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by Slopper
Fri Apr 14, 2017 4:04 am
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Topic: Give me Back my Sylveon
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Give me Back my Sylveon

Please help me get back my Sylveon. atrocallivjay is my friend but he have my sylveon. A couple of days ago we agreed on a deal. he said he'll ev trian my sylveon on 252 sptak and 252spdef for only 30k. I agreed, but after a couple of days he haven't put it up on trade or got on, so I am getting wor...
by Slopper
Thu Apr 13, 2017 2:37 am
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Topic: Slopper is a fack
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Re: Slopper is a fack

My deepest apology for your foolishness, Sylveon3019 and my deepest embarrassment for your "lying ness". First of all, I sold it to you for 30-40k, not 150k you lier. You should be ashamed of yourself for saying you bought that for 150k >:(. In this case, you should be heavily judged for condemning ...
by Slopper
Sat Apr 01, 2017 7:28 pm
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Topic: starter pokemons
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Re: starter pokemons

I want a charizard so bad but I have a sceptile.