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Re: Nexus hates me so much

Ok oi looks like things getting too Hot here.Lets make somethings clear first thing figig this isnt a feedback if you have a problem with them messaging in your report refer to Reports.Seacondly, Assuming a mod has a grudge against you not only creates a problem but u also accuse them for giving pri...

Re: Chimmy's Services

ive got 9 pokemons i require service for 1 is only levelling and 1 is from level 60-100 others all both ev and levelling 5-100 tell me the price and also tell me how many u can do, if i can get discount then il let you know what stats i require service on.

Re: Shiny Espurr + Shiny Hawlucha Raffle. [Farewell Event]

My favourite part of shiny hunting was that i got shinies when i didnt try like just walk over grass but once me A2W and Death_Note were hunting together for shiny venipede which was my favourite shiny lol and all we got were shiny sewaddles and stuff but still we enjoyed it alot

Re: P.L.A.T.I.N.U.M

PL Name:XxlamexX Discord Name Tag:Shade#9533 Category (Competitive Battling, Breeding or Other):All dem below. Days Played:400+ Tournament Wins:4 i think. Showdown Name (if applicable):ThatsSoLame Gen 7 OU Rating for Showdown(if applicable):none Main Breeds in PL(if applicable):Pinsir Reason for Joi...

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