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Re: Requesting Assistance

Hi Suckitup,
hey bro,First of all sorry for not responding these days cause i didn't play the game.Yeah,and about your Pokemon i hve done it to 57/58 lvl cause u wanna increase their EV levels or any other things.I have put them up on trades for you to offer.Thank You and sorry for the delay.Bye

Re: Shiny Riolu Raffle

hi guys!!!! i hve loads of shiny favourites .My favourute of favourites in shinies is CHARIZARD.its very cool with that black colour and that bold and cool attitude. Moreover ,other than charizard i love snorunt with that colour and riolu with that gold thing.Well if i start choosing my first shiny...

Re: Requesting Assistance

HI suckitup. hey man i still hve it i forgot to put it up on trades.Meanwhile i had schools so i could not on the game at that tiime anyway ill put it up for u in the trades.i hve finished altara to 60 darumaka is left with snover ill do it and then put it cool ill give it back dont worry


hi,im not able to talk to the NPC which gives us the quest to find claydol to continue with finding moltres. when I press 'x' it comes "loading..." then goess off. he doesn't even say a word the NPC is in chamber of valentines prisoner. I tried refreshing but still no help. please help me solve this...

Re: Cedar

:( :( :( this is really bad........ I support the idea of a memorial or a NPC .
he taught me many things .....

the memorial should be in a