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by jimyjohn97
Sun Nov 17, 2019 3:08 am
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Topic: reporting figig and dorian1234567
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reporting figig and dorian1234567

figig and dorian where constantly harassing and arguing with each other about a forum post figig made, here's the conversation

They were both asked to stop multiple times but didn't stop

-thanks in advance
by jimyjohn97
Sat Aug 24, 2019 10:07 pm
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Topic: Shiny Espurr + Shiny Hawlucha Raffle. [Farewell Event]
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Re: Shiny Espurr + Shiny Hawlucha Raffle. [Farewell Event]

for me my most memorable moment was when I encountered the first sh torkoal in game, this was a couple months after rollback happened, I started battling it, and accidentally used swagger on it, it already had toxic, long story short, it died, so yeah, I killed a shiny torkoal
by jimyjohn97
Thu Aug 08, 2019 6:01 pm
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Topic: Shiny Riolu Raffle
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Re: Shiny Riolu Raffle

My favorite shiny is shiny Excadrill because I like the colors on it
by jimyjohn97
Fri Nov 16, 2018 1:35 am
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Topic: Girantina
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Yeah so I let Girantina kill the other one, fought it, and now I can't find him, people are saying go back to the eerie place but I don't have the egg, refreshed multiple times, I don't know what to do and would like some help, if you could ~Johnyjim79, that one guy caterpie caterpie caterpie
by jimyjohn97
Fri Nov 17, 2017 11:06 pm
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Topic: Christmas in a Hollow Field
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Re: Christmas in a Hollow Field

Firemaster24 wrote:Teammate 1 : Firemaster24
Teammate 2 : jimyjohn97
Our Team name is Nabs 2017 if it means anything :D
by jimyjohn97
Thu Nov 02, 2017 11:06 pm
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Topic: JohnyJim79's OP Breeding Shop :D
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JohnyJim79's OP Breeding Shop :D

Welcome To Johnyjim79 (jimyjohn97)'s Breeding shop!! :D :D :D Rules 1. No reselling of any kind will be tolerated! -If you are caught reselling any pokemon you will be banned from the shop! 2. I will be busy so don't bother me or constantly ask about your order or it will be done last! 3. You will ...
by jimyjohn97
Sat Oct 28, 2017 8:31 pm
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Topic: Inferno Breeding Shop
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Re: Inferno Breeding Shop

Username: Jimyjohn97
Pokemon Wanted: Axew, emolga
Nature Wanted (If Available): Adaman for axew, timid for emolga
Ability Wanted: mold breaker for axew, static for emolga
Egg Moves (If Available): Night slash and iron tail (axew)
Total Cost: 12k
by jimyjohn97
Sat Oct 28, 2017 7:27 pm
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Topic: Vamp
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PL was A great game, everyone loved it, and the mods were chill including Vamp , but now PL is dying, many people dislike it, and it's all because only ONE mod started abusing his powers, Vamp . Trade chat was basically player chat for people who can only speak English, and a trade chat, it was grea...