Storyline and Quest Guide (Grayview Update - Oct 2018)

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First of all, I'd like to thank the game staff for their hard work on the Grayview Update, especially PrincessPhoenix - who created the storyline, and the rest of the staff members - who helped with useful suggestions and testing of the update.

Before you start on this update, it is recommended that you finish the previous storyline, or have obtained at least the Legendary Bird Trio of Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos - to avoid getting stuck at any part. Guide for 2017 Storyline Update -- Legendaries Guide + Storyline Update 08/08/2017.

Also, it is assumed that you know/remember the Names of Maps you have been to, so that it is easier to navigate. Here is the Link to map of Orden (not including the update).

These are the Chapters this guide currently covers ~
  1. Chapter 1 - The Beginning
  2. Chapter 2 - Grayview City
  3. Chapter 3 - A Tale of Two Towns.
  4. Chapter 4 - Heatran Hazard.
  5. Chapter 5 - A Rescue Mission
  6. Chapter 6 - Completing the Formalities
  7. Chapter 7 - The Seal of Orden
  8. Chapter 8 - The Hero of Grayview City
  9. Chapter 9 - Remains of the Past
  10. Chapter 10 - The Seventh Badge
  11. Chapter 11 - Marrabel Town
  12. Chapter 12 - Hi Manaphy, Bye Pyrolius
  13. Chapter 13 - Dragon Tales
  14. Chapter 14 - Dark Egg and the Trials [Part 1]
  15. Chapter 15 - Dark Egg and the Trials [Part 2]
  16. Chapter 16 - The Conclusion

Chapter 1 - The Beginning
The journey starts from the Guard in Route 19. To get there, take the Gatehouse on western side of Dorocoast Town, keep following the path until you reach Route 19. Go to the bottom of the map, and talk to the Guard standing in front of the cones. He will ask for a cup of coffee.

Quest : Coffee Run (Reward : 3,000c)
Go to Dorocoast Town Diner and talk to the upper Receptionist on left side. Buy a cup of coffee for 2,000 coins.
Go back and talk to the Guard again.
End of "Coffee Run"

Go into the Grayview Gatehouse (downward side from where the Guard was). Go and talk to the Elevator Supervisor. He wants to send someone to bring his employees. You get 2 options as replies :

Quest : A Really Cool Elevator (Reward : 7,000c)
Violence is not the answer.
You are required to get a Magcargo to melt the ice. (Easy, right?)

Hey, I can help with that!
You need to find the 3 workers.
First - Go to Dorocoast Town Diner. The man in blue coat on the bottom left corner is the worker. Battle him.
Second - Go to Sandmarsh Town, in the Magikarp Rooms. Play the Magikarp mini-game - You need to find the correct Magikarp twice to access the worker. Talk to him.
Third - Go to Tournament House of Wildhaven Town, and defeat the worker in battle.

Go back and talk to the supervisor.
End of "A Really Cool Elevator"

Exit the Gatehouse, and go through the Grayview City Outskirts. You will see an NPC facing an Articuno statue. Talk to her. You are given an option to battle her. Next map is Grayview City.

Chapter 2 - Grayview City
Go in front of the Masters Tournament building and talk to the Team Royal grunts.
Now go to the house with a ladder, and enter it. Talk to Pun Master JK.

Quest : The King of Puns (Reward : 5,000c)
Go to BlueSquare Apartments Publisher Room (On left side in 3rd Floor)
Talk with the publisher.

Quest : An Absent-minded Shopping List (Reward : 3,000c)
Go to Grayview City - East and talk to the Postal Worker (Guy with blue cap, sitting on the bench). Give him 5 Charcoals.
Now go back to BlueSquare Apartments Publisher Room and talk to the Publisher. You receive a copy of Pun Encyclopedia.
End of "An Absent-minded Shopping List"

Go back to Pun Master JK's House (Order of the Pun). Give the Pun Encyclopedia to Pun Master JK.
End of "The King of Puns"

Enter the Grayview Museum. Go to the Grayview Museum Item Exhibit and talk to the Hunter NPC (who is facing the Scientist). When you defeat him in battle, you receive a Purple Sticky Note (You can read it from bag to get the location of meet-up).
Go to PurpleRidge Apartments Room 1.
Talk to Rakol (The Hunter guy).

Chapter 3 - A Tale of Two Towns
Quest : Grand Gracidea Flowers (Reward : 15,000c)
You receive a Legendary Hunter Mail from the Hunter. Go inside the Grayview Post Office and defeat the Dragonite (You have to defeat it twice - as Lv90 and then as Lv100). The Postal Worker gives you a Postal Bag (You don't require it). Go to the NPC in the counter on right side, and give him the mail.
Go back to the Hunter in PurpleRidge Apartments, and talk to him. He will ask you and Rina (the Female Scientist NPC) to investigate Willowsteen Town.
Go to Willowsteen Town, and locate Rina standing near a flower. Follow Rina to Willowsteen Ridge.

Quest : A Floral Enquiry (Reward : 4,000c)
Go to Onderblade Town and find the town elder (The Old Lady sleeping on bed in Onderblade House 1). Talk to her, she will ask you to talk to the Lady in red headband.
Go to Onderblade Pokemon Centre and talk to the Ninja NPC.

Quest : Pranking the Prankster (Reward : 5,000c)
Get 3 Very Bitter Powder and 3 Dusk Stones, and talk to the ninja again.
End of "Pranking the Prankster"

The ninja will ask you to meet near a cliff. Go to the rocks on top left side in the town, and talk to the ninja again.
End of "A Floral Enquiry"

He will tell you history of the two towns, and ask you to persuade the town leader to try rebuilding the bond with Willowsteen Town.
Go to Onderblade House 2 and talk to the leader (Another ninja with red headband). One of the following sequences will happen -
1. If you donated coins to the ninjas back in Eevee Grotto Oasis, nothing will happen.
2. If you didn't - He will ask you for originally owned Sableye, Mightyena, Honchkrow and Umbreon to prove your loyalty. Get the required Pokemons and talk to him again (The pokemon are required to be originally owned).
You are now an ambassdor for Onderblade Town.

Chapter 4 - Heatran Hazard
Quest : Ninja and Samurai Ambassdor (Reward : 12,000c)
Go back to Rina in Willowsteen Ridge and talk to her. Now go to Willowsteen Town and talk to the town leader.
Go back to Onderblade Town to talk to the ninja. You will find that the ninja has disappeared. Go to bottom left side of Onderblade Town, and talk to the ninja with blue headband.
Follow the ninja on to the next map (Onderblade Ravine). The leader of Onderblade Town would be standing with 3 other ninjas who are trying to persuade the leader to not make up with Willowsteen Town. Battle the three ninjas (They battle you in succession).
Just when you are going to discuss about the next part of action, a Heatran will show up. After talking to the Heatran, the ninja will teleport you to the Pokemon Ccenter to heal. Go back to Onderblade House 2 and talk to him again.
Rina will enter the house and explain her role. Also, you will be told that Heatran is blocking the path to Route 5.

