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Inactive Lvl Servicer

I gave a zorua to Cyanite to Ev train in spd and atk and its been 2 weeks and it says today that she hasn't been on for 6 days. And i really need that zorua for my team and idk when she will get back on to finish my service. If u could help i'd be really grateful, Thx :D
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Re: Inactive Lvl Servicer

CharmlessNarwhal2468 wrote:
Thu Sep 12, 2019 7:40 pm
Ik i forgot to download lightshot i just downloaded it a few days ago and this isnt a report im just wondering wut happens if they aren't on
Well you could wait few days and then show the screenshots if you have on report. And you could ask Mods to perma ban them temporary until they return with Pokemons.

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Re: Inactive Lvl Servicer

Your best option is to wait until Cyanite is online to contact them about the leveling service. If you two work out a deal then great. If Cyanite refuses to return your Pokemon then you can report them with a proper explanation and associated screenshots showing their refusal of the return.

Otherwise, we cannot do anything to forcibly retrieve your Pokemon for you. Even if you provide us screenshots, the only thing we can do is ban the account until the player makes an appeal to exchange their account for return of your Pokemon, which rarely happens.

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