Tyraitar and Dratini were battling.Tyranitar was like "Oh no, what am I gonna do?" and then the Dratini, in an action hero doing a one liner voice goes like "Dodge it!" and then he stabs theTyranitar or something. THEN Dratini launches the nuke.Then Dratini walked away from the Fire like Taylor Swift in Bad Blood!

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Re: Battle

gengar and ditto battled..... then ditto used transform then gengar used toxic then ditto mega evolved to mega gengar(WHAAT!!) then ditto wins :lol: :lol: :lol: :D :D :D
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Re: Battle

one day,there is a battle between Scourge and Aalif.scourge choosed his starter pokemon i.e. and aalif choosed . has the ambition to become a .so,aalif choosed for the battle. It already mastered Dragon Rage, so the sky is the limit with this little thing.although aalif would love too see .after a long battle,they will both evolve.finally,aalif and were happy.but they lost the match.when scourge is searching for another trainer to battle,Jones challenges choosed and jones choosed . is not originally owned by scourge.he traded it with his and wont obey scourge.scourge's is drastically superior. defeated scourge's by hammering repeatedly with Crabhammer until it,jones wins but jones want to have another battle with scourge.this time,scourge choosed his .jones' then fought with , but its Bubble was dodged by the Fire-type Pokémon, and then it was knocked out by Dragon Rage.finally,scourge wins. :D :D
Magikarp vs Feebas

Who would win? :lol: :lol: