Pokemon Legends Game Rules [UPDATE]

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Screenshots are required for all reports, otherwise staff most likely will not take any action.
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Pokemon Legends Game Rules [UPDATE]

Post by admin » Sat Mar 07, 2015 3:40 am

Pokemon Legends Rules

Failure to follow any of the rules may result in a warning or ban.

1. Registered usernames, messages, images and links within all areas of this game site are not allowed to contain:
  • Profanity (this includes evading filters by altering those words in ways that would prevent the catcher from triggering)
  • Vulgar or inappropriate content
  • Advertising to non-affiliated Pokemon sites (but official Nintendo game related Pokemon content is okay)
  • Illegal drug related content (this also includes marijuana since not everywhere has it legalized yet)
  • Deeply religious or political discussions. (these types of discussions don't end well).
  • Requesting of personal or private information (this includes but is not limited to asking for age, birthday, real name, as well as phishing and asking for passwords)
2. The following activities are not approved of and should be avoided. Performing any of the behaviors below anywhere in game may result in a ban, depending on the situation and severity:
  • Provoking a fight, harassing or purposely annoying other users
  • (Extreme) negativity or hostility to the game environment.
  • (Extreme) stupidity, ignorance and randomness
  • Spamming and/or flooding
  • Posting messages entirely in capital letters
  • Lieing to staff on official moderator business
  • Impersonation of another user
  • Entering another person's account without their permission
  • Scamming (this is engaging in fraudulent activities to gain in game money, tokens, items, information or Pokemon)
  • Donation Fraud (this is when you donate to the game then perform chargebacks after obtaining the donation benefits.) You will be permanently banned if devs catch you doing this! To avoid this you can contact a developer if a refund is needed so that they can do the proper token and premium reversals at the same time.
  • Trading for anything outside of the game system
  • Using multiple accounts in order to provide an advantage to you over other players, for example in tournaments, using alternate accounts to increase auctions bids, etc.
  • Evading bans
The staff are the ones who determine when a situation falls within breach of the rules.

3. Rules regarding in-chat auctions:
a. Auctions can only be held in the Trade chat
b. Only one auction can run at a time. If someone is starting an auction, wait until they are done before starting yours (this prevents bidding confusion).
c. No fake/false auctioning. The following is considered to be fake/false auctioning:
  • Auctioning something you don't intend to actually sell
  • Starting an auction and canceling it if you don't get the offer you want
  • Having someone win an auction but not giving them the auctioned prize
d. No fake bidding. Only bid if you intend to actually pay the amount offered if you won.
  • This also includes logging into alt accounts to post fake bid offers to raise the price. This also is the case for auctions using the ingame auctions page.
e. No delaying/postponing auctions-auctions must end with the highest bidder if no one else bids after a few minutes.
  • If you set a time limit for your auction, 'last call' bids are to be done within the time limit you originally set. This means no adding on time or going over your time limit to get last minute bids. If this is a problem for you, you can stop placing time limits on your auction and instead end it when people stop bidding after a few minutes.
f. All bids to auctions held in the chat must have all bids posted to the chat. Bids from PMs or other private areas will be disqualified. This is to prevent bid price gouging.
g. Interfering with auctions, such as asking the auctioneer to lower the starting bid or asking people not to bid high early in the auction, should be avoided. Interfering in the case of false advertisement, e.g. wrong Pokemon being auctioned, mis-advertised rarity or stats of the Pokemon, do not fall under this rule.

4. Cheats, cracks, botting, macroing, autoclickers, hacks, exploits, bug exploits and other abuses of similar nature are not allowed.
If you discover one or become aware of one in use, please contact a staff member and report it. Failure to do so may result in a ban if the bug or exploit is serious enough to warrant a ban and there is evidence that you used it.

5. Please use the game chat channels for their intended purpose. Trade-related activities should stay in the trade channel and the help channel is for help inquires only.
While people generally won't get banned for misusing the channels, if you are requested to take your topic of conversation to the appropriate channel you should do so. A chat ban may be issued if an individual continues to disregard requests to chat in the appropriate channel, or if one becomes hostile to said requests.

What to do if you see someone break the rules
You can remind them that it is against the rules to be doing what they're doing if you wish. If they are abusing a bug, suggest that they come clean to the staff so it can be resolved nicely. Of course it depends on the situation; if someone is being an obvious troll or is intentionally breaking the rules then screenshotting and reporting them may be better than trying to talk to them. Click here to make a report in the report forum. You may also PM a staff member if it is a bug or exploit report.
Note: If you are reporting someone please include screenshots or other means of evidence.

If you want to learn how to take a screenshot, visit http://www.take-a-screenshot.org/!

What to do if you are banned
1. Do not jump on a secondary account to ask or demand to the chat why you are banned. If one of your accounts is banned (chat ban, account ban or otherwise), using a different account to avoid the ban is considered ban evasion and may lead to your other accounts being banned, as well as an extended ban length.
2. You can post a ban appeal to the appeal forum. Chat bans typically last 24 hours, but ultimately depends on what it was for and any previous incidents, and account bans generally last for much longer periods of time or are permanent. Posting a ban appeal can help you figure out why and how to work out the problem at hand.

If you strongly feel like a rule should or should not be on here, post it on the suggestions forum with the words "Rules Adjustment Suggestion" in the topic. Rules are bound to change and is recommended that you read it at least once a month so you can keep up with any changes!

The rules in Spanish! Thank you to ChillenoEnDinamarca for the translation!
(People are expected to follow the rules that are posted in English since this is primarily an English game. But if people would like to translate those are welcome)

Pokemon Legends Reglas

El incumplimiento de cualquiera de las reglas puede resultar en una advertencia o ”Ban” (Click aquí).

1. Nombre de Usuarios resgistrados, mensajes, imágenes y vínculos/enlaces/links dentro de todas las áreas de este sitio de juego no pueden contener:
  • Blasfemia (esto incluye evadir los filtros al alterar esas palabras en formas que podrían evitar que el receptor se dispare)
  • Contenido vulgar o sexualmente inapropiado
  • Publicidad a sitios Pokémon no afiliados (pero el juego oficial de Nintendo dice que el contenido de Pokémon está bien)
  • Contenido relacionado con drogas ilegales (esto también incluye la marihuana ya que no está legalizada en todas partes todavía)
  • Discusiones profundamente religiosas o políticas. (Este tipo de discusiones no terminan bien).
  • Solicitud de información personal o privada (Esto incluye pero no se limita a pedir edad, fecha de nacimiento, nombre real, así como “Phishing” (Click aquí) y solicitar contraseñas)
2. Las siguientes actividades no son aprobadas y deben evitarse. Realizar cualquiera de los comportamientos a continuación en cualquier parte del juego puede resultar en una prohibición (''Ban''), dependiendo de la situación y gravedad:
  • Provocar una pelea, acosar o molestar deliberadamente a otros usuarios.
  • Negatividad (extrema) u hostilidad al entorno del juego.
  • (Extrema) estupidez, ignorancia y aleatoriedad.
  • Spamming (Click aquí) y/o flooding (Click aquí)
  • Publicar mensajes en mayúsculas por completo.
  • Mintiendo al personal en asuntos de moderadores oficiales
  • Suplantación de otro usuario.
  • Ingresar a la cuenta de otra persona sin su permiso.
  • Estafar (esto es participar en actividades fraudulentas para ganar dinero del juego, fichas, objetos, información o Pokémon)
  • Fraude de donación (esto es cuando donas al juego y luego realizas contracargos luego de obtener los beneficios de la donación). ¡Serás expulsado permanentemente si los desarrolladores del juego te atrapan haciéndolo! Para evitar esto, puede ponerse en contacto con un desarrollador del juego si se necesita un reembolso para que puedan realizar las reversiones de los ''Tokens'' y los estatus ''Premiums'' al mismo tiempo.
  • Intercambiando cualquier cosa fuera del sistema del juego
  • Evadiendo ''Bans'' (No se meta a una cuenta alterna si le dieron Ban)
El personal es quien determina cuando una situación incumple las reglas.

3. Reglas sobre subastas en el chat:
a. Las subastas solo pueden realizarse en el ''chat de Trade''
b. Solo una subasta puede ejecutarse a la vez. Si alguien está comenzando una subasta, espere hasta que finalice antes de comenzar la suya (esto evita la confusión de las ofertas).
c. Ninguna subasta falsa. Lo siguiente se considera una subasta falsa:
  • Subastar algo de lo que usted no tiene intención de vender realmente.
  • Iniciar una subasta y cancelarla si no obtiene la oferta que desea.
  • Alguien gana una de sus subastas pero no le da el premio
d. Sin ofertas falsas. Haga una oferta solamente si tiene la intención de pagar realmente la cantidad ofrecida si ganó.
  • Esto también incluye iniciar sesión en cuentas alternas para publicar ofertas de ofertas falsas para aumentar el precio
e. Ninguna subasta de aplazamiento/posposición: las subastas deben finalizar con el mejor postor si nadie más puja después de unos minutos.
  • Si establece un límite de tiempo para su subasta, las ofertas de 'última llamada' deben hacerse dentro del límite de tiempo que estableció originalmente . Esto significa no agregar tiempo o superar su límite de tiempo para obtener ofertas de último minuto. Si esto es un problema para usted, puede dejar de poner límites de tiempo en su subasta y en su lugar finalizar cuando las personas dejan de pujar después de unos minutos.
f. Todas las pujas para las subastas realizadas en el chat deben tener todas las ofertas publicadas en el chat. Las ofertas de PMs (Mensaje privado) u otras áreas privadas serán descalificadas. Esto es para evitar el aumento del precio de oferta.

4. Trucos, grietas, botting, macroing, autoclickers, hacks, exploits, explotaciones de errores y otros abusos de naturaleza similar no están permitidos.
Si descubre uno o se da cuenta de uno en uso, comuníquese con un miembro del personal y repórtelo. De lo contrario, puede resultar en un ban si el error o la explotación es lo suficientemente grave como para justificar un ban y existe evidencia de que usted lo utilizó.

5. Utilice los canales de chat del juego para su propósito previsto. Las actividades relacionadas con el comercio deben permanecer en el canal de comercio y el canal de ayuda es solo para consultas de ayuda.
Si bien las personas generalmente no serán excluidas por el uso indebido de los canales, si se le solicita que lleve su tema de conversación al canal apropiado, debe hacerlo. Se puede emitir una prohibición de chat si un individuo continúa haciendo caso omiso de las solicitudes para chatear en el canal apropiado, o si se vuelve hostil a dichas solicitudes.

Qué hacer si ves a alguien rompiendo las reglas
Puede recordarles que va contra las reglas hacer lo que están haciendo si lo desean. Si están abusando de un error, sugiérales que lo comuniquen al personal para que se resuelva bien. Por supuesto, depende de la situación; si alguien es un troll obvio o está incumpliendo las reglas intencionalmente, capturarlas e informarlas puede ser mejor que tratar de hablarles. Haga clic aquí para hacer un informe en el ''Report forum''. También puede enviar un PM (mensaje privado) a un miembro del personal si se trata de un error o informe de explotación.
Nota: Si está informando a alguien, incluya capturas de pantalla u otros medios de prueba.

Si quieres aprender a tomar una captura de pantalla, visita: http://www.take-a-screenshot.org/!

Qué hacer si estás ''Baneado''
1. No entre a una cuenta secundaria para preguntar o solicitar al chat por qué está su cuenta ''baneada''. Si se prohibió el chat, esto se considera evasión de chat y puede ocasionar la prohibición de otras cuentas.
2. Puede publicar una apelación de Ban en el foro de apelación (Appeal). Las prohibiciones de chat suelen durar entre 20 minutos y 36 horas, dependiendo de qué se trate, y las prohibiciones/ban de cuentas generalmente duran períodos de tiempo mucho más largos o son permanentes. Publicar una apelación de prohibición/ban puede ayudarlo a descubrir por qué y cómo resolver el problema en cuestión.

Si siente que una regla debería o no debería estar aquí, publíquela en el foro de sugerencias con las palabras "Sugerencia de ajuste de reglas" en el tema. Las reglas están obligadas a cambiar y se recomienda que las lea al menos una vez al mes para que pueda mantenerse al día con los cambios!

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Re: Pokemon Legends Game Rules [UPDATE]

Post by Shizo0pepper » Thu Jun 25, 2015 10:26 pm

Nice rules JProcks!!!! :D
-Shizo ArmageddonLuminous

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Re: Pokemon Legends Game Rules [UPDATE]

Post by hunter_S » Fri Jul 17, 2015 6:12 pm

what are the rules to making an appeal for a banned account? i really am waiting patiently and would atleast appreciate some kind of response to whether i will be continuing in playing PL

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Re: Pokemon Legends Game Rules [UPDATE]

Post by kurottiyan » Sun Jul 19, 2015 2:27 am

hunter_S wrote:what are the rules to making an appeal for a banned account? i really am waiting patiently and would atleast appreciate some kind of response to whether i will be continuing in playing PL
I really don't know the rules to making an appeal too.. maybe you can just post? And about waiting patiently? hmm... I don't know, you might've been banned like... Forever. Your case is not just a temporary ban so yeah, it might be permanent.
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Re: Pokemon Legends Game Rules [UPDATE]

Post by talowolf27 » Mon Aug 03, 2015 3:51 am

no puedo pedir batallas y no se porque

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Re: Pokemon Legends Game Rules [UPDATE]

Post by TheMom » Mon Aug 17, 2015 7:11 pm

Thanks for the rules. I hope your moderators get online often and give helpful tips every 5 minutes or so. I am very new to this game, so please be patient with me, even learning how to move, and fight was hard. English is my first language, but I also speak French and Spanish. :D

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Re: Pokemon Legends Game Rules [UPDATE]

Post by goodman » Fri Aug 28, 2015 3:24 pm

I want to share my Filipino/Tagalog Version. :D

Pokemon Legends Rules (Filipino/Tagalog Version)

Pangunahing Batas:

•Subukang gamitin ang iyong pinakamagandang gramatika sa pakikipag-usap sa ibang tao.•

•Maging matapat sa mga Moderator/ Admin o di kaya ay Developer dahil maari kang ma-ban dahil sa pag sisinungaling...Dahil Importante na malaman natin ang totoo.

•Huwag gumamit ng mga ipinagbabawal na salita gaya ng pag-mumura o mga bastos na salita.•Ang larong ito ay pwede sa kahit anong edad.

•Ipinagbabawal ang pakikipag usap sa mga manalalaro na tungkol sa ibang Pokemon site/game.•Maari lamang na makipag usap tungkol sa ibang larong hindi tungkol sa Pokemon/non-pokemon related RPGs

•Bawal tanungin ang ibang manlalaro tungkol sa kanilang personal na buhay.Kasama dito ang totoong pangalan , edad ,at iba pa.•

•Bawal mang inis/mang-gulo ng mga manlalaro sa pamamagitan ng pagiging ignorante,pagsabi sa mga manlalaro na gawin nila ang bagay na gusto mo, pag-hingi ng libreng gamit o pokemon higit sa lahat pagiging makitid ang utak :x

•Bawal mamilit ng ibang manlalaro/harass•Respetuhin ang iba upang respetuhin ka din nila.

•Bawal mangloko ng mga manlalaro gaya ng pagsasabi ng ''Selling Gold Pokemons'' ngunit wala ka namang Gold Pokemons at ang Pagbebenta ng FD/Friend Donation ngunit wala ka naman talagang Paypal AccountProtektahan ang iyong sarili sa pamamagitan ng pagbili/pagnegosasyon sa mga manlalarong alam mong mapagkakatiwalaan.

•Bawal mag message nang sunod-sunod/Spam[/b] o di kaya mag message na ang lahat ng letra ay malaki/All Caps90% ng mga na ba-ban ay dahil sa pag labag ng mga ito.

Mahalagang Paalala:
Ang Paglabag sa mga Batas na ito ay maaaring maging resulta nang pagka BAN ng iyong account.
Respetuhin ang mga staff ng laro. Sila ay nandito upang panatiliin ang laro sa mabuting kondisyon. At sana sundin ninyo ang mga ibinigay nilang Batas na ibinigay nila sa inyo. :)

Anong gagawin mo kung may nakita kang sinuway ang mga batas na ito

Una ay, palalahanan mo muna siya na nilabag na niya ang batas na ipinatupad sa laro,Pangalawa ay kumuha ng screenshot at muli siyang paalalahan,At kapag ginawa niya muli ito ay i-report mo no siya dito.===>i-Click upang mag report.

Maging responsable sa pag-report ng iba.Dahil hindi biro ang pagka-ban ng account. Dahil hindi mo alam kung paano niya pinaghirapan buuin ang account niya.

Ano ilalagay sa aking report?

Code: Select all

Ano ano ginawa niya:
Ilang beses niya bang ginawa:
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Re: Pokemon Legends Game Rules [UPDATE]

Post by harbinger_earl » Tue Sep 01, 2015 4:19 am

Well goodman, I think you've added some personal points on the rules (given the PAALALA parts which were not in JPRocks' original rules). :))

Aside from the small grammatical errors in Filipino, your translation is legit. Kudos to you bro! :D

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Re: Pokemon Legends Game Rules [UPDATE]

Post by goodman » Wed Sep 02, 2015 4:46 am

harbinger_earl wrote:Well goodman, I think you've added some personal points on the rules (given the PAALALA parts which were not in JPRocks' original rules). :))

Aside from the small grammatical errors in Filipino, your translation is legit. Kudos to you bro! :D
The Paalala part is the small sentence after the rule bro. BTW thanks :D
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Re: Pokemon Legends Game Rules [UPDATE]

Post by harbinger_earl » Sun Sep 06, 2015 5:34 pm

Yeah, I saw those small sentences... But SOME of the Paalalas are actually not in the JPRocks original rule set. I'm guessing that these are your interpretations to those general rules? :D