pokemon adaption center

This shop is a adaption center for adapting pokemon!
Current sellers: umbreon7586
There is no one else. I'm lonely.
By the way if you want to sell (I totally mean put up for adaption) something at this realllly random adaption center, just write if you want to join. Also write what you don't want.
Currently up for adaption:
adaption fee: 4k
He is rather naive- especially after when he woke up from a thousand year nap, and finding out that his mom and dad are dead.
adaption fee: 4k
this little guy is very quirky. He was not happy when I thought that he was a rock and sat on him.
adaption fee: 4k
A guy that likes to do everything fast, he charged into me multiple times, and got stuck on me multiple times, because of his ability suction cup.
If you want different pokemon, tell me what you want in the comments! But only on map pokemon.

Breeding center
|.. COMING ..|
|... SOON ....|
nothing yet!

Daycare lady: we help take care of your pok-
Breeder: I don't care, just make sure my ninetales have eggs- and make sure they are shinies.
This is how the daycare lady is abused.
ah, the invincible cone. /\