and the agents have captured all the Gym leaders.
--Get past the agents and talk to the clocked illusionist and he will release the GYM Leaders if we touch the seal on the wall.
(The seal looks like an star made of ice behind the illusionist.)

NOTE 1: Before continuing I will recommend you to have 3 Dodrio enabled for quest, they will save you a lot of time. Doduo can be caught at Darlinghurst town and the Route 19. Evolve them into Dodrio at lvl 31.
-NOTE 2: From now on you can read a bit of what is happening until you have to battle.
Saya will try to stop us but it is to late and the illusionist will push you through the doors and the this new room we will find ''The Mirage Crystal'' in its complete form. We now know that Saya is the Last Member of the Orden when it was disbanned and she wonders how the illusionist and the fake Pyrolous do know about the The Mirage Crystal and the Illusionist wonders about the last Member because the History books never mentioned one last Member. The illusionist also tells that he is from the Orden but 100 years in the future, where the The Mirage Crystal is not protected by a legendary Pokemon. Their mission is to bring The Mirage Crystal to their world because it was destroyed there... not to mention that they need to a Masterball to capture the God guardian Pokemon of the Orden. They send a real Celebi out who will start to create a portal to their future and suddenly Jirachi tackled Celebi to stop it but it is not enough to stop it, it is there where we step into battle:

-- Defeat the Celebi lvl 200 and we will be surrounded by 4 legendary Pokemon where GOD Arceus is also there... OMG :shock:
--It was just a dream, oh my ;) when we wake up we will found our self at the Mount Grayview. Walk south and Moltres is waiting there, interact with it to get a ride to Grayview Memorial.
-Talk to Saya and we will learn that Memorial was made some time ago. She will meet a person at Dorocoast Town (I will call it DRA). Walk south and follow the path (Here are you able to catch new Pokemons, introduced in to this update but you can hunt, I will not) =)
--Keep following the path until you reach a fence where Saya is talking with some agents. (Jesus, we are not done with them x.x).
--Since we do not have a Pokemon License (I think it was) we will be teleported to ''Dorocoast Management Office''. Saya will be sent to the Pokecenter because the people arround thinks she got hit with confusion by a pokemon since she asked about Dorocoast Town and it is there were we know that we are 100 years in the future.
--We will need to properly register for the Orden Pokemon League Gym Challenge. Either we will be breaking the rules from that time and space.
--An exam will be the solution to the license, and it will take place on the building next to the office. Let's go there!

++Pokemon Trainer License++

Once inside the Exam Room, talk to the teacher and he will send us to our desk and remain silent.
--Go to the desk, and interact with the paper on the table (you have to face the north) and say ''Yes'' to start the test.
-- We need a 100% correct exam and for that we need to answer the following:
  • Question 1: What is the name of the Pokemon League here?
    Orden League
  • Question 2: A Sudowoodo is what type?
  • Question 3: What is the best type of Poke ball in game?
    Master ball.
  • Question 4: You are in pursuit of a trainer and they challenge you to a battle and you lose. What is standard procedure?
    You lost. Do nothing more.
  • Question 5: How many gym badges are required to challenge the Pokemon League?

Now let's bring a red-juice apple to the teacher and we are pro... lol just joking hehe... :twisted:
--Talk to the supervisor and we will get the results of the exam. Boom we are now recognized as an official Pokemon trainer with our license.
--We should now go to the Lab (building with a grey roof, south from the exam room.) to get our new Starter Pokemon!! :o
--Enter the building and we will se the illusionist talking to the profesor about help. The profesor refuses to help the illusionist.
--Talk to the profesor who will tell us that we know a family member of him from our time. This was the profesor with the Talking Amaure and tyrunt (Personally idk the details since I did not play Pokemon Legends at that time) :) When the dialog ends, let's choose our New starter from the pen over there, (fenced area where Pokemons are inside).. and now it is your turn to make decisions:

++Choose your new Starter Pokemon and there are 3 options (There is no wrong or stronger options)++

_____ ______


--Once you have made your decision, talk to the Profesor again for our first quest:

Conquering the First Gym... Again!
Objective: Defeat the all the gyms. Nah Just defeat the gym from Sandmarsh Town (Here from the future, badge is called Sunrise)
Reward: 7.000¢ and a Fly-ticket.
Solution: NOTE: The following names and locations are only from this new Area or also called future.
--From the Lab, enter the Poke-center and talk to Saya, this should remove the Npcs fighting over a bottle on the ground and this fight is blocking our path (If talking to Saya does not work, then talk to all the Npcs around the Town/cave. Once the path is free walk south until we reach the farm.
Keep reading down below and after some quests we will be able to reach The Gym to defeat it and win the badge. Enjoy =)

++The Farm++
--Enter the house and start the quest by talking to the old man:

Hiding Miltank
Objective: Find and return the 3 missing Miltank.
Reward: 5.000¢
Solution: From the farm keep walking south till we reach Sandmarsh Rainforest where we can find 2 of them:

We have now 2 of them, keep following and defeating some NPcs down the route until you reach the Sandmarsh Rainforest Pond.

Once we have defeated all the 3 miltank, return with the old man. Boon finish =) Keep talking to the Old man and we will start a new quest.

Violent Vespiquen
Objective: Calm the quen of the wild hive.
Reward: 4.000¢
Solution: Go outside and talk with the granson (kid with blue hair) and he will show you the way by saying yes. The queen is bigger and moves faster than the others (Fast quest). Once we find it, battle it and defeat it. Go back to the Old man.
--Go back to the field and capture 12 cambee. lvl up 3 of them till lvl 21 where they evolve into Vespiquen. Once you have them go back to the Honeybun Farm (where the old man lives), enable 3 Cambee and 1 Vespiquen for quests, and interact with one hive to fill it up... repeat this process 2 more time. NOTE: If you enable all the Cambee and Vespiquen for quest, they will be auto-removed from your Pokemons if you fill up 1 hive, it is like starting all over.
--Once we are done we should have 2 Honey. Deliver it to the Old man to complete the quest.
Tips: You can now have 3 honeys per day.

After a dialog with the old man, we will know that we can farm random fruits from the plants in the farm. They will re-spawn every 24 hours. We will also start the quest:

Garden of berries
Objective: Pick up a corn berry from the plants at the farm.
Reward: 4.000¢
Solution: Go to the farm and interact with the bushes in the farm. There are 4. If you did not get the Corn berry you must wait 24 hours to pick more fruits and after 24 hours you can also pick up more honey.
Tips: every 24 You can pick ''2 Important carrots'' to capture those bunnies around the farm.

