Halloween event 2018 Pokemon Legends

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Thu Nov 01, 2018 9:40 pm

No Treats, Just Tricks!


Welcome to this new event of Pokemon Legends! (Click here to read the official announcement made by Princess Phoenix)

I will not make it long, but I will give my many thanks to the following users for sharing info: seahawkfan103, Megan209, Ahmed_Adil, LoneWarrior, Carlos15301020 and Dylanpisani10

NOTE: I will highly recommend you to read the posts down below if you want a complete guide with all items, Pokemon and stuff. Cheers!!

So here it is!!
Let's gets started!

-First talk to this Npc on route 6. (Optional, you can use the pidgeot-fly-system to Eastbourne town and then walk north to reach the route 6).
-Go to the Eastbourne Pokemon Center and interact with the sorcerer. When he finishes the story you must go to the Eastbourne Shore.
-Once there talk to mike found on the east side of the Shore (to the right) and ask him if Eastbourne has a Dock... It is a scary place but we want some action :3 and select the option Count me in, I want some fun

To get to the Docks, we will need to get past the Police officer and to do that we will need a Magikarp and a costume.

-Press the button reset and we will find our self at the very start of Pokemon Legends, the Grassy patch with all the Caterpie. Here we must talk to the dressed lady with the violet hair and buy a costume. Logically, buying a Zubat costume is related to Halloween and it works. Well, If you bought a Blastoise costume, it should work too but it DOES NOT WORK and you will have to go back to Grassy patch and buy the Zubat one... Blastoise costume is too big for a Magikarp...
-Now go to the route 4 and catch a Magikarp.... I have not tried this option but if you already have a Magikarp, you might be able to use it as well.
It is not needed to enable the Magikarps for quests, and remove etc, etc
-We now do have to go back to the shore and once there we have to interact with Mike again.

🎃🎃🎃 Now will the officer run in need of help and there is the free entrance 🎃🎃🎃

-Once the officer is not there, hurry into the next map and keep walking East (right side) until you find Mike, talk to him once again and after a short dialog he will be captured by a mysterious person from the ship close to the shore.
-We must now talk to Lorianne and we will start our very first quest ever under an Event
(This is never seen before, It's the first quest using the actual quest designation!! This is History!)

Mystery of the Lost Ship [Event Quest]
Objective:To Solve the mystery and to save Mike from the Ship.
Reward: 22000¢
Solution: Walk south and enter the building. Talk to the old man and then we must choose one of the 3 crates on the ground (press x close to the crate we want)....
NOTE: I got 5 Max Potions and they will not help you or me to get back from the ship.... (Could be great if you guys could post the items you got and from which create, just to share info) :twisted:
-Once we have selected our create and we got our items, let's keep walking south. :?
-Talk to the old Lady and say yes if you want to board the ship.

👻👻👻The Ship👻👻👻

This is your room, Here we will find a bed and if we walk on it we will be able to rest... your pokemon will be also healed :mrgreen:
-Now we must search for a box that will have a button that will open the door to the next room, I must say that I do not know if this is random for each player but here is mine; Click here

