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How well are you know?

Hey there! Yes you! Do you think you are popular? Well this game will tell you whether you are or not. So here is how it works: 1. You have to rate the user above you on a scale of 10 on the basis of how well you know him or how frequently have you seen him 2. 0=Never seen, 1-4=very few times,5-7=kn...

Re: My Thoughts Of The Game

I really dislike the ever so easy to get around bad word blocker that constantly has me retyping everything I say, even when what I have tried to say is not a bad thing to say. "I like crackers and chilli." There is nothing wrong with this sentence. The word blocker thing, I myself don't like the w...

Re: Pokemon guessing game.

Hello players, hope you are enjoying this game. I added some new rules, or better say I clarified the rules of this game. This change was done after I saw some improper guesses by some players. Only one guess per post, etc. coz you can just copy-paste whole pokedex to win :o

Re: I Am Legend

#RESPECT I Am Legend is a 10/10 movie. lol. But, hello there :) Its just not a 10/10 movie but my favorite too. Now I think I shall have used 'My name is Legend' instead. Well, anyways, hello to you all. welcome to the game!enjoy! Ah.. I think its too late to welcome me, I have been in the game fro...

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