What to farm Each day?
Every 24 hours you can farm 3 honey bun, 4 fruits and 2 important carrots.
Honey: They can be place in the ''lure station'' to attract rare pokemons at the meadow (Talk to the granson to get there).
Fruits: You can sell Corn Berries to the old man for 500c each.
Carrots: Give one of these to a Bunnelby in the farm, and it will join you.

--We should now head all the way south, where we found the Miltank and there is a new NPC who will give us a new quest:

Request for Shedded Skin
Objective: Find a Shedded skin.
Reward: 4.000¢
Solution: Go back to the meadow and use the box in the middle to attract some Pokemons.
When Weeddle appears defeat it and then release it and weedle will leave a shedded skin in the lure station. Return to the guy in the bench.
Tips: Sheeded Skin is not a 100% drop. Good luck!

The path that was blocked with creates should be cleared by the farmers sent by the old man. Pretty cool stuff added to the game, farming is very important in real life ;) .

++Sandmarsh Town++

Once we reach the town, Typhlosion will be chasing a thief, who will give us a ''Mirage Crystal'' (waow, we absolutely need that item :shock: ) and with the Crystal in our hands, Typhlosion smells the Crystal and decides to attack us. It is a lvl 100 Pokemon.
Defeat Typhlosion and Sandmarsh GYM Leader will come closer and claim the crystal... but we will get invited to a cup of tea :).. After a dialog the GYM leader will leave and we will mess around the town. That was a Joke. Let's go to the Pokemon Center to heal our Team.

--Let's go all the way to the west and we will see the GYM. Talk to the NPC to start the quest:

Life in the Lava Chambers
Reward: 4.000¢
Solution: Go all the way back to Dorocoast research Area (DRA) and go to the west to reach route 200 where a Npc in black clothes is blocking the cave's entry. Interact with him and say ''Yes''. Enter the cave.
--Keep walking until you reach Cayenne and after a shot dialog, a shadow will get close to us to fight. It is a Volcanion!
--Once the fight is over it will return to the lava. (Do not tell the others Npcs about a living Volcanion. Return to Sandmarsh to defeat the Gym leader.

++Sanmarsh GYM| Sunrise Badge Image++

NOTE: to defeat the gym Leader we will need to have 6 Pokemons. If you have 5 your challenge will be declined until you have 6. We will also need our pokemons to be level 15 or less. Just in case go to the Poke Center to heal the team.
NOTE 2: If you use Pokemons lvl 15, I will highly recommend you to use ''no Experience stone'' on all the 6 pokemons you are going to use. You can have more lvl 15 to chance strategy, but why I tell you this, is because your Pokemons will gain Xp inside the Gym and they might lvl up to 16 and that pokemon will be unable to use. ^3^)7

--Let's go to the the GYM and there we will have to defeat all the Npcs inside. Each Npc defeated will remove a rock blocking the path. There are 4 rocks.
**At this moment I had to go back and heal my team maybe you should too **
--Let's go back to the Gym and defeat the Leader. (Remember that I mentioned the ''No xp stones''? Well even the gym leader Want to help us.
Congratulations on our first Badge!!

--Let's go outside the GYM and talk to the Npc with black clothes just outside to start ''Trial by shadows'' and then go to the house 4 and talk to the officer to start the quest ''Under the Moonlight'':

Trial by shadows
Objective: Search for the missing who is hiding deep in the fields.
Reward: 5.000¢
Solution: Walk south and then get past the gate house.
NOTE: To save some time defeat Rapidash that are in ''Sunrock Fields'', there are 5 of them. This is needed later on (Keep reading ;)
We will reach the map ''Sunrock A2'' (Defeat the Rapidash, west side of gatehouse),
NOTE: The location of the NPC that we are looking for, might vary from user to user... So keep looking around the fields, mine was to the west by the bridge. Once you find the NPC go back to town to finish the quest.
Tips: Once we finish this quest, the npc will tell us that there is something at Mount Grayview.. Go to the north from Sandmarsh Town and follow the path, if it is Night, you will find the burglar right after the bridge, defeat him (you can complete the quest ''Under the moonlight'' when we come back to town) and then walk all the way north back to Moltres, let him fly you to ''Mount Grayview'', and talk to the two Npcs there... They will tell us about that cristal on the ground.. it is what its left of the ''Mirage Cristal'' after the explosion, many years ago and that is why the Mountain looks like this in this future. The Npc will also tell us that there are some more cristal around the Orden... and we just have to interact with them. Go back to Sandmarsh Town.

Under the Moonlight(Need to be done at Night time and only when you have Defeated the Gym Leader)
Objective: Find and Defeat the burglar
Reward: 6.000¢
Solution: Walk north out of town, follow the path and defeat the burglar who is right after the bridge and go back to the officer in Sandmarsh Town in House 4.

++Sunrock Fields++

Heal your team up and go past the Gatehouse to the south. We are at Sunrock field A2, let's go to the south to reach B2 and defeat Rapidash, walk back to A2 at the north, go to the east to reach A3 to defeat Rapidash and then walk south to B3 to defeat the 5th and last Rapidash. Keep walking south to C3 and then west to C2 where a girl is close to some stones, speak with her to

Raging Rapidash
Objective: Defeat all the Rapidash around the fields
Reward: 4.000¢
Solution: If you followed this guide, you should talk to the girl again and quest completed. If you did not follow the guide read the tips.
Tips: These are the maps where the 5 Rapidash are in Sandmarsh Fields: A2-A1-B2 B3-A3

--Walk south and talk to the man, then select the option ''I don't even know what you are selling...'' to start:

Dodrio Triad
Objective: Help the ranch guy to re-open Dodrio ride system 8-)
Reward: 7.000¢
Solution: Give 3 Dodrio to the ranch man, remember to enable them for quest and remove from team, trades, etc, etc...
Tips: You can find Doduo at Darlinghurst Town and at the Route 19, they are common Pokemon and evolve at lvl 31

--From the Dodrio ranch, walk west and we will arrive to Marrabel Town. Here we will find a new Daycare (a bit too far but reaaaally cool).
--Enter the house to the left from the Daycare and start the quest:

Substitute Messenger
Objective: Deliver a letter
Reward: 6.000¢
Solution: Go outside and then interact with the Dodrio near the Daycare to reach Dorocoast Research Diner Area (DRA). Once there, talk to the girl standing outside the Diner/Eatery (Building with green roof). She will get upset because apparently she does not want more letters from this girl. Furiously she writes a new letter... Deliver it to the girl in Marrabel Town by using the ''Dodrio ride system'' (just north from the Poke-Market). Now the girl wants a Pokemon Duel and wants us to go back to DRA. to give the new letter to the Diner Lady. The Diner lady will want us to defeat the girl from Marrabel Town (she has pokemon lvl 15), let's go there and once we defeat her the quest will be completed.

