How to Become a Pokemon Legends staff

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Mon May 25, 2015 5:09 pm

This is a noob's guide on how to become a staff..

1.)Activeness - Always actively help the community whenever you can whether its through guides or through chat. This will show you're passionate about helping the players of pokemon legends.

2.) Knowledge - You must have a good reasonable knowledge about pokemon & how features work on pokemon legends. Someone with lack of knowledge will unlikely to be considered as staff.

3.) Initiative - when there is no staff online, take the initiative and Report rule breakers with sufficient evidence (i.e a screenshot) on forums.

4.)Maturity - You have to prove to everyone (as well staff) that you are capable of being a staff. You have to act in a mature way and show that you can good judgments without other people affecting your behavior and follow the rules. People with childish behavior will unlikely be considered to be staff as they aren't mature and tend to break the rules.

Follow this steps, and one day a staff may take a shine in you/monitor you for few months before deciding whether your capable of being a Pokemon Legends staff member.

From my experience..

-long term ban history from Kyro/sam/Jazz's games will severely reduce your chances for become staff.( This can include but not limited to making devs rage, z-line from IRC network, constant disregard of Game rules (account suspension))

-Mini modding wont get you staff especially when u trying to impress a staff member when they come online

- begging will certainly not get you staff and it will reduce your chances of becoming one.

- Staff will consider whether your fit & capable of being a staff member. They will generally look out for whether you're actively helping the community, impartial and not acting mature (not acting childish) and usually they will discuss this amongst themselves.
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Mon May 25, 2015 8:35 pm

Why is this under the GUIDES section? Sharks already said they are picking staff and it's not up to the "players" >_<
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This really made my hopes up!
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