Romantic Story

There was once. Long long time ago. A man (I think idk, sorry not sorry) named ShadowOutlaw. He was on a quest to search for his beloved partner and lover SilentPhantom. He walked through snowy mountains, winds blew through his hair. He walked days and nights without resting. To retrieve his lover back from the claws of the cruel Nikolina2017 and Rainb0wCartz. He couldn't take it anymore. He needed his lover in his arms, holding her, kissing her. Then he finally found the hideout. He found Nikolina2017 who kipnapped her because SilentPhantom was kawaii af. They battled in a heated battle. The demon lord won barely since Nikolina2017 is badass. He defeated Rainb0wCatz easily through as he flew away with his farting rainbow cats. ShadowOutlaw retrieved his lover as they shared a passionated kiss and then made atleast 30 babies.

By SilentPhantom :ugeek:
(I believe I am gonna write stories like this :geek: )

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