Toxic Person in Country Chat

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Sat Jul 06, 2019 10:48 am

Hi, would like to report multiple account for being too toxic in country chat
pak u = fuck you
sino pwedy eutin = who can I fuck
lol bata tirahin kita dyan eh = lol kid I'll fuck you
naghahanap ng ako pwedy eutin kasi nga masyado malaki to para ipagkait = I'm looking for someone to fuck since this is big and it a shame not to share
paul14: musta tang ina di kaba natutulog = tangina is a curse word on our language and werewolve374 said that it was his brothers account
wilsen is another account of werewolve374, the screenshot doesn't contain bad words and not sure if there's against the rule on consecutively asking free pokemon everyday that it bothers everyone... didn't get a screenshot before but he said "gago" to me a few hours after giving him a pokemon... gago is a curse word
mga gago hindi pwede ban dito = everyone "gago" you can't be ban here; as I said above "gago" is a curse word
nothing new here except for the word pota which means your selling yourself for money

Not sure if I really translated it correctly, and if anyone who can understand and correct it please do.. All screenshots are only from this afternoon... werewolve374 and wilsen13 along with paul14 are being suspected as one account by almost everyone on my country and not sure if there's more since one said it's an alt of imperialknight, which I'm not sure if it's really him... but I can confirm that werevolve374 and wilsen13 is the same since he asked something using wilsen13 and when answered he replied using werewolve374 few days ago

Thank you
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