Let's go back to DRA heal up and buy items you think you need for the next Adventure. We will go to a new Place. Once we are ready let's take the plane at DRA (Dorocoast research Area). Oh wait! We are done!!!!
Congratulations we made it that far!! Now, what to do? Yes we have 3 incomplete quests:

Helix in the Rough: This quest can be completed 7 days after you did start it. Helix is paying for his crimes until that. Pick him up at the Sandmarsh Library by talking to the Old lady in the middle.
When Reality Can't be Trusted: This quest is finished when the Dark Egg is hatched and you save to Hotel Owner.
Conquering the First Gym... Again!: Just go to the Profesor in DRA. and bOOM, Done!
End of storyline :lol:
To be continued...

++The Dark Egg++

What to do know?
NOTE:From here on I will mention what I did and what is needed to be done. If you followed us on our journey, you can continue reading here to know what to do with the Dark Egg (This Leads to the Trial quests, accordingly on what we did in the past and what we have to do know. )

--If you are still in the future from 100 years, then reset position and fly to Eastbourne town. Enter your house and touch the egg.
--Go outside of the house, we will find out that we are in another dimension. There is a Pokeball close to the Pokemon center, it is an ''eye Pokeball''. --Now talk to the ninja and we will find out that the Pokemon center is now open, enter it.
--Talk to the previous ''egg owner/Hotel owner'' and then enter the chapel to talk with another ninja who knows how to hatch the Dark egg. This will start the Trials quest.. is not an official quest, but it is a list of many mini quests/task that will lead to the Hatching of the Dark egg., select the option ''Yes'' to start a new quest called:
No Pain, No Gain and if you wish to know more you will have to read the post down below :lol:

My post is too long, scoll down or click here for part 2.
That is for now, Next episode with the dark egg and the rest of the quest and Legendaries!! To be Continued....
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Legendaries Guide 2 Part 2 + Story-Line Update October 4th, 2018

Post by ChilenoEnDinamarca » Tue Dec 04, 2018 4:36 am

Legendaries Guide 2 Part 2

Here is the 2nd part, since there was no character left on my first post, hehehe.

Here we will have a look into:
-How to get Lati birds
-More Mega stones
-And some more quests
Starts the trial quest:
No Pain, No Gain.
Objective: Find a man in a house Town.
Reward: 45.000¢, 1 master ball, 20 rebirth crystals, nuggets and 1 dark fire (The fire makes the egg hatch).
Solution: Ok, this would take hours but since the Staff was kind, they made it easy for us. We need to do a lot of tasks so be patient please.
--Go outside and then go inside the house 1, just under the Pokemon Center. Talk to the NPC and a new quest will start, read the tips and then down Below the tips
Tips: This quest is finished when all the Trial tasks are completed. Good luck :) You just started the quest:

NOTE: I will recommend you to use this map (click here)for the location of each house, and I do highly recommend you to not touch the egg once you start the trials.

Trial 1: Searching for Yourself.
Objective: Find an NPC called ''Yourself''
Reward: 1.000¢
Solution: Press the reset button, reach Bluegum town and the npc is hiding behind your parents house and defeat him In battle. Once the battle is done fly back to Eastbourne Town enter and leave the house to return to the shadow Town (I prefer to call it that). Go back to the Npc at House 1 and finish the quest. The Npc will tell us that a new house is open.
Tips: He has lvl 85 pokemons Mostly rock type.

--Walk north and enter the house 2 to start a new task:

Trial 2: The Item Hoarder
Objective: Gather the items to the Npc
Reward: 2.000¢
Solution: NOTE 1:This is the order I did get the items in the fastest way without buying from other users... and if you want your own order you can check experienced list down below marked with Orange.
  • Walkthrough item list without buying from other users (You can buy from other users if you want)
    --Press the reset position button and reach Bluegum town, fly to Grayview Town and enter the Pokemarket and interact with the Npc alone on the east side to buy:

    1 of each type of Evo Stones:
    1 Fire Stone
    1 Water Stone
    1 Thunder Stone
    1 Leaf Stone
    1 Moon Stone
    1 Sun Stone
    1 Dusk Stone
    1 Dawn Stone
    1 Shiny Stone
    -- Now use the 3 Npcs on the left side to buy:
    11 Pokeballs
    11 Great Balls
    11 Ultra Ball
    --Leave the Pokemarket and Use the Pidgeot and fly to Sandmarsh town (Not Sandmarsh from the future),
    --Enter the Pokemon Market and buy 5 ''DNA serum''.
    --Enter the most north-eastern house guarded by a police officer.
    This starts a mini-game where you have to reach the Pokeball on the opposite side of the room without being seen by the Growlite and Arcanine to win. You can choose hard mode or normal mode to win more or less tickets by talking to the police officer. Farm at least Image 250-300 ''Game tickets'' and that is about 25 wins, because the amount of ticket you win can vary from 10-20 and not always the prize is going to be ''game tickets''.

    --With some tickets in our bag, we can play other mini-games and I will recommend to play one called Slowpoke mini-game.
    This minigame is also located in Sandmarsh Town (Not Sandmarsh from the future), it is to the right of the Pokemarket and each time you want to enter you will need 1 Game ticket Image.
    To win, you need to be seen by any slowpoke, when both you and the slowpoke is close to the fence, to get a prize.
    You can win many different things but we are looking for the ''Prize tickets Image. This might take a while, be patient, you need a total of 10 Prize Tickets.
    --Now we should go to the south, enter the gatehouse and buy 5 Fresh water from the machine, leave the Gatehouse and use the Numel and select ''Sunrock Desert A1'' and enter the pyramid close the the man with blue explorer bag.
    Since we have many games tickets from before, we can now farm 10 Nuggets (They can not be bought from shops, Npc or other Users), but you have to be patient... The nugget do have only a 5% chance to be encountered and you have a 50% chance of finding nothing at all. For more info you can read the blue sign inside the Pyramid.
    How to play? Simply talk to the man inside, give him one game ticket and try your luck by interacting with one of the rocks around.
    NOTE: This is what I got until I got my 10 nuggets, it takes some time cuz you miss 50% of each rock but it is worth it
    • 4500c+17000c+34000c making it a total of 55.500c
      12 Helix Fossil.
      14 Dome Fossil.
      13 Root Fossil.
      10 Claw Fossil.
      12 Old amber.
      9 Rare Bones.
      8 Pearl.
      10 nugget
    Many of the items we just found are also needed. Let's move on
    --Once we have the 10 nuggets lets gather 240.000c to buy some items from other users.
    If you buy from other users, these items can be cheaper or more expensive. If you can not find these items in the market or they are more expensive than 20.000 each, you can take the Numel ride System to E2 and enter the Black Market, where you can use some Prize tickets to get some of these items:
    • NOTE: If you do not like the prices you can go back to Sandmarsh Town and enter the Prize room and buy the items with Prize tickets, tho it take even more time.
      1 dubious disc
      1 electrizier
      1 magma
      1 prism scale
      1 protector
      1 reaper cloth
      1 kings rock,
      1 razor claw
      1 razor fang,
      1 deep sea tooth
      1 deep sea scale,
      1 up-grade
    --Reset Position, walk all the way north and after Bluegum, enter the cave in route 1.
    Defeat Zubat to get 20 ''Rock Presents''. This might take some time so be patient since there is also a chance of just getting coins or nothing. (Remember that Onix and Ryhorn
    --Fly or walk to Darlinghurst Town and enter the secret grotto in route 3
    Defeat Pidgey to receive ''EV reducer'', you need 25 of them.
    --Fly to Eastbourne Town.
    On the left side of the Pokemon Center there is a Npc with a blue bag, interact with him and buy 1 Metal coat and 1 dragon scale.
    Now walk south to reach Eastbourne Shore and Defeat Wingull who will drop sometimes ''Diner coupon'' when defeated. You need 25 Diner Coupons.
    --Fly to Dorocoast Town and walk to the docks on the east side and interact with the lonely Wingull who will take you to ''Sea Fairy Island''
    Once there walk north-west, pass the town by the lake and in the new map interact with Bulbasaur who will lead you to the end of the route. Follow the water route and enter the cave and then go to the western grass patch and defeat Finneon to get Sea Scale. Be patient getting them, you need 10.
    --Click the reset position button, run to Bluegum Town and fly to Strongwater Town. Enter the Poke-market and but 1 ''Oval Stone''.
  • List of all Items needed for experienced users
    10 Nuggets (Desert A1 Rock Game)
    10 Game Tickets (Arcanine game at Sandmarsh Town or buy from player's shop)
    10 Prize Tickets (Slowpoke room, not the shiny or buy from player's shop)
    25 Diner Coupons (Buy from player's shop or defeat Wingull)
    5 Fresh Water (Buy from player's shop or vending machine on Sandmarsh gatehouse)
    25 EV Reducer (Buy from player's shop or defeat Pidgey)
    10 Sea Scales (Defeat Finneon)
    1 Root Fossil (Buy from player's shop or Rock game)
    1 Claw Fossil (Buy from player's shop or Rock game)
    1 Helix Fossil (Buy from player's shop or Rock game)
    1 Dome Fossil (Buy from player's shop or Rock game)
    5 Old Amber Fossil (Buy from player's shop or Rock game)
    5 DNA Serum (Buy from player's shop or Sandmarsh Poke marktet)
    1 Fire Stone (Buy from player's shop or Grayview Pokemarket)
    1 Water Stone (Buy from player's shop or Grayview Pokemarket)
    1 Thunder Stone (Buy from player's shop or Grayview Pokemarket)
    1 Leaf Stone (Buy from player's shop or Grayview Pokemarket)
    1 Moon Stone (Buy from player's shop or Grayview Pokemarket)
    1 Sun Stone (Buy from player's shop or Grayview Pokemarket)
    1 Dusk Stone (Buy from player's shop or Grayview Pokemarket)
    1 Dawn Stone (Buy from player's shop or Grayview Pokemarket)
    1 Shiny Stone (Buy from player's shop or Grayview Pokemarket)
    1 Oval Stone (Buy from player's shop or Strongwater Town)
    1 Metal Coat (Buy from player's shop or Npc blue bag Eastbourne Town)
    1 Dragon Scale (Buy from player's shop or Npc blue bag Eastbourne Town)
    1 Kings Rock (Buy from player's shop, Prize room for 25 tickets and Black market for 20k)
    1 Razor Claw (Buy from player's shop, Prize room for 25 tickets and Black market for 20k)
    1 Razor Fang (Buy from player's shop, Prize room for 25 tickets and Black market for 20k)
    1 Deep Sea Tooth (Buy from player's shop, Prize room for 25 tickets and Black market for 20k)
    1 Deep Sea Scale (Buy from player's shop, Prize room for 25 tickets and Black market for 20k)
    1 Dubious Disc (Buy from player's shop, Prize room for 25 tickets and Black market for 20k)
    1 Eletrizier (Buy from player's shop, Prize room for 25 tickets and Black market for 20k)
    1 Magmarizer (Buy from player's shop, Prize room for 25 tickets and Black market for 20k)
    1 Prism Scale (Buy from player's shop, Prize room for 25 tickets and Black market for 20k)
    1 Protector (Buy from player's shop, Prize room for 25 tickets and Black market for 20k)
    1 Reaper Cloth (Buy from player's shop, Prize room for 25 tickets and Black market for 20k)
    1 Up-Grade (Buy from player's shop, Prize room for 25 tickets and Black market for 20k)
    11 Pokeballs :lol:
    11 Great Balls :lol:
    11 Ultra Balls :lol:
    20 Rock Presents (Can be bought from other Users or defeat Zubats)
--Now that we have all the items return to Eastbourne Town, enter and leave your house to get to the distorsoned Eastbourne as I call it and walk back to house 2 to interact with the Npc. and a new door to a house will be unlocked.

--Walk to House 3 on south-western and this Npc will need money, select the option ''Yes, I have a lot to spare'', to start the task:

Trial 3: The Money Thief.
Objective: Give money to the Npc.
Reward: 3.000¢
Solution: We need to have 90.000¢ and once we have them, give it to the Npc and he will tell us that he does not need at money and it was a Joke... (so lucky, already lost too much money with the other items >.<)9 Quest completed and another door unlocks.

