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Chat Auction Guide

Post by zhaoj24 » Sun May 20, 2018 5:44 pm

I created this guide becauce, checking the reports to see whats up, i see lots of, well auction reports.
So, If you are going to auction in trade chat, (because yo are desparate for money at that moment,) I recommend,

opening up a new tab, and getting a online timer or grab an actual timer.

plan your time

check your starting price with other players.

Once you have done these, type in auction [mid] *code* [/mid], *time* *price* START. Start timer. Then after each minute write the same thing, without start,price and 1 minute less on time. repeat untill you get to about 20 seconds. Write g1, then after 3 seconds write g2 then after 3 seconds write sold. dont over exeed the limit, or there is a chance of chat ban. it is okay if you end early.

for this example i will use
[mid]11111[/mid] 2 min 10k START
* i start my timer

people bid.

at 1 min, i write [mid]11111[/mid] 1 min

then around 20 seconds write *code* g1
*3 sec wait*
then write *code* g2
*3 sec wait
then type SOLD!

Honor the winner. The winner is the person with the best bid,AKA the highest bidder.

(1) Use alt to raise bid price
(2) dont delay
(3) not honor the winner
(4)change the price mid auction
(5)Cancel mid auctions if someone had bid.
(6) dont spam,flood while counting down or doing ur auction
* some more rules, but i couldnt think of them
All of these will result in chat ban.


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