NOTE:On the next room you will have to use these 2 images as guide:
-Enter the ''Pantry''
-Talk to the Npc near to you and help him to make food for the family that is waiting at the table. For this part, we will have to search the crates/boxes (there are 7) that will give items and we only need the ''Karp fillet'' and the ''Spring onions''. Walk all the way north to the kitchen and interact with the pan on the hot stove to cook all the ingredients you grabbed! to make a meal. Once you got the meal, give it to the father who has black clothes and a hat on the North-Western side of the table.
---A new room unlocks.
-Go to the Cargo hold 1 (As I call it), talk to the Npc and he will need some rice. Go back to the Pantry and take some rice and go back to the Npc at cargo Hold.
---A new room unlocks.
-Go to the Cargo Hold 2. Talk to the Npc and find some broccoli at the Pantry. Go back to ''cargo hold 2'' and talk to her again. Maybe if she eats the broccoli she will be able to leave the room.
---A new room unlocks.
Go to the Cargo Hold 3. Talk to the Npc and give him 15 Pokeballs. He tried to steal from the NPC selling pokeballs, since he lost the 15 stolen pokeballs, he might be for ever on the ship, after you give him the 15 pokeballs a new rooms will open.
---A new room unlucks.
-Go to cargo hold 4. These Npcs are musicians and we have to speak to them in the right order, and we also have to complete their hit song called: Cabbages :mrgreen: :mrgreen: . Talk to the first NPC and select the option '' Cabbages, Cabbages, I love my Cabbages''.
-Talk to the Npc number 4 and select the option ''Crispy and fresh, oh so smooth to the touch''.
-Talk to the Npc number 3 and select the option ''Cabbages cabbages, I pick my cabbages''
-Talk to the Npc number 2 and select the first option. (I can not remember this line, please reply if you guys know)
---Follow the path till you reach the library.
Talk to the Npc and we will find out that it is the mother of the little kid that had to make food to that Evil family :twisted:
She ask us to tell him that she is fine and she also unlocks the next room with a statue on it. Let's go talk to the little kid at the ''Pantry'' and the back again with his mother at the library.
---Now we should go to the ''Infested room''.
-In the Infested room we will have to defeat all the Zubats but we must not be caught by the Roggenrola (4 of them). Once we defeat all the Zubat we will be able to Enter the next Room. NOTE: If your Pokemons are defeated you can rest/heal them at your room, by taking a nap on the bed ;)
💀💀Next room is the Skeleton room. 💀💀
-In this room, walk to the south and interact with the sorcerer. Now go all the way back to the room with the stairs and then use the stairs on the South-Western corner and we will find our self at the ''Paint room'', talk to the Npc there and we are ready!!
-We now have to interact with the painting on the walls and find out what Pokemon is on each Paint. You can click the button ''Show'' for more info:
1st room, from left to right:
  • Weavile-Ledian-Cherrim
2nd room:
  • Dragonair
3rd room:
  • Stunfisk
4th roon:
  • Hypno
5th room:
  • Vivillon
-When you have identified all the paints you will have to interact with the Npc. again. Now go back to the sorcerer at the skeleton room. Talk to him and he will allow us to pass.
-The next sorcerer want us to deal with some Pokemon. Walk to the North-eastern room with the 2 NPcs. Once you are inside you must talk to the girl and then you must have 3 Great Pokeball in your bag. Once you are ready interact with the 3 Zubats and they will join you and the next door to the north will be unlocked.
-In this new room, we will have to interact with the Haunter in the middle. Now we will have to find the 4 repliques of the statues around the ship and press the X button to activate it:
1.-Go to the room with the stairs, use the ''cargo hold 4'' stairs, get past the musicians and then get past the library and there it is.
2.-Go to the room with the stairs and then use the one that leads you to the Painting room. The statue will be on the room number 4.
3.-Go to the room with the stairs and use the stair that leads you to the ''Pantry'', once there go to the south and activate the statue.
4.-Go back to the ''Skeleton room' and then walk to the South-Eastern corner.
-Now that all the statues are activated, let's go back to the Haunter and talk to it. We can now enter the room to the left.

NOTE: For this part you will need Pokemon with the following moves, and down below I will leave a list with the moves needed and I will also leave a list with the pokemon that might be easy to capture or level up, accordingly to acquire those moves
NOTE 2: The Pokemons needed does not need to be originally be owned by you, you can also use some pokemons from another user.

In this room we need to talk to the Gengars around the map. Every Gengar will need a specific move to be learn, and to do, we will have to have a pokemon on our team with that move. This is the chronological order for each Gengar:

  • Murkrow has it already once it is captured. It can be found at Darlinghurst Town, It is a common Pokemon.
  • Drowzee can be found at Route 4 and it is an uncommon pokemon, evolves at lvl 26 into Hypno who learns Nightmare.
  • Another option is Munna who can learn it at lvl 29 but Munna was a Non-map pokemon released on the Valentines Event 2018
    and was only able to capture there.
  • Glastly it is also an option and Nightmare can be learned at lvl 47, Haunter at lvl 61 and Gengar also at lvl 61.
  • Darkrai learns Nightmare at lvl 38.
-Confuse Ray
  • Here are many options but for new users, Bronzor can be found at route 2 and can learn it at lvl 11.
-Destiny Bond
  • Wynaut can be found at Grayview Cave, South Grayview Cave, Safari Zone and Frost Cave, it will learn Destiny bond at lvl 15.
-Phantom Force
  • For this one it might be a little more challenging but here is the list! Good luck Click here
-Once we are finish with the Gengars, let's move on to the next room where we will have to interact with the Red Altar in the middle. Bring water to it to solve the problem but where is this water? Well, we might have a look at the Pantry room (Room with the food) and search the first orange box/create, then go back and interact with the Red Altar again (On the altar room, just after the Gengars.)

--Finally go back to the Skeleton room and the last sorcerer will be gone, keep following the path and then enter the last room just in from of the pool.

-Talk to the captain and then Mike will start to chat with us... and after a short dialog, as promised, the Captain will release Mike and teleport him back to the Docks. Gengar will appear and will try to stop the Captain who is possessed by a Shiny Mega-Gengar... We must now prepare to battle!!

-The fight!
NOTE:The following team is one of the many possible Options and you should find out your own team if my team is still hard... I have many lvl 100 pokemons but I wanted to proof that it is not impossible to defeat the Shiny Mega-gengar with low lvl pokemons, you might even be better than me and you might as well use even lower lvls.... Combat is not my strongest side but here my team:

For the fight, I did use a lvl 40 Tangrowth, lvl 25 Breloom, lvl 30 Dugtrio, lvl 40 Gengar and lvl 30 Ampharos... My 6th pokemon was never used and that is why I only named 5.... I can not tell you a better team since I was not able to try other teams, find your strongest pokemons and give it a try :) Good luck everyone :twisted: :twisted:

--Once Shiny Mega-Gengar is defeated we will have to find a book to lift the curse. That book is located at the library on the top left corner :)
-Go back to the Red Altar (After the Gengars) and interact with it to lift the curse... then go back to the Captain room and talk to Gengar and after a dialog Gengar will leave the room. Now talk to the Captain and then we are out of ship where we will find the Captain again on the docks, talk to the Captain again and we will complete the quest!

Now, What to do??
Now that the town does not have the curse, go and talk to the captain who is standing in front if the southern building, and we will now unlock the transport to the new island.
If you walk all the way north, you will find the mother and the little kid from inside the ghost ship. Talk to the mother and you will get:
-10 Rebirth Crystals
-15 Ultra Pokeballs
- 7000c
Now let go back to the docks and take the black ship by talking to the Npc standing next to it.
We should now be on a new Island called:

''HallowEve Island''

Pokemon moves?
Yes! This Halloween event 2018 has 3 Npcs around the Isle that will want to teach us some Pokemon moves:
  • We have the Water type moves.
    We do have Flying type moves.
    We have also poison type moves.

Non-map Pokemon!
For this Halloween we could be able to find:
  • Day time:
    Yanma | common
    Yanmega | Uncommon/rare

    Night time:
    Murkrow | common
    Litwick |common

    Day and Might:
    Larvesta | uncommon
    Phantump | common
    Hawlucha | Rare
    Spritzee | Rare
    Vullaby |Rare

On the north side of the isle, there is a Nurse that will heal our Pokemon team to an extended our hunt, epic!

Mystery Pouches and Solar drops!
Each event there are some pokemons that will drop some event items that can be exchanged for different stuff. This Halloween you can get -Mystery pouches from:
  • Phantump

--By interacting with the NPc at the top on the Island, he will let us know that you can interact with the water around him and you might be able to get: Skrelps, lvl 40 wailords, Carvanha, Goldeen, Magikarp, Barboach , Horsea and money (so far I got 4.000c from just one pouche).
--If you give 15 pouches to the Haunter statue you will ge a Spiritomb.
--Mystery pouch opener will give you items for just one Pouch such like: 1 ultra ball, 500c, 1 great ball, 1pokeball, 3 Eevee candies, 1 revive and the rarest thing you can get is a Goomy egg (I have not gotten one myself but it seems to be true) Good luck!!
--You can give 30 Mystery Pouches to an NPC at the top that will give you a ''Sachet''... Item needed to evolve Spritzee

You can also defeat Larvestas whom will drop ''Solar drop'' and this item can be exchanged by the Npc close to the Molstress statue on the Notrth-East... In return you will get ''Rebirth crystal'', item needed togive re-birth to your legendary Pokemons... That means, that you can for example get a new Mewtwo .

NOTE: If there are some wrong info or some are missing you are more than welcome to post a reply :)

That is all guys!! I hope you enjoy and have fun!! Good luck!!
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Thu Nov 01, 2018 9:46 pm

Yeeeeeee :D :D :D
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Thu Nov 01, 2018 9:46 pm

What about the ones that might be in the water?
Edit: Nevermind it's just stuff like magikarp and goldeen.
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Thu Nov 01, 2018 10:01 pm

u get skrelps from the water and money and lvl 40 wailords
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Thu Nov 01, 2018 10:06 pm

also if you present the haunter statue with 15 mystery pouches you get spiritomb
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Thu Nov 01, 2018 11:22 pm

1. Yanmega also drops Mystery Pouches.

2. Some Pokemon are day/night sensitive.
Yanma (day) vs Murkrow (night).
Yanmega (day) vs Litwick (night)

3. You're missing some parts of the event. There's more to explore!
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Fri Nov 02, 2018 1:24 am

also there are items u get from mystery pouch opener such as poke ball and ev candies. The rarest thing you can get is a goomy egg.
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Fri Nov 02, 2018 2:11 am

can u tell me if how can i obtain the 7000c,ultra ball and the rebirth crystal??? plss because when i talk to the mother it appear that it is loading and i think i still missed a quest in the ship????? what should i do???
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Fri Nov 02, 2018 2:22 am

RFMBFWNS02 wrote:
Fri Nov 02, 2018 2:11 am
can u tell me if how can i obtain the 7000c,ultra ball and the rebirth crystal??? plss because when i talk to the mother it appear that it is loading and i think i still missed a quest in the ship????? what should i do???
You can get them after you complete the quest and the town's curse is lifted. The mother is in the town, not inside the boat :)
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Fri Nov 02, 2018 2:38 am

Thanks so much everyone for sharing info!! I do really appreciate!! =)
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