--Enter the house 4 just to the right and talk to the npc to start:
Trial 4: One Small Favor
Objective: Find a rare gem.
Reward: 4.000¢
Solution: NOTE: To get the diamond quickly, click on the button '' show '' or if you want to know step by step Keep reading down below..
💎Click on reset and talk to the old lady.
Fly to Wildhaven Town, enter the tournament and talk to this guy.
Fly to Dorocoast, enter the Frost Cave in Old Dorocoast Safari and talk to the girl.
Reset position and from Bluegum Fly to Sanmarsh Town, go south and ride with the Numel to the Oasis to talk to the girl.
Use the Numel ride to Sandmarsh town and fly to Oldpine town and interact with the police officer.
Fly to Wildhaven town, enter the pokemarket an talk to the npc.
Fly to Sandmarsh Town, take the Numel ride to E2 and enter the Black market.
Reset position, talk with the little guy in Bluegum Town in ''House 1'' and then talk ho hes father in the same room.
Fly to Darlinghurst Town and then enter the Secret Grotto at route 3 to talk to the sailor.
Fly to Sandmarsh Town, enter the ''Prize room'' (Most northern-west room), to talk to the Crafter.
Fly to Dorocoast and walk south-est, enter the Safari zone to find the Blacksmith.
Walk north to leave the Safari Zone, walk west and then south to reach Route 12, keep walking south to reach route 11 and take the north-western path, keep walking and enter the secret Den (Big tree) to talk with Npc.
Reset position and reach Bluegum town, enter ''House 1'' and talk with the woman.
Fly to Blackfell and enter the Pokemarket to talk with the girl.
Fly to Eastbourne and walk south to reach the shore to talk to a ninja.
Enter Eastbourne eatery and talk to rich guy.
Fly to Newpine Town and talk to the girl on the grass, to the left og the GYM.
Fly to Sandmarsh and walk south and enter the Secret grotto at route 8. Ask her what is wrong and then give her a hug.

--Now go back to each Npc from bottom to top and talk to them. When you finish, the Old lady will give you the ''Rare Gem''.
--Bring the Rare Gem back to the Npc on House 2.

Trial 5: The Riddle
Objective: Answer all the questions.
Reward: 5.000¢
Solution: Have the following Pokemon enabled for quest and off your team, trades, etc, etc. They must be originally owned
  • Riddle 1.-Lotad.
  • Riddle 2.-Skitty.
  • Riddle 3.-Misdreavus.
  • Riddle 4.-Tangela.
Tips: I got Misdreavus from Blackfell Island Beach faster than other places. :)

Trial 6: The Curious Scavenger Hunt.
Objective: To find invisible objects/things around Pokemon Legends World, aka. the Order.
Reward: 6.000¢
Solution: --Reset Position, run to Bluegum Town and fly to Sandmarsh Town. Ride Numel to ''Sunrock Desert A1'' and search here on the cliff.

--Use ''Numel ride'' to route 9, run south until we reach Sunrock C3. Run East to Map C4 and keep running east and then north to reach ''Sunrock B4''

--Reset Position, run to Bluegum Town, fly to Dorocoast and reach the docks to take the ship to the SS. Neptune.
--Enter the SS. Neptune using the front entry, walk all the way east to the room that is being filled up with water and search the northern wall.

--Reset Position, run to Bluegum Town, fly to Eastbourne Town, enter the house and outside in the garden, search the plants on the north-west.
NOTE: After you search the plants I will recommend you to just reset position to save a lot of time.... or you will have to go back inside your house and touch the egg, and when we fish all the task you will have to touch the egg once more time.

--Reset Position, run to Bluegum Town, fly to Sandmarsh Town and enter the Diglett Run Game, found between the library and the Police officer.

--Reset Position and search on this collision .

--Go back to your house in Eastbourne and leave again. Enter house 6 and talk to Npc to finish :)

--Now the last and final house will unlocks, talk to the npc and we will start the task called:

Trial 7: It's Storytime!
Objective: Listen to the story and then complete it.
Reward: 7.000¢
Solution: Talk to Grandma Sapphire in the house to hear the story and select the following options marked in Green:
NOTE : I wrote all the story down so you can read the story without missing a word cuz it is a cute one! You can still skip
Have you ever heard of a wonderful Pokemon called Magikarp?
Of course!
Well then, let me tell you a story..
It's a rather harmless fish that is common is Orden.
It enjoys swimming around in ponds, and sometimes it flops onto the land.
Can you believe that? A fish on land!
No way! Tell me more!
But there's a secret about the Magikarp that no one else knows..
And the secret is..
I can't wait to hear more!
Magikarp is not native ro Orden, Yes, you head this right... it is introduced!
Do you need a break from this story?
No thanks, I can't wait for more.
Years ago, two Magikarp were smuggled into Strongwater Town and released in a pond.
They slowly began to reproduce and fill that pond, and they were a delight to watch.
But trainers began stealing the Magikarp from the pond and introducing them to other areas. You know? I actually have some souvenirs from that spot..
Here, you can take a look!
Fortunately, they didn't actually need them fighting Magikarp..
I'll take those souvenirs back now.
Newpine was an especially favorable spot, which became a Magikarp breeding ground!
Many Magikarp fall over the waterfalls of Newpine onto the pond in route 4.
And that is where you find wild Magikarp the most.
You might wonder why this waterfall?
Good question!
The truth is, nobody really knows why that waterfall was chosen.
But they slowly made the journey down to route 3, where daycare visitors fed them.
Soon after that they flopped into the river of Darlinghurst Town.
But that's not all!
Tell me more!.
There's still an even bigger secret!
And that secret is..
Please tell me!
There is an island far south of Orden which is in the shape of a fish.
(NOTE: The following image is not that island, but it is still funny. The island was made for Halloween 2018 event and it is currently not accesible right now since the event is over.)
For some strange reason, that island is filled with wild Magikarp.
No one brought them there, they somehow populated that island thousands of years ago. They swarm the pond in the island but you won't find a single one in the sea.
But that is not the strangest thing of all.
Are you ready to hear this?
Please tell me!
When explorers set foot on the island, they found Wild Magikarp even in the grass!
It is was a truly confusing thing to observe, since fish like that need water water to survive.
They decided to name that island Magikarp Island.
Have you ever heard of it? It's mentioned on TV every once in a while.
Maybe you will be able to visit it one day.
(NOTE 2: This is the island and who knows when we will be able to reach there again? No one knows. It was released on Summer Fall event 2017)
It sounds amazing!
Well, it is often restricted to entry so that Magikarp can thrive in peace.
But every so often visitors can go and catch Magikarp there.
My First Magikarp was from that island. I remember it just like it was yesterday.
I was walking through the grass, minding my own business, when BAM!
Guess what happens next!
I have no idea.
A Magikarp tail slapped me in the face!
I was so startled that I jumped backwards. As I did so, a Pokeball fell out of my pocket.
My Pidgeot was released and it tried to eat the Magikarp.
Despite the karp attacking me I felt like I had to rescue it.
So I threw an ultra Ball at it and caught it in one try.
That sounds worth it!
Well, My parents weren't particularly thrilled about me using an Ultra Ball on Magikarp.
But it didn't top my sister who threw a Master Ball at Zubat.
Wow, really? A masterball?
Anyways, Magikarp and I went on some great adventures through Orden!
Like the time it lost to the gym leader Raian.
To the time it was almost roasted in the heat of the Blackfell Caverns.
And how could I forget the time a waiter at the diner tried to walk off with it.
Could you believe a waiter would to that?
No, never!
I had to chase that man into the kitchen and rescue it from a pan!
No matter what happened, my Karpy was always there for me.
Kind of like the bond between Ash and Pikachu.
It sounds like it!
People may not see Magikarp for anything more than a splashy fish.
But to me it is my friend and the greatest accomplice on the world.
I feel everyone should have a Magikarp companion.
As my grandfather always used to say, there are two kinds of people in the world:
Ones who seek power, and ones who seek understanding.
You may become the most powerful trainer in the world, with powerful Pokemon.
But have you ever sat down to think about the little Pokemon of the world?
Yes, of course!
Have you really appreciated the uniqueness of ALL Pokemon, not just the strong ones?
Such as the peaceful little Caterpie, or the happy Sunkern?
Maybe those are loved more because they are unavoidable in the grass...
Well the Magikarp deserves some love too. so I'm telling my tale to everyone I meet.
Hopefully one day you will take the time go get to know a Magikarp.
Someone wanted them to be in Orden, and once you know a Magikarp you will know why.
If I can get at least 1 person to appreciate this lonely fish.
Then my efforts would not have gone to waste.
So, what did you think of my story
I have a new appreciation!
It's making me teary eyed just hearing that!
Here, I'll do you a favor.
I'll tell my Son that you set here and listened to me.
He should take that as acceptance for those ''Trials'' He'es having people complete.
I'll just tell him that Grandma Sapphire here has a new Friend.