Quest : Attack of the Lava Dome Pokemon (Reward : 9,000c)
Go to North Grayview Cave A1 and break the rocks blocking the path (done by the Dugtrio). You obtain Molten Core from breaking the rocks. Break all the rocks and challenge Heatran to battle.
After defeating Heatran, go outside to route 5 and battle the NPCs.
Go to Grayview Cave - Secret Grotto, and challenge Heatran to battle again.
Defeat the Arcanines in Oldpine Town and go to South Grayview Caves. Interact with the Heatran. He will break through the cone and vanish underground. Follow it.
Go to Heatran in South Grayview Cave B1 (underground), and challenge it to a battle again.
Congratulations! You have obtained a Heatran.
(You can now use the Heatran to melt the ice blocking the exit of North Grayview cave D1)
End of "Attack of the Lava Dome Pokemon"

Chapter 5 - A Rescue Mission
Go towards the exit of undergroud cave. A ninja will suddenly appear, and ask you to hide, informing you that some agents were following you and are very strong. He will be interrupted by an agent and kidnapped.
Exit the cave. You will see an agent talking to someone, confirming the abduction. He will teleport away and another ninja will come and talk to you. He will teleport both of you to Onderblade House 2.
Talk to the leader. You, leader and Rina will discuss about what to do, and will ask you to hide. You will be asked to go back to Wilowsteen Town to talk with their leader about the meeting.
Go back to Willowsteen Town and talk to the leader. The leader agrees to carry out the meeting any time, but the Hunter get a call from Rina saying that the Ninja leader and other ninjas were abducted too!
The leader of Willowsteen Town decides to help the ninjas.

Quest : Gathering of the Mawile (Reward : 5,000c)
(Mawiles are the best! 7u7) Give the Samurai leader 6 Mawiles (they are required to be Originally Owned). You can catch them in the Willowsteen Town Forest (because it's the closest place and Mawiles here are easier to find than other places), or you can also breed them.
Give the leader the Mawiles.
End of "Gathering of the Mawile"

The leader and two more Samurai will join you to help the Onderblade Town ninjas. The Hunter will use the GPS Tracker and tell you that Rina's phone is in northwest part of Sunrock Desert E3.
Go to Sunrock Desert E3 and defeat the agent blocking the entrance to the pyramid.
Enter the Sunrock Desert E3 cavern, and interact with the Poke Ball lying in the center (this is Rina's phone).
The Samurai Leader and other Samurai are suddenly abducted by the agents, including you. You are teleported to a Cell in Agent Ruins.
Exit the Cell using the crack on top right corner. Crawl through it
The crack leads you to South Hall. Defeat the agent on upper side, and progress to the Crossroad. Go up and into the North Monitor Room.
Defeat all the Agent NPCs.
Press the switch on top right side.
Go back to the Crossroad and take the right side path to Wax Pokemon Room.
The sequence follows alphabetical order, so the solution sequence for activating the sequence is :
Charmander --> Chikorita --> Corsola --> Cottonee --> Crobat --> Croconaw --> Cynquadil.

Now go and open the door on top of the room. You enter the Eastern Cell. The switch to next door is with one of the Pokemon, which is different from the others. Go and talk to the Pachirisu. It is the only Pokemon without any alternate forms, and evolutions.
Take the top door and enter the next room, Eastern Interview Chambers. Start defeating the Agent NPCs from right side.
Defeat the 3 Agents interrogating the ninjas and Rina. When you reach Rina's chamber, go and take the Pokeball on top left corner. It's an Agent Key.
Go to the Crossroad again. You can ask Rina to heal your team.
Now take the left side path. Agent Key is used to open the door.
In the Security Hall I, there are 3 paths, out of which only one is correct. Take the bottom path.
Keep going left in Security Hall II. You are in the Decoy Chamber now.
You can interact with almost all objects here, but you have to find the right one to enable the switch.
When you talk to the door, it gives you a hint - That there is only one of that object in the room. Now all objects in the room have more than one copies, except the potted plant. Interact with the plant.
Open the upper door, and you enter the Western Interview Chambers, where the samurai and remaining ninja are being interrogated.
Again start defeating the Agents from right side. After defeating all three agents, go back to the Crossroad.
Talk to the Samurai leader.

Quest : Follow the Leader (Reward : 500c)
The Sableye and Mawile suddenly sense something and leave the room. Take the downward path into the South Hall. From the South Hall, again take the downward path (which the Mawile and Sableye are facing. It would seem like walking into the wall) and enter the South Monitor Room.
Go down near the cloaked figure. He will gather his agents and ask them to battle you. Defeat the agents in battle and go closer to the cloaked figure. He will challenge you to a battle (He has a level 200 Darkrai).
After defeating him, the Darkrai will escape and the cloaked figure will teleport out, after letting out the secrets.
Now talk to the Ninja leader (he seems to have an idea). He will ask you to do something about the machine below.
Go to the machine, and interact with it. You will be given several choices. Select "Attempt to shut it down by mashing the buttons".
Zapdos will appear and help you break the machine. (I did not try the Porygon option, so don't know if it works or not, but this one is the best choice).
End of "Follow the Leader"

Quest : Spying on the Spies (Reward : 12,000c)
The ninja will ask you to destroy the hidden cameras scattered around Orden, which were used to spy on you and others.
You can interact with the monitors for hints :
First Monitor : "There is a screen displaying a bunch of flowers next to a gatehouse. It appears to be on route 13!"
Second Monitor : "There is a screen displaying people coming and going from a tournament house. It appears to be in Darlinghurst Town!"
Third Monitor : "There is a screen displaying a Pokemon Mart. It appears to be in Blackfell Town!"
Fourth Monitor : "There is a screen displaying a Palm tree with a purple monkey wandering around. It appears to be in the Dorocoast Safari Zone!"
Fifth Monitor : There is a screen displaying a gigantic chapel. It appears to be in Eastbourne City!"

Take the exit on the bottom side of the monitor room, and you'll find yourself in Team Royal black Market - Stockroom. Again go down, exit to the Team Royal Black market. You can now exit the market.

Here are the solutions for locations of the cameras :
Monitor 1 Camera : The rock in Route 13, near the gatehouse.
Monitor 2 Camera : The bottle outside Darlinghurst Town Tournament House.
Monitor 3 Camera : The poke ball near Blackfell Town Pokemon Center.
Monitor 4 Camera : The rock near the Palm tree in Old Dorocoast Safari - Zone 3.
Monitor 5 Camera : The board outside the Eastbourne Chapel.
Now go back to the ninja leader who gave you the quest - in South Monitor Room. You can go there by walking / taking the Numel to Sunrock Desert E2, entering the Team Royal Black Market, then taking the upper cave into the Stockroom, then taking the ladders and upper cave into the South Monitoring Room of Agent Ruins.
Talk to the ninja leader.
End of "Spying on the Spies"

The leaders of both towns will decided to meet up at Willowsteen Town, and ask you to come there.

Chapter 6 - Completing the Formalities
Go to Willowsteen Town and talk to the leaders.
The leader of Willowsteen Town tells you about the fight in the past which happened because of Mawile and Sableye's megastones. Willowsteen Town's leader also gives you Mawilite saying that his Mawile doesn't need megastone. The leader of Onderblade Town says that he will give you Sablenite too, and invites you to Onderblade Town. They have also decided to repair the Onderblade Gym.
End of "Ninja and Samurai Ambassdor"

Suddenly Shaymin appears, gesturing you to come over to Willowsteen Ridge. Go there.
Talk to Shaymin, it will challenge you to battle. Accept the challenge and defeat it.
Congratulations! You have obtained a Shaymin-Land.
End of "Grand Gracidea Flowers"

Go back to Willowsteen Town and talk to the leaders. Now go to Onderblade Town.
Talk to the leader of Onderblade Town standing in front of the Gym entrance.

