Reporting StelioKontos

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Reporting StelioKontos

Post by Mew114 » Wed May 23, 2018 7:36 am

So, a some time ago i reported DeadAssCereal for "Innapropiate username"
So on the help chat, I saw someone called "Goldeneye007" (?) who was apparently deadasscereal and wanted his alt account to be unbanned so he can get his Pikachu. After that, I told him its best not to ban evade (and told someone to ask for gardevoir in the trade chat. they listened :D)
Then StelioKontos came and started this: (oof my rage made me tell the wrong definition of "ban evading", its actually when you've been banned and you use and alt account to play.) <-- it was at this point he used the "but a mod said/did..." excuse. according to him, a mod claimed that the name "DeadAssCereal" is cool. Golden eye dude also said this. When I asked who said it, they never said which mod, just saying that a mod definitely said that. Suspicious... :?: :?: :?:

anyway, thats it.
Thx for your time

whos the odd one here? :'D
What are MEW looking at?hmph...u thot u would find the answer here u sneaky cheater --

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