--Leave the house and enter your house, where a Npc is standing outside the room where the Dark Egg is. We will start a quest called:

Trial 8: Trial of Errors
Objective: Find the right ghost.
Reward: ¢
Solution: All we have to do is to interact with the right ghosts in the right order from the number 1 to the number 40. If you fail, talk to the Npc who gave you this task te reset the ''game''.
NOTE: For this Part I will give my thanks to BeerMug2000 who deserves all the credits on this task and I also want to give my thanks to j0sip once again since I will use the following images from hes guide:
--Once we are done, let us går outside the room and talk to the task gver to finish.

--Now go back to the chapel to finish the Trial quests by talking to the NPc. You will be given your reward (along with ''Dark fire'', needed to hatch the egg) and the Npc will tell you to go to talk to the Hotel Owner.

++How to hatch the Dark Egg with the Dark Fire++

Once we have completed all the quests/task/trials from above (search for ++The Dark Egg++ with big letters some quests above) we need to speak to the Hotel owner who is inside the Pokemon Center.
--Select the option ''What monster?'' and a Giratina will come closer :shock: Defeat it!! (Toxic helped me a lot! Dark, Dragon and ghost are strong vs Giratina.)

--Once defeated, we will find out that there can not be 2 Giratina in this world. Enter your house, get close to the egg, interact with it to put the Dark Egg on Fire and say ''Yes''. The egg will hatch and Giratina will try to eliminate the baby... Select the option ''Save the little one''
--Giratina will not fight you since we just defeated and needs time to recover. Follow the little one and meet it on a room on the east side of the house, inside the bed.
--Interact with it and give it 10 Pokefood and it will grow into a Giratina!!

As we already know there can not be 2 Giratina and this new one wants to join us on our world leaving behind the Current Giratina in this cursed world... But before we leave, our Giratina friend wants to help the Hotel owner.

--Select the option ''Open the Realm'' and go back to the Hotel Owner.
--Select the option ''I can help you leave this Realm!'' and then the Npc from the chapel will need 1 Rebirth Crystal
(If you do not have a rebirth crystal you can get one from here):
Image and info provided by ''aurimasmil'', thanks so much!
--Meet him at the Chapel.

After Giratinas rebirth, we will find our self at the Closed Hoted (Grayview Town) with the hotel Owner... The family will reunites again and the Legendary Hunter NPC will reward us because we just completed the quest: ''When Reality Can't be Trusted''

Haxs (Not real hax, just part of the game) Return to our house, talk to Giratina and after a short dialog, it will join our team as a Giritina-Altered!! :D
You can also go back to the Legendary Hunter and he will give you a ''Dark wing''

Congratulations Trainers!! Let's Complete the rest of the quests.
What to do now???
Well I was looking for more stuff to do and what I found out was that if you go to the post office (Building to the north on Grayview east), and then enter the room on the north east, can you can talk to the manager/owner who will need an extra help. If you currently got the ''Postal bag'' (we got it at the start of the guide, part 1) we can deliver ''Postal packages'' and we will earn 500c each day.
I do not yet all the details, but you will be send to different places... So far I was sent to Blackfell Town. Good luck everyone!!

++How to get Latios and Latias.++

NOTE: For the following part, I will highly recommend you to complete all the other quest because I not know the minimal requirements to do this... since I just found the entry to a strange place.

NOTE 2: Recommended to start and complete at day time!

NOTE 3: Have an Originally owned Leavanny, enable quest and of your team, trades, etc, etc...
Later on, for these Legendaries you will also need:
  • 1 Pinsir lvl 20, 1 Heracross lvl 20 and both enabled for quest and of the team.
  • 3 honey (They can be picked from the Farm (100 years in future)
  • 3 tiny mushroom (Defeat paras at night or buy from other users)
  • 10 Pokefood
  • 2 Antidote
  • 1 Lemonade (Machine inside the Gatehouse, I use Blackfell)
  • 1 Fresh Water (Machine inside the Gatehouse, I use Blackfell)

Make sure you have all from the list before starting or you will have to go back to the present and the future and it is a pain.

When I was looking around Grayview Town, I saw one strange Bookshelf with some kind of violet aura in the Museum Office. I figured out that it means something... I kept looking and found another Bookshelf where Phione was mentioned. From here on I started look everywhere and talk to every Npc and got nothing... But I was told by a friend that there was a bush that could be cut down... Immediately I ran back to the future:

--From Grayview town walk north, enter the building, go east keep walking north, touch the Crystal, walk south, fly with moltres and take the Dodrio ride to the Farm.
--Walk south till you reach the Rain forest. Once there, with your Leavanny who is enabled for quest and of your team, trades, etc, etc... cut the bush blocking the following path on the ''Show'' button by just interacting with the bush.
--Follow the path and enter the cave and reach its end. Once outside, talk to the old man by the little island.

NOTE: I'm not sure but if you do not have the 7th Badge, called Sunrise Badge, you might not be able to continue. Scroll up
or press Ctrl+f and find the quest ''Conquering the First Gym... Again!''.
Start it and and follow the story until you reach the Sunrise badge... (There are like 7 quests until you can Defeat the gym) Maybe you can skip some quests, but it is up to you. Good luck!

--Now that we talked to the old man and we have the 7th badge, the old man will ask us if you want to hear a story, say yes.
My grandfather was a sailor and he used to talk about an island that was his home.
The remarkable thing about this island were two odd Pokemon found nowhere else.
I searched all my life for this island, but could never find it.
My greatgrandfather told me when I was a child the he charted a map to this island.
But he gave the book to an old museum in Grayview City.
Of course it was lost in the eruption...
But I could retire happy if I could see that book with my own two eyes...
A hidden quest starts :shock: It is called:

The Journey from Eons Ago
Objective: Find the book and bring it to the Old man.
Reward: 11.000¢
Solution: NOTE: Do not reset position. >_>
--From the old man go all the way back to the farm, take a Dodrio ride to DRA (Dorocoast Research area), reach Moltres and then touch the Crystal and leave the Orden League to reach Grayview Town.
--Once we reach Grayview Town, enter the ''BlueSquare Apartments'' (Biggest building to the east. Go all the way up to the top flor and enter the room to the left to talk with the NPc inside. (We will be given a ''Pun Encyclopedia'' every 24 hours).
--Leave the building and enter the Museum. Once there, take the elevator get past the skeleton and reach the office and search this bookshelf (Click here)... Take the book and swap it with a copy of the Pun Encyclopedia. Yes!! :lol:
--Leave the museum and reach the Crystal inside the Orden League Building. Ride Moltres, reach DRA, use Dodrio Ride to the Farm, walk south to the Forest, enter the cave and deliver the book the the Old man.
--After a short dialog, meet the old man at DRA. close to the dock, talk to him and then talk to the captain.
--Once we reach Twin Ravine Island, interact with the old man and leave him be alone with the book and the house ;) Old man ....
--We may explore the town as we wish... lets go to the western part of the isle and touch the Crystal to get teleported to another time.

--Talk to the little girl near the house and ask her what is wrong and then ask her why the Heracross and Pinsir are fighting...
-After a dialog enter the western cave and interact with Latias, go back to the house and talk to the Dad to start a Poke duel with a wild Heracross (if I'm right). When finish a new quest will start:

Bug Eviction!
Objective: Stop the Pinsir and Heracross so the dad can make a Butter tart for Latias.
Reward: 6.000¢ Butter tart
Solution: Go outside and defeat 20 wild Heracross on the east side of the isle and 20 wild Pinsir on the west side. Return to the Dad inside the house.

--Go back to Latias and Give the butter tart. Go to the other side of the isle where Latios is, and defeat him.
--Go back to inside the house to get some medicine from the dad... This will start a new quest:

Forest Hunting and Gathering
Objective: Bring ingredients to make a Potion.
Reward: 7.000¢
  • Go outside and pick 1 Miracle Sap from rainbow trees (You will need the Pinsir and Heracross to be lvl 20, enabled quest and removed from your team, trades, etc, etc...
    3 honey (They can be picked from the Farm (100 years in future)
    3 tiny mushroom (Defeat paras at night or buy from other users)
    10 Pokefood
    2 Antidote
    1 Lemonade (Machine inside the Gatehouse, I use Blackfell)
    1 Fresh Water (Machine inside the Gatehouse, I use Blackfell)
--Once you have all the ingredients, return to the Dad and he will make the Potion. Hurry and give the potion to the Lati birds :)
NOTE: Once the birds are healed they will be combative again. Remember to have a healed team!
--Defeat both birds and then go to the other side of the isle and interact with Latias...
You will recieve, Pinsirite, Heracronite and Latias.

--Now go back to the old man by touching the crystal and after a talk, ''The Journey from Eons Ago'' will be completed.

++How to get Manaphy++

For this part it took me a while to understand why and how to reach the last Legendary (atm), and all of this thanks to Atomous!

NOTE: I'm pretty sure that you can start this adventure once you freed all the GYM leaders inside the Orden League, in the Hall of Challengers. After that, talk to Kevin in the same room the and touch the Crystal found to the north to get to the future. (If you already were in the future, you only need to be sure to have spoken with Kevin)

Image provided by Hukora, thanks!

That is all guys, let's beggin! Good luck! :ugeek:

--Enter the 1st GYM and talk with the Leader, go to the 2nd GYM and talk to Cascadie (gym leader). She will inform us, that Raian (3rd Gym Leader) was demoted from Gym leader of Eastbourne, and that Pyrolius resigned from his GYM in Strongwater (The police is still looking for him). Raian and Lani are on de 2nd floor of the jail (Oldpine Town). Let's go there.

--Travel to Oldpine Town and enter the Jail, follow the path and interact with the police officer who is guarding the stairs.
--Enter Lani and Raian's cell, interact with the captain, then Lani and then with Raian.

I went to the 3rd gym and there is nothing.

--Fly to Strongwater and enter the GYM to interact with The King Fur.
He will say the Pyrolius left the GYM and there is no one to run the GYM. He will mention that the previous gym leader did not want to come back and that if the gym closes, it closes. There should be a new League Order to keep the tradition and Fur says that if we ever run into Pyrolius, we should ask him to consider passing on his .gym leader tittle to King Fur.
NOTE: Before you find Pyrolius, get a Wailord, Sharpedo and a Golduck... Originally owned, and off from team, trades, etc, etc.. This will save you a lot of time.

At this point I was like ''really!? The order is even bigger now... but we know that Pyrolius is not in the Future =). I wonder if I just let you find him.. :twisted: I know where he is, just to let you play the game a little. There was no hint to hes location but I found him surrounded by 3 trees. Good luck! :'D
He is where the SS Neptune is.
Once you find him, he will tell begin to talk about he was hiding to avoid the same fate as Lani and Rian. And that he was just fooled by an illusion cloaked man. What is more important, what happened to the real Profesor Scycamore? And why is a tunnel with a door down there ( I will not mention the place :twisted: )?? Pyrolius understands why we do not trust him and in exchange he has something to offer.

--Select the option ''Ask him to pass on his gym leader tittle to The King Fur'' and a new quest starts:

An Exchange of Power
Objective: Help out Pyrolius and he will pass down his gym leader title, hopefully...
Reward: 7.000¢
Solution: Go Down below, follow the path get past the skeleton and take the path to the east side (do not enter the cave xD) and follow the path to the west where Pyrolius is waiting-
--Interact with him and he will say that the door does not lead to Orden, and it might have something to do with a legendary Pokemon :o
--Touch the door and an NPC will inform us that we are allowed to enter but we lack a key to open the barrier. We need to bring ''The Drifter of the Sea'', and the ''Sea Jewel''.
--Reset position, reach Bluegum Town, fly to Grayview Town.
--Once we reach Grayview Town, enter the ''BlueSquare Apartments'' (Biggest building to the east. Go all the way up to the top flor and enter the room to the left to talk with the NPc inside. (We will be given a ''Pun Encyclopedia'' every 24 hours).
--Leave the building and enter the Museum. Once there, take the elevator get past the skeleton and reach the office and search this bookshelf (Click here).
--Now that we have the book return to Pyrolius.

According to the book, the ''Sea Jewel'' can be found under the moon's light and when the sky is clear. To know if the sky is clear you must go to the Hotel where the Dark Egg was found. Go upstairs and enter the room on the west wall to talk with the Old lady who is in front of the window. If the sky IS NOT clear, you must wait 24 hours until you can check again. Guess what happened to me :evil: :evil: :evil: :lol:

After 4 days :lol: , the moon is finally shining upon me and here is what I did:

--Since we changed the book with the Pun Encyclopedia and the moon is clear, we should head back to Pyrolius and talk to him to make sure we are not missing something. Now we should have Phione in our team and enabled Phione for quests. Enter the cave south from Pyrolius and in once inside, pick up the Sea Jewel.
--Go back where Pyrolius is and place the Sea Jewel in the door located in the northern side and enter it to reach Uncharted town.
--Go all the way to the north and enter the house where you will find a scientist (not going to spoil)... But he will need 3 Wailord, Sharpedo and a Golduck... I assume that need to be originally owned, off from your team/trades/shop and enable them for quest. Talk to the scientist again and he will take the 3 Pokemon. (All of this, to confirm a theory of why humans can breath underwater with water Pokemon.)
--Go outside and Enter the cave to the north and talk to the Profesor and now go back to his house again to pick up the item that he forgot on the table.
--Once we try to pick up the item, a Pokemon will take the item and flee... this will start a quest called:

A Bandit in the Marine
Objective: Retrieve the item back from that Pokemon
Reward: 7.000¢
Solution: Go outside and walk south-east until you reach a sign. Before you interact with the sign you must have Pokemon with ''Rock Smash'' in your team.. Simply buy the move, interact with the sign and we will get the item back.

--Run back to the profesor and give the item back. We will know that the town will change its location very soon and the Manaphy panics about it. the profesor asks us to follow her.
--Go outside the and Manaphy will challenge you into battle if you interact with her and once you win go back inside the cave.
--Interact with Manaphy who wants to leave the town and Slowking along Kyogre will not allow it since the town needs an specific number to exist. Pyrolius offers to replace Manaphy and we will receive a lvl 70 Manaphy.
--Now we should talk to Pyrolius to acquire the ''Gym Leader permission'' and Boom! Quest completed!!

--Press reset button, run to Bluegum Town and use the Pidgeot to Strongwater Town to deliver the Gym Leader permission to King Fur.
NOTE: The profesor went back to orden but I have not found him yet, comment down below if you now where he is :)
That is all for now guys!! I do hope that you really enjoyed and liked it!! Good luck everyone!!

To Be Continued....
:idea: :!: :!: The guide seems to be finished, I do really hope that this guide was of a big help to you all and that you enjoyed it and liked it!! See you in the next Event ;):!: :!: :idea:
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Re: Legendaries Guide 2 + Story-Line Update October 4th, 2018

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great guide!! it's very useful!!
and thanks for mentioning me! :)

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Re: Legendaries Guide 2 + Story-Line Update October 4th, 2018

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It is a pleasure! ;) and thanks to you! :idea:
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Re: Legendaries Guide 2 + Story-Line Update October 4th, 2018

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Very nice guide, thank you very much dude ! :D :D

I did all until the part that we have to find Pyrolius, now im stuck, i've searched almost all of the map and nothing, can you give one more hint of the place ? pls pls :D :lol:

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Re: Legendaries Guide 2 + Story-Line Update October 4th, 2018

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nevermind i found it :D :D

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Re: Legendaries Guide 2 + Story-Line Update October 4th, 2018

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SrCarvalho wrote:
Mon Dec 10, 2018 4:14 pm
Very nice guide, thank you very much dude ! :D :D

I did all until the part that we have to find Pyrolius, now im stuck, i've searched almost all of the map and nothing, can you give one more hint of the place ? pls pls :D :lol:
Glad to hear that it helped you!
That sounds Nice, but do not worry, I'm thinking about giving a better hint when the sky gets clear so I can continue writing the guide :lol: but until that I will not write more down :P
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Re: Legendaries Guide 2 + Story-Line Update October 4th, 2018

Post by Nikolina2017 » Tue Dec 11, 2018 1:44 pm

Lol it is easy to find him.If you know him where he would hide :P
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Re: Legendaries Guide 2 + Story-Line Update October 4th, 2018

Post by SrCarvalho » Tue Dec 11, 2018 1:47 pm

I already found him :D now im waiting for the sky to get clear to proceed in the storyline too :lol: and I'm waiting for your next posts, you are very good man, really great job doing this guide, we need more players like you and the players who helped you out creating this guide !!! :D ;)

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Re: Legendaries Guide 2 + Story-Line Update October 4th, 2018

Post by SrCarvalho » Tue Dec 11, 2018 1:49 pm

Nikolina2017 wrote:
Tue Dec 11, 2018 1:44 pm
Lol it is easy to find him.If you know him where he would hide :P
Yes indeed .. I was just walking around the world searching him and then something come to my mind and then puff, I found him very easily :mrgreen: