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taking my pokemons for ev training but not returning

Im reporting nisvis1417 and visnis1714 for not returning my pokemons which i sent to them for ev training.
After that time visnis1714 took pokemons for levelling service and conveniently went overseas, i should never have trusted them.
Kind of ironic that nisvis1417 said that such stuff wont happen again. Well, 2m pokecoins lesson i guess.
BTW, this chat was from like 1 month ago.

Re: taking my pokemons for ev training but not returning

That provided chart is very convenient ( ).

I can confirm that the 8 Pokemon in question are all currently in their respective accounts.

What would you like to be done? You can either wait for them to come back online and finish the job (a lot of them don't appear to be fully trained yet), or we can ban them and only unban them if they return the Pokemon.
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