Quest : Rebuilding the Onderblade Gym (Reward : 7,000c)
You require construction supplies, paint and Molten Cores.
Molten Cores were left in form of rocks that Heatran dropped from cave ceilings.
For paint, go to Bluegum Town and talk to the salesman NPC on left side.
He will ask you for 5 Charcoals. Get the Charcoals and talk to the salesman again. Give him the Charcoals, and you receive a 200 Liter Paint Vat.
For construction supplies, talk to the constructon worker in Eastbourne City, who is facing south.
Buy the Construction Tools for 5,000c. Go back and give the materials to the leader of Onderblade Town.
End of "Rebuilding the Onderblade Gym"

Onderblade Town's leader also gives you Sablenite. You are suddenly called by Saya (the girl you met in Grayview City Outskirts, who was facing the Articuno statue). She asks you to come to northern part of Grayview City, citing that it's an emergency.

Chapter 7 - The Seal of Orden
Locate Saya at the northern gate, and talk to her.
She will tell you that she saw the six Gym Leaders going up towards the Orden League building and asks you to follow her.
Go up to Orden League Gateway.
Bonus : There is a Pokeball on the ground beside the building. It contains a Revive.
Talk to Saya again. She asks you to retrieve the Orden Key from Grayview Museum. Talk to the Police Officer standing in front of the missing Orden Key in Grayview Museum Item Exhibit. He will send you back to Saya, claiming that one of the Gym leaders borrowed it.
Go back to Saya. She asks you to go inside the Orden League. As you enter the building, a guy in black suit taunts you to come and challenge him. It is optional to battle him, so it's your choice. It does not affect the storyline.
Go to the Hall of Challengers (the door to the right side from the entrance).
Go past the Gym Leaders battling each other, and Professor Sycamore will suddenly appear, announcing that he has found the Seal of Orden! Unfortunately for him, the Seal is engraved on a wall, so it can't be taken. As he dicusses about the Seal, the cloaked figure suddenly appears again.
He takes Sycamore to the northern side. Take the door on upper side, defeat the two grunts in the Gateway and enter the Champion Room.
Go towards Professor Sycamore and the cloaked figure, they will explain you the details about the Seal of Orden.
Suddenly Pyrolius interrupts the conversation complaining that agents are swarming all of Team Royal's grunts, captured Lani and Raian, and swarming the Grayview City too.
Illusionist (the cloaked figure) announces the disbanding of Team Royal, and threatens to capture Pyrolius if he doesn't leave.
Unexpectedly the illusion fades off, and Sycamore is revealed to be a fake one. Pyrolius keeps off the agents, and asks you to save Grayview City, which has been swarmed by agents.

Chapter 8 - The Hero of Grayview City
Your objective is to defeat every agent in Grayview City.
1. There are 5 agents in the main map of Grayview City. Defeat them.
The images are for indicative purposes only. The location of agents may not be exact same for you, instead they will be walking around that approximate area. Image Image Image
2. Defeat the 5 agents in Grayview City - East.
Image Image
Talk to the 5th one on the top after defeating the other 4 agents. Select "Ask who he is." choice. He will tell you that he is the leader of public city agent group. He says he doesn't have time for you. Challenge him to battle, and defeat him (You can only battle him after you have defeated all the previous agents).

3. Go and talk to the lady outside Pokeball Factory.
Quest : Infiltrating the Pokeball Factory (Reward : 8,000c)
Go inside the Pokeball Factory Entrance.
Talk to the kid on left corner. He has lost his Voltorb.
Quest : A Voltorb in a Pokeball Factory (Reward : 5,000c)
Take the upper door to enter the main Pokeball Factory. Do NOT get in field of view of the agents (else they'll teleport you outside the factory).
Take the voltorb lying on the floor.
Go and give it back to the kid. He will give you the card key.
End of "A Voltorb in a Pokeball Factory"

Go back to the main area and take the door for the Top Floor. Again, exit the Top Floor without getting in sight of the agents, except the first agent in the room, whom you will have to inevitably battle. Dodge the remaining agents.
Get into the Manager's Office and defeat the main agent, talking to the Manager. You get a choice after defeating the leader. Select "Ask them to leave". They teleport away. Talk to the Manager of Pokeball Factory.
End of "Infiltrating the Pokeball Factory"

Go to Grayview Museum and defeat the 4 agents at the Entrance.
Now take the door on left side and defeat the 4 agents in the Item Exhibit.
Take the door on upper side and defeat the 3 agents in Fossil Exhibit section.
Again take the door on right side and challenge the agent in the Restroom.
Now go back to the Entrance of Museum and talk to the guard by the elevator, in green uniform.

Quest : Delving into the Museum (Reward : 7,000c)
Take the elevator on the right side of that guard, and enter Grayview Museum Sublevel.
Defeat the 4 agents in the Sublevel.
To open the door, you need the right amount of bones from the crates.
You need - 1x Skull Piece, 5x Vertebrae Pieces, 2x Wing Pieces, 2x Leg Pieces.
After obtaining the pieces, interact with the door on top side. It will open into the Grayview Museum Archives. Talk to the old man at the top of the room. Suddenly the leader agent will come and challenge you to battle. Defeat him too.
End of "Delving into the Museum"

You have finally defeated all the agents in Grayview City. Go back to the Champion Room in Orden League. By the time you arrive there, the Illusionist has already captured all the Gym Leaders. To free them, he will ask you to touch the Seal on the wall. Touch it.
Saya suddenly enters the room, asking you not to touch it, but you've already done it. It's too late now. The Illusionist will pull you to the Hidden Room. Saya will enter too, trying to stop the Impersonator and Illusionist. Illusionist will bring out his Celebi to time warp. Battle and defeat it.
Suddenly there is a Psychic explosion and you are teleported to Mount Grayview.

Chapter 9 - Remains of the Past
Saya will also be there at lava covered Mount Grayview, talk to her. She notices Moltres at the bottom. Go and talk to Moltres, and take the ride down the mountain.
You are now at Grayview Memorial, and Saya is reading the scripture of the Memorial. Talk to her. She notices that something is off, and goes downwards towards Dorocoast Town. Follow her.
Defeat the NPCs in Ashfall Forest and get to Route 200. There are some agents blocking you and Saya, and will teleport you to Dorocoast Management Office.
Talk with the Manager. He will let you off with the condition that you register for the Orden Pokemon League Gym Challenge. Suddenly Illusionist jumps into the room and interrupts the conversation. He runs off after seeing you.
Exit the Management Office and go to the building beside it, on the left side. Talk to the proctor (bald guy across the table) and ask him to take the exam. He will ask you to sit on the empty chair and give the exam. Press X facing the question paper to begin the exam.
Here are the answers -

Question 1: What is the name of the Pokemon League here?
Solution: Orden League.

Question 2: A Sudowoodo is what type?
Solution: Rock.

Question 3: What is the best type of Poke ball in game?
Solution: Master ball.

Question 4: You are in pursuit of a trainer and they challenge you to a battle and you lose. What is standard procedure?
Solution: You lost. Do nothing more.

Question 5: How many gym badges are required to challenge the Pokemon League?
Solution: 8.

You have now successfully passed the exam and received a standard registered trainer license.
You can now go to Dorocoast Lab (the building below the two buildings) to select one of the Gen 5 starter Pokemons (Snivy, Oshawott and Tepig). The Illusionist will be there already talking to Professor Wollemi, about his faults and mistakes. He runs off again, seeing you. Talk to Professor Wollemi. You are free choose a starter Pokemon from the pen on left side. Talk to one of the walking starters to choose it.
Go back and talk to Professor Wollemi.

Quest : Conquering the First Gym... Again! (Reward : 7,000c)
(You can do this later too) Go to Pokemon Center and talk to Saya. She will head off to Gilgendra City.
Go south from Dorocoast Research Area to Route 201. Defeat the NPCs until you reach the end of the map. You see Illusionist (Again!) talking to his agents, asking them to meet in secret Sandmarsh Meeting room.
The next map is Honeybun Farm. And talk to the boy near the board.
Agree to help out his grandparents. Now go inside the house and talk to the old man. Agree to be his farmhand.

Quest : Hiding Miltank (Reward : 5,000c)
The first Miltank is near the bench in Sandmarsh Rainforest. Defeat it in battle.
The second Miltank is near the end of the map, between two trees. Defeat it in battle.
The third Miltank is in front of a tree in Sandmarsh Rainforest Pond. Defeat it in battle.
Go back and talk the old man in the house in Honeybun Farm.
End of "Hiding Miltank"

Keep talking to the old man.

Quest : Violent Vespiquen (Reward : 4,000c)
Go back and talk to the same boy near the board. Talk to him to get to Honeybun Meadow.
Locate the Vespiquen walking around in the meadow, and challenge it to a battle.
The image is for indicative purpose only. The location of Vespiquen may not be exact same for you, instead it will be walking somewhere in the same map. Image
After being defeated, the Vespiquen flees off. Go back and talk to the old man in Honeybun Farm again (talk to the boy again to get back to the Farm). He will ask you to fill the hives back.
For this, one hive requires 3x Combees and 1x Vespiquen. There are 3 hives in total, so 9x Combees and 3x Vespiquens are required.
Make sure you fill the hives one by one, that is, enable 3x Combees and 1x Vespiquen for quests to fill the first hive, enable 3x Combees and 1x Vespiquen again for second hive and same for third. If you quest enable more than the required, you will lose all the quest enabled ones.
The hives are filled from top to bottom.
Go back and talk to the old man in the Honeybun House.
End of "Violent Vespiquen"

Quest : Garden of berries (Reward : 4,000c)
The old man requires a Cornn Berry from the farm. You can pluck Magost and Cornn Berries from the berry plants in farm (they are random).
Note that the berry plants disappear after use (for the next 24 hours). Image
Interact with the berry plants to pluck the attached berry. You might the Cornn Berry from one of the plants, if you are lucky.
Take the Cornn Berry back to the old man in the house.
End of "Garden of berries"

You can now progress to the Sandmarsh City.

Chapter 10 - The Seventh Badge
Go south from Sandmarsh Rainforest Pond to enter the Sandmarsh City.
As you enter, a burglar will bump into you, and give you a Mirage Crystal, before fleeing away. A Typhlosion will attack you. Defeat it.
It was Cayenne's Level 100 Typhlosion, the Gym Leader of the city. She says that you will be allowed to keep the crystal if you defeat her Gym.
Go to the Gym's entrance. You will be informed that the Gym is closed for maintenence, because the lava pump from Dorocoast Lava Chamber has stopped working.
Cayenne says that she will look into the problem herself. She will ask you to meet up at Dorocoast Lava Chamber, on Route 200's southern most cave end.

Quest : Life in the Lava Chambers (Reward : 4,000c)
Go to Route 200 (West of Dorocoast Research Area). Talk to the Guard outside the Lava Chambers cave.
Say "Yes" to the Guard's question.
Enter the Dorocoast Lava Chambers and go to Cayenne.
The shadow near the machine dodges Cayenne and challenges you to a battle. It is a Volcanion.
Defeat the Level 200 Volcanion in battle.
End of "Life in the Lava Chambers"

You are teleported to Sandmarsh City Pokemon Center and are now able to challenge the gym.
Note : You require a team of six Pokemon under or at Level 15 to challenge the NPCs and the Gym Leader. You can attach No Experience Stones on your Level 15 Pokemon to make sure that they don't level up.
Enter the Sandmarsh City Gym. The worker NPC right in front of the entrance will tell you that the Gym is Fire/Grass type.
Challenge and defeat the First Student (The little girl NPC). Her Pokemon are : Budew, Snivy and Pansage.
You can now pass the first rock.
Challenge and defeat the Second Student (The little boy NPC). His Pokemon are : Skiddo, Foongus and Darumaka.
You can now pass the second rock too.
Challenge and defeat the Third Student (The man NPC). His Pokemon are : Petilil, Cottonee and Pansear.
You can now pass the third rock too.
Challenge and defeat the Fourth Student (The lady NPC). Her Pokemon are : Slugma, Cherubi and Snover.
You can now pass the fourth rock too.
Go, challenge Cayenne (the Gym Leader) and defeat her. Her Pokemon are : Monferno, Whimsicott, Maractus, Litleo and Heatmor.
Congratulations! You have obtained the Sunrise Badge.

Exit the Gym.
A strange white figure is waiting outside. Talk to him.

Quest : Trial by Shadows (Reward : 5,000c)
Go to the Gatehouse on the south of Sandmarsh City. The other white figure is in Sunrock Fields B1 (How to get there: Gatehouse leads to Sunrock Fields A2. Go one map down and one map left to reach Sunrock Fields B2).
Talk to the NPC.
Now go back to the strange white figure who gave you the quest, outside the Gym.
End of "Trial by Shadows"

Go back to Dorocoast Research Area. Enter the Dorocoast Lab and talk to Professor Wollemi.
End of "Conquering the First Gym... Again!"

Now go to Mount Grayview (North of Route 200 to Ashfall Forest, and take the Moltres from Grayview Memorial).
The white figure NPC explains that the Mirage Crystal shard you have can be used to go to back to past.

Chapter 11 - Marrabel Town
Go back to Sunrock Fields C2 and talk to the lady facing the rocks.

Quest : Raging Rapidash (Reward : 4,000c)
Defeat all the Rapidash roaming around in the Sunrock Fields.
Locations of Rapidash -
Go back and talk to the lady after defeating all of them.
End of "Raging Rapidash"

Go and talk to the man in southward side of Sunrock Fields C2.
Reply with "I don't even know what you're selling" and agree to help him.

Quest : Dodrio Triad (Reward : 7,000c)
The guy requires three Dodrios (Not required to be necessarily originally owned). You can catch and evolve wild Doduo to obtain Dodrio.
Here is the link to Pokemon Location Guide (They are found in Darlinghurst Town and Route 19).
You can reset position or go back to the top of Mount Grayview and use the Mirage Crystal to go back to those areas.
Talk to that NPC again, after obtaining three Dodrios (make sure they are off team, gallery and are quest enabled).
This might be considered a side quest (Not necessary for unlocking next part, but the Dodrios help you easily travel around the future Orden).
End of "Dodrio Triad"

The Dodrios are stationed at Marrabel Town, Honeybun Farm and Dorocoast Research Area.
You have now unlocked the Daycare in Marrabel Town, and can breed Pokemon in a similar way to that in Route 3.

Chapter 12 - Hi Manaphy, Bye Pyrolius
Go to the top of Strongwater Town Gym and talk to King Fur.
He wants you to find Pyrolius, so that Fur can succeed him as the Gym Leader.
Go to SS Neptune (To get there, go to Dorocoast Town Docks - East of Dorocoast Town, and talk to the Captain beside the ship).
Talk to Pyrolius in Shipwreck Sands.
Ask him to pass on his Strongwater Gym title to King Fur.

Quest : An Exchange of Power (Reward : 7,000c)
Enter the SS Neptune, and go right. Interact with water in the Back Area and use Snorkel to go deep water.
Keep following the route, and take the rightmost path to go to the back area of Undersea Path A2.
Talk to Pyrolius again. He will ask you to touch the door.
Go to the door on top side and interact with it.
One of the members of Shadow Triad will come and ask you to bring Sea Jewel and Phione : Drifter of the Sea (Book), the key to open the door.

Sea Jewel
Go to Grayview Museum in Grayview City. Talk to the Police Officer walking around in the Entrance.
Accept to help the Police Officer with investigation.

Quest : Hotel Investigation (Reward : 6,000c)
You obtain a Closed Hotel Key (Required to enter the Closed Hotel).
Go to the Closed Hotel and use the key to enter it.
You are now required to collect evidence.
Collect the first piece of evidence from the drawer in Entrance.
The second piece of evidence is obtained from the potted plant in First Floor of Hotel.
Now go into the Moongazer's Room (The room on left side), and take the Level 99 Key from the Poke ball.
Talk to the old lady in the room and ask her about the Hotel to collect Third Piece of evidence.
Now go to the Third room in First Floor (Rightmost room), and use the key to enter it.
Collect the fourth piece of evidence from the book in Room 3.
Also, take the Closed Hotel Room Key from the refrigerator in Room 3.
Now finally go to the Forbidden Room (The middle room on First Floor), and enter using the key.
Collect the fifth piece of evidence from the Poke ball on the floor.
Now go back to Grayview Museum and talk to the Police Officer.
End of "Hotel Investigation"

Go back to the Moongazer (Old lady) in Moongazer's Room - First Floor of Closed Hotel. Talk to the old lady.
Ask her to check the moon. If she sees the moon today, you can continue with the next part, otherwise you need to wait 24 hours.

Go back to the Undersea Path under SS Neptune and go to Seafloor Cave (the cave in the middle path).
Obtain the Sea Jewel (in the form of a Poke ball) from the floor in Seafloor Cave.
End of section

Phione : Drifter of the Sea - Book
Go to back to Grayview City. Take a copy of Pun Encyclopedia from the Publisher in BlueSquare Apartments Publisher Room (You can get one every 24 hours).
Go to Grayview Museum archives and interact with the bookshelf in right side. The required book in in that bookshelf.
Use the earlier obtained Pun Encyclopedia and replace the book with it. You obtain the book Phione : Drifter of the Sea.
End of section

Now go and open the door in Undersea Path A2. Enter it.
Go to Uncharted House 2 (The topmost house), and talk to Professor Sycamore.
He requires a Wailord, Sharpedo and Golduck for research. Obtain the given Pokemon and talk to the Professor again.
After that he will start talking about his research and Pyrolius will come in. Follow both of them outside.
Go into the cave in the north side of Uncharted Town map and go near the Professor and Pyrolius.
Talk to Professor Sycamore in Seafloor Hideaway. He will ask you to bring an item from that house (which he left on the table).
Go back to Uncharted House 2 and interact with the Poke ball on the table. You will witness Manaphy stealing away the item.

Quest : Bandit in the Marine (Reward : 7,000c)
You may try looking around in the Uncharted Town, asking NPCs about where the Manaphy went. The clues won't be accurate but point to the board beside the path. Interact with the back side of the board.
You require a Pokemon in your team with one of the moves set as Rock Smash. It is a HM/TM and can only be bought from shop (in the game).
For this find a Pokemon you have that can learn the move (List of Pokemon who can learn Rock Smash). Go to that Pokemon's page and click on Buy Skills button. Find the move and buy it.
Image Image
The Manaphy will give you the item and go back to Kyogre.
End of "Bandit in the Marine"

Go to Seafloor Hideaway and give the item back to Professor Sycamore.
The Manaphy will exit the Seafloor Hideaway. Follow it.
Go and talk to Manaphy near the cave entrance. You are challenged for a battle.
Defeat it (Note that you can heal your team in beds in Uncharted House 1 just in case you want to). It will ask you to follow it back into the cave.
Go back into the cave (again) and talk to the Manaphy. It asks Kyogre to join you and Kyogre agrees to Pyrolius' offer to stay instead.
Congratulations! You have obtained a Manaphy.

Talk to Pyrolius after obtaining Manaphy. He will give you Gym Leader's Decree.
End of "An Exchange of Power"

Go to Strongwater Town Gym and give the decree to King Fur. This will allow him to become the next Gym Leader.
You can also rebattle the Strongwater Town Gym from now on.

Chapter 13 - Dragon Tales
Go to Sandmarsh Rainforest (in the future Orden).
Get a quest enabled Leavanny and interact with the little bush, to cut it. Make sure the Leavanny is not in your team, gallery, trades, etc.
Go north and enter the cave (named Muddy Tunnel). Exit it and you will be in Route 201. Talk to the old man in the little island.
Agree to listen to his story. He will tell you that there was a book given to the old Grayview Museum and was lost. He wants to see that book with his own eyes.

Quest : The Journey from Eons Ago (Reward : 11,000c)
Go back to Grayview City (either go all the way back through Moltres and travel back in time, or just Reset Position to land in Grassy Patch).
Take the elevator up from Grayview Museum Entrance and go to Grayview Museum Archives.
Interact with the bright bookshelf on the top left side.
Replace the book "The journey to Twin River Island" with a copy of Pun Encyclopedia (You can get a copy of Pun Encyclopedia from the Publisher in BlueSquare Apartments Publisher Room - one book can be obtained every 24 hours).
After obtaining the required book, go back to the old man who gave you the quest (past the Muddy Tunnels and in small island in Route 201).
He will be happy (and surprised), and ask you to meet him in the boat area in Dorocoast Research Area.

Go near the golden boat in Dorocoast Research Area and talk to the old man. Then talk to the captain (Abra teleporter) to teleport to Twin Ravine Island.
Go to the Mirage Crystal shard in top left side and interact with it.
Use the Mirage Crystal to warp. You will be taken to the Region 1 time era (Notice that the name of map changes from Twin Ravine Island to Twin River Island).
Talk to the crying girl on the bridge and ask her what's wrong.
She tells you that all of the Heracross and Pinsir are fighting. Ask her the reason.
Your Mew appear and convices her dad that you wish no harm.
Go to the cave on top left side, above from where you warped (You can only enter the cave during day).
Latias is injured and hungry. Go back inside the house and talk to the dad. Defeat the Heracross which suddenly comes in.
He will ask you to defeat 20 Heracross and 20 Pinsir.

Quest : Bug Eviction (Reward : 6,000c)
Note that Heracross and Pinsir both give +2 Attack EV. So 40x of them = 80 Attack EV or 160 with Macho Brace attached. So you can partly EV Train one of your Pokemon this way.
Talk to the dad again after defeating 20 of Pinsir and Heracross each.
End of "Bug Eviction"

You receive a Butter Tart to feed the Latias. Go back to West Twin River Peak (where Latias was) and feed it.
The Latias and Mew want you to travel to the other Peak. Go to Twin River Island and this time enter the other cave (on top right side).

Note that you can heal your team anytime by taking a nap in beds in Twin River Island
Talk to the Latios and defeat the Mega Latios in battle. Latias will suddenly appear and throw off Latios' item (Mega stone).
Latios is now injured too, and Latias' injuries get worse.
Go back to the house to ask people for help for proper medicines.

Quest : Forest Hunting and Gathering (Reward : 6,000c)
Note down the list of items.

Or here are the items required :

1x Miracle Sap,
3x Honey,
3x Tiny Mushroom,
10x Pokefood,
2x Antidote,
1x Lemonade,
1x Fresh Water.
You can obtain Miracle Sap from the Rainbow Trees (purple coloured trees in the Island). A quest enabled pair of a Pinsir and a Heracross (each Level 20, at least).
3x Honey can be obtained from boxes in Honeybun Farm every 24 hours, as mentioned earlier.
Here is the link to Items Guide for rest of the items (you can buy them from player shops too - search for the item on top left corner search bar).
After obtaining all ingredients, talk to the man in Twin River Island Home.
End of "Forest Hunting and Gathering"

Note that you can heal your team anytime by taking a nap in beds in Twin River Island.
Give the medicine to Latios (Be prepared, since the pair battles you in succession after healing themselves).
Defeat them.
Congratulations! You have obtained a Latios.

The Latias asks you to come to West Twin River Peak. Follow it.
Talk to the Latias.
You obtain a Heracronite and Pinsirite.
Anna then comes in to say goodbye to Latias.
The Latias then joins you.
Congratulations! You have obtained a Latias.

Warp back to Region 2 time era (from the portal in top left side in Twin River Island).
Go near the house and talk to that old man.
End of "The Journey from Eons Ago"

Chapter 14 - Dark Egg and the Trials [Part 1]
Go back to Grayview City and in the Closed Hotel. Go to the Forbidden Room (the middle room) on Floor 1.
Use the following map to navigate through the maze :
Image Credits to gamemaster988 for the map.

Check out their guides on youtube channel (Spanish) :
Forum post : viewtopic.php?f=19&t=13537&p=63251
Take the egg. Exit the Closed Hotel and talk to Rakol (Hunter guy NPC) outside.
He will ask you to meet him in garden area at Strongwater Town - East at night.

Quest : When Reality Can't be Trusted (Reward : 3,000c)
Meet and talk to him in garden area at Strongwater Town - East at night.
He asks you for a Dragonite (It will be taken by him so make sure you only have the one you want to give as quest enabled).
He releases the Dragonite and teleports himself to his home.

Go to Route 3 Secret Grotto and talk to the Green haired NPC.
He asks you for another Dragonite from Newpine Pokemon Center.
Go and talk to the Green haired NPC in Newpine Pokemon Center. He says it was him in the Grotto but he doesn't recognize you. He also asks you to meet him in Route 3 Secret Grotto again (with 10 Pokefood).
Go back to Route 3 Secret Grotto and talk to the Green haired NPC again. But he says it wasn't him in the Pokemon Center. Whilst he also gives you two letters and asks you to deliver them.

Go to Grayview City to deliver the letters.
Deliver the first letter in BlueSquare Apartments Room 4 (Floor 2).
Deliver the second letter in PurpleRidge Apartments Room 6 (Floor 2).

Go back and talk to the Green haired NPC in Route 3 Secret Grotto. You are suddenly woken up by the Hunter in Closed Hotel Floor 2.
He asks you to put the egg in your bed in West Wing of your Luxury Home.

Go to your Luxury Home - West Wing (Bedroom in upper side) and place the egg on the middle of the right edge of bed (as in pic).
Press X to place the egg. Select the Yes option in the prompt.
Go outside the Luxury Home. The city should look like this -
For the sake of simplicity, I'll call it Distorted Eastbourne City from now on (The actual name of the map is "Eastbourne City...?").
Go and talk to the cloaked figure NPC in the center of the map.
Then go to the Pokemon Center (Distorted Eastbourne City one, obviously), and talk to the NPC with hat (He is the owner of Closed Hotel).
He asks you to go to the Chapel. Go to Distorted Eastbourne City Chapel and talk to the cloaked figure.
Accept the trials. Here begins the most difficult part yet of your journey. Please note that do NOT Reset Position, unless recommended to do so.

Quest : No Pain, No Gain (Reward : 45,000c)
Go and enter House 1. Talk to the NPC inside.
Quest : Trial 1: Searching for Yourself (Reward : 1,000c)
You have to find and battle Yourself.
Go back to the West Wing of your Luxury Home (on the bed where you placed the egg).
Interact with the egg and touch it. The air around you should be calm now.
Go outside and you will be back in the normal Eastbourne City. So this is how we will be switching between normal and Distorted Eastbourne City (By interacting with the Dark Egg).
Go (outside) your parents' house in Bluegum Town. Spot the NPC behind the house and talk to him.
It is possible to go behind the house. Just follow the directions and talk to the NPC. Image
The NPC reveals that his name is "Yourself" and challenges you to a battle. Defeat him.
Go back to the Dark Egg and touch it (again) to go to Distorted Eastbourne City.
Talk to the NPC in House 1 (Who gave you the Quest).
End of "Trial 1: Searching for Yourself"

Go to House 2 (in Distorted Eastbourne City), and talk to the NPC inside.
Quest : Trial 2: The Item Hoarder (Reward : 2,000c)
The NPC gives you a long list of items that he wants. You may want to note down those items, or otherwise they are given here :

List of Items:
  • 10x Nugget
  • 10x Game Ticket
  • 10x Prize Ticket
  • 25x Diner Coupon
  • 5x Fresh Water
  • 25x EV Reducer
  • 10x Sea Scale
  • 1x Root Fossil
  • 1x Claw Fossil
  • 1x Helix Fossil
  • 1x Dome Fossil
  • 5x Old Amber
  • 5x DNA Serum
  • 1x Fire Stone
  • 1x Water Stone
  • 1x Thunder Stone
  • 1x Leaf Stone
  • 1x Moon Stone
  • 1x Sun Stone
  • 1x Dawn Stone
  • 1x Dusk Stone
  • 1x Shiny Stone
  • 1x Oval Stone
  • 1x Metal Coat
  • 1x Dragon Scale
  • 1x Kings Rock
  • 1x Razor Claw
  • 1x Razor Fang
  • 1x Deep Sea Tooth
  • 1x Deep Sea Scale
  • 1x Dubious Disc
  • 1x Electirizer
  • 1x Magmarizer
  • 1x Prism Scale
  • 1x Protector
  • 1x Reaper Cloth
  • 1x Up-Grade
  • 11x Poke ball
  • 11x Great Ball
  • 11x Ultra Ball
  • 20x Rock Present
Use the Items Guide to know more about the items (location, info, etc).
Talk to the NPC in House 2 (Who gave you the Quest).
End of "Trial 2: The Item Hoarder"

Go to House 3 (in Distorted Eastbourne City), and talk to the NPC inside.
Quest : Trial 3: The Money Thief (Reward : 3,000c)
The NPC says that he owes someone 90,000 coins and asks you to give him money.
Agree to help him. He then reveals that it was only a test and money was not really required.
You pass the Third Trial.
Note that even though the NPC doesn't take your 90,000 coins, you are still required to have that much in your account to pass the trial.
End of "Trial 3: The Money Thief"

Go to House 4 (in Distorted Eastbourne City), and talk to the NPC inside.
Quest : Trial 4: A Small Favor (Reward : 4,000c)
The NPC will ask you for a Rare Gem, and give you a clue about it's whereabouts.
It will take you to an old lady who wants something else, and so on...
A long chain is formed, with each NPC giving a clue for the location of the item they want. You can try to solve the chain yourself, by using the clues.
Otherwise, here is the solution:
Here are the locations of all NPCs individually:

Old Lady in Grassy Patch-
Boy in Wildhaven Tournament House-
Lady in Safari Frost Cave-
Lady in Desert Oasis-
Policeman in Oldpine Jail Field-
Lady in Wildhaven Pokemart-
Thief in Team Royal Hideout (Team Royal Black Market in Sandmarsh Desert E2)-
Son in Bluegum House 1-
Dad in Bluegum House 1-
Sailor in Route 3 Secret Grotto-
Old Man in Sandmarsh Prize Room-
Merchant Crafter in Safari Zone 3-
NPC in Tree Den (Take left path over the log from Route 11 and go up to the big tree)-
Mom in Bluegum House 1-
Lady in Blackfell Pokemart-
Man in Eastbourne Shore-
Rich Boy in Eastbourne Diner-
Newpine Girl-
Little Girl in Route 8 Secret Grotto-
Talk to the NPC in House 4 (Who gave you the Quest).
End of "Trial 4: One Small Favor"

~~~ Work in progress ~~~
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Part 2 of Storyline and Quest Guide

Chapter 15 - Dark Egg and the Trials [Part 2]
Go to House 5 (in Distorted Eastbourne City), and talk to the NPC inside.
Quest : Trial 5: The Riddle (Reward : 5,000c)
You are required to bring the required Pokemon for each riddle. They are required to be quest enabled, off team etc. and Originally Owned.
Interact with the NPC to read the riddles. Here is the solution -

Riddle #1 : I am an acidic fruit, I think, I don't really care. I'm carefree unless I'm shaking it. I am part of a uniquely typed evolution line. Who is my base-evolution?
-- Lotad

Riddle #2 : I would rather flaunt it than fight. I sleep wherever I want, even in the forest. My tail is thin and my face is bright. Who is my base-evolution?
-- Skitty

Riddle #3 : I have no arms or legs, yet I wear jewelry and a dress. Be careful though, I love to scare people! Bring me my base evolution.
-- Misdreavus

Riddle #4 : I look like a ball of spiders. Am I wearing boots? Do I even have a body? Bring me my base evolution!
-- Tangela

Use Location Guide for locations of the riddle Pokemon.
End of "Trial 5: The Riddle"

Go to House 6 (in Distorted Eastbourne City).
Quest : Trial 6: The Curious Scavenger Hunt (Reward : 6,000c)
This puzzle is similar to the last one. You will be given clues and you have to find the location of hidden item based on the hints.
Here is the solution -

Item Hint #1 : Is that a game of rocks I see hiding in that mini pyramid? I'll stay by these cliffs.

Item Hint #2 : Are these people arguing over fossils? I'll go hide near the flag...

Item Hint #3 : Hmm... is that an entrance to an underwater tunnel of sorts?

Item Hint #4 : Your home is lovely. I'll just toss this item and take a nap on this hammock...

Item Hint #5 : People are so busy trying to avoid the Diglett that they miss the lovely scenery of the place.

Item Hint #6 :Back to the ship you came from, just enjoy the view of the people.
Talk to the NPC in House 6 (Who gave you the Quest), after you have obtained all the hidden items.
End of "Trial 6: The Curious Scavenger Hunt"

Go to House 7 (in Distorted Eastbourne City).
Quest : Trial 7: It's Storytime! (Reward : 7,000c)
The NPC asks you to listen to Grandma's story (NPC on top right corner of room). The trial would be considered passed if you listen to her story.
Easy, right? You can (again) try to do it yourself, but here is the solution -
Talk to Grandma to begin the story (You will have to restart if you make a wrong choice).

- "Have you heard of a wonderful Pokemon called Magikarp?"
Of course!

- "Well then, let me tell you a story..."
- "It's a rather harmless fish that is common in Orden."
- "It enjoys swimming around in ponds, and sometimes it flops onto the land."

- "Can you believe that? A fish on land!"
No way! Tell me more!

- "But there's a secret about the Magikarp that no one else knows..."

- "And the secret is..."
I can't wait to hear more!

- "Magikarp is not native to Orden. Yes, you heard this right... It is introduced!"

- "Do you need a break from this story?"
No, thanks. I can't wait for more.

- "Years ago, two Magikarp were smuggled into Strongwater Town and released in a pond."
- "They slowly began to reproduce and fill that pond, and they were a delight to watch."
- "But trainers began stealing Magikarp from the pond and introducing them to other areas."
- "You know? I actually have some souvenirs from that spot.."
- "Here, you can take a look!"

You will be given 8 Potions and 8 Antidotes, alternately (will be taken back later)

- "Fortunately, they didn't need them fighting Magikarps.."
- "I'll take these souvenirs back now"
- "Newpine was an especially favorable spot, which became a Magikarp breeding ground!"
- "Many Magikarp fall over the waterfalls of Newpine onto the pond in Route 4."
- "And that is where you find wild Magikarp the most."

- "You might wonder, why this waterfall?"
Good question!

- "The truth is, nobody really knows why that waterfall was chosen."
- "But they slowly made the journey down to Route 3, where daycare visitors fed them."
- "Soon after that they flopped into the river of Darlinghurst Town."

- "But that's not all!"
Tell me more!

- "There's still an even bigger secret!"

- "And that secret is.."
Please tell me!

- "There's an island far south of Orden which is in the shape of a fish."
- "For some strange reason, that island is filled with wild Magikarp."
- "No one brought them there, they somehow populated that island thousands of years ago."
- "They swarm the pond in the island but you won't find a single one in the sea."
- "But that's not the strangest thing of all-"

- "Are you ready to hear this?"
Please tell me!

- "When explorers set foot on the island, they found Wild Magikarp even in the grass!"
- "It was a truly confusing thing to observe, since fish like that need water to survive."
- "They decided to name that island Magikarp Island."
- "Have you heard of it? It's mentioned on TV every once in a while."

- "Maybe you will be able to visit it one day."
It sounds amazing.

- "Well, It is often restricted to entry so that Magikarp can thrive in peace."
- "But every so often visitors can go and catch Magikarp there."
- "My first Magikarp was from that island. I remember it just like it was yesterday."
- "I was walking through the grass, minding my own business, when BAM!"

- "Guess what happens next!"
I have no idea.

- "A Magikarp tail slapped me in the face!"
- "I was so startled that I jumped backwards. As I did so, a Pokeball fell out of my pocket."
- "My Pidgeot was released and it tried to eat the Magikarp."
- "Despite the karp attacking me I felt like I had to rescue it."

- "So I threw an Ultra Ball at it and caught it in one try."
That sounds worth it!

- "Well, My parents weren't particularly thrilled about me using an Ultra Ball on Magikarp."

- "But it didn't top my sister who threw a Master Ball at Zubat.
Wow, really? A masterball?

- "Anyways, Magikarp and I went on some great adventures through Orden!"
- "Like the time it lost to the gym leader Raian,"
- "To the time it was almost roasted in the heat of the Blackfell Caverns."
- "And how could I forget the time a waiter at the diner tried to walk of with it."

- "Could you believe a waiter would do that?"
No, never!

- "I had to chase that man into the kitchen and rescue it from a pan!"
- "No matter what happened, my Karpy was always there for me."
- "And I was there for it. That is how strong our bond was."

- "Kind of like the bond between Ash and Pikachu."
It sounds like it!

- "People may not see Magikarp for anything more than a splashy fish,"
- "But to me it is my friend and the greatest accomplice in the world."
- "I feel like everyone should have a Magikarp companion."
- "As my grandfather always used to say, there are two kinds of people in the world:"
- "Ones who seek power, and the ones who seek understanding."
- "You may become the most powerful trainer in the world, with powerful Pokemon,"

- "But have you ever sat down to think about the little Pokemon of the world?"
Yes, of course

- "Have you really appreciated the uniqueness of ALL Pokemon, not just the strong ones?"

- "Such as peaceful little Caterpie, or the happy Sunkern?"
- "Maybe those are loved more because they are unavoidable in the grass..."
- "Well, the Magikarp deserves some love too, so I'm telling my tale to everyone I meet."
- "Hopefully one day you will take the time to get to know a Magikarp."
- "Someone wanted them to be in Orden, and once you know a Magikarp you will know why."
- "If I can get at least 1 person to appreciate this lonely fish,"
- "Then my efforts would not have gone to waste."

- "So, what did you think of my story?"
I have a new appreciation.

- "It's meaking me teary eyed just hearing that!"
- "Here, I'll do you a favor."
- "I'll tell my Son that you sat here and listened to me."
- "He should take that as acceptance for those "Trials" He's having people complete.
- "I'll just tell him that Grandma Sapphire here has a new friend."

Story completed! Now talk to the son NPC after listening too the whole story.
End of "Trial 7: It's Storytime!"

Go to your Luxury House and talk to the Sage NPC for 8th and last Trial.
Quest : Trial 8: Trial of Errors (Reward : 8,000c)
There are 40 NPCs altogether in the two rooms in west wing of your House. You have to talk to them in the right specific order. If you talk to the wrong NPC, you must talk to the sage again to reset the progress.
Like always, you can try to solve the puzzle yourself, but here is the solution -
Talk to the sage again (NPC who gave you the quest) after talking to all the 40 ghosts.
End of "Trial 8: Trial of Errors"

Go and talk to the Cloaked Figure NPC in Eastbourne City Chapel (Distorted).
End of "No Pain, No Gain"

You receive a Master Ball, 20x Rebirth Crystals, 4x Big Nuggets and Dark Fire.
Go and talk to the Hotel Owner (Man in Distorted Eastbourne City Pokemon Center).
He will ask you to not hatch the egg, claiming that the hatchling will be a monster. (I clicked on "What Monster?" in the prompt).
A Giratina will challenge you to a battle. The Giratina will flee outside after being defeated.
Go back to the Dark Egg in your bed in Luxury Home West Wing, and place the Dark Fire on the egg.
Giratina suddenly barges in, planning to crush the little one.
Do not let Giratina crush the little one.
Select "Save the little one".
Note : If you accidentally let Giratina crush the little one, you will have to re-battle that Giratina multiple times in order to obtain it (Each time at a different location). The locations have not been documented in the guide.

The egg will then hatch and the baby shadow will ask you to follow it to room on East Wing. Go and feed it 10 Pokefood.
The shadow will grow into a Giratina and ask you to save the Hotel Owner. Select "Open the realm" and talk to the Hotel Owner again (in Distorted Eastbourne City Pokemon Center). Select "I can help you leave this realm!" while talking to him.
Then the Cloacked Figure NPC will enter and ask you to bring a Rebirth Crystal to the Chapel. You can get a free Rebirth Crystal near one of the plants, if you don't already have one.
Talk to the Cloaked Figure NPC in Chapel to rebirth Hotel Owner's Giratina.

You will be teleported to Closed Hotel - Floor 1. Talk to the Hotel Owner and everyone will gather in the place.
End of "When Reality Can't be Trusted"

Now return to your Luxury Home in Eastbourne City and talk to the Giratina.
Congratulations! You have obtained a Giratina-Altered.

You can now go back to Rakol in Closed Hotel - Floor 1 and he will give you a Dark Wing (The item currently serves no purpose but might be required in future updates).

Chapter 16 - The Conclusion
Side Quests :
I was actually going to cover all the side quests here, but real life got me. They have already been provided here in Quest Directory in case you want to cross check and/or finish all the remaining quests.

Daily activities you can also do in game -

1. Mail delivery tasks
Talk to the manager in Grayview Post Office - Manager's Office. You can complete mail delivery tasks for 500 coins daily.

2. Gathering items in Honeybun Farm
Daily, you can try to gather Honey (from hives) and berries and exchange them for other items in HoneyBun Home with the old couple.
Exchange Important Carrots from NPC to battle and obtain Bunnelby. (Info provided in image)

-- End of Guide --
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Fri Nov 23, 2018 3:05 am

What if the door outside the post office says that it is locked and the post office workers are having a break?
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Fri Nov 23, 2018 8:10 am

combuskenisthebest wrote:
Fri Nov 23, 2018 3:05 am
What if the door outside the post office says that it is locked and the post office workers are having a break?
It means you did not do one if the previous things. Make sure you do not skip any part.
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What the Caterpie calls the end of the world, the master calls a Butterfree.

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Thanks! ;)
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I really like this guide. Thank you LoneWarrior!
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You're welcome! :D
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What the Caterpie calls the end of the world, the master calls a Butterfree.

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what about <When Reality Can't be Trusted> quest? :?:
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Thank you @lonewarrior.. it is helpful :)
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i have donate money ninja in evee grooto
help what can i do next i talk ninja but nothing happen in my another account i have unlocked all city one is left unown city
help me plz what can i do next
i have created this one sriku account for trade my pokemon
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