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fakebid/ re-auc

Posted: Thu Mar 26, 2020 5:09 pm
by zhen247
so dary was auctioning then someone bid a 100k to the pokemon
then cuz the troll player cant pay dary said the pokemon is mine and lemme get it in trades
then when im gonna god to his trades to pay for the pokemon but he re auc
he also said that my bid is 29 and i cant pay 29 when my bid is only 26 and you can see it in the first screenshot

so what do im gonna get the poke or not and should someone be banned?

Re: fakebid/ re-auc

Posted: Fri Mar 27, 2020 4:54 am
by Hukora
Domented_M4lk has been chat banned for 48 hours for false bidding.

As for Dary, they had the option to re-auction or give it to the second highest bidder. It seems like they attempted to offer the second highest bidder (zhen247) the chance to offer on the item but it seems like zhen247 did not place the bid in time (and it looks like Dary either mis-typed 29k or mis-read zhen247's bid as 29k), so Dary chose to re-auction. During the re-auction, it seems like Dary viewed zhen247 saying "26k" as a bid, not as a correction. Therefore, Dary continued the auction and the Pokemon was sold to another player.

I think this is just several misunderstandings that led to this conclusion and I do not think there was a malicious intent. I do not think any rules were broken because Dary was not required to sell the Pokemon to the second-highest bidder. This was certainly an option that was entertained, but Dary also had the option to re-auction so they did. Therefore, no action will be taken by me, but if other staff are welcome to take action if they wish.