Ask for Help in Help Chat for Their Own Event?

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TheAuraGuardian said on, Wed Oct 18, 2017 1:30 pm.

so this player named LoneWarrior was asking for help regarding his event that he's going to held. in my opinion, that topic should be on player chat because help chat is only a conversation regarding in-game help regarding the storyline. this is the conversation

based on the rules, this should lead into a player warning or temporary ban. i hope it can clear up the misunderstandings. thank you very much

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Nexus said on, Wed Oct 18, 2017 6:19 pm.

TheAuraGuardian is correct. This does belong in Trade Chat only.

I have personally warned LoneWarrior about this.
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LoneWarrior said on, Thu Oct 19, 2017 8:41 pm.

:( :( But I would like to know who on trade chat volunteers to help for the event?

And Nexus by help I meant some people who were willing to set up the event, like - giving ideas about the mini-games, prizes for the events etc. And believe it or not, its the harsh reality that I got the maximum number of volunteers from help chat only, as they were willing to help me, and I got the least from the trade chat. And TheAuraGuardian getting reported feels really bad and discourages me from doing any such future events, as I was only trying to make as much people as possible happy :cry: :cry: .
I was asking for help because a single person cannot do everything by himself :(
I was trying to do a non-profit for-fun event, and if you want, I have the record of every single penny or pokemon which was donated and I have given away. I can show that to you if you want.

I would like a reply as soon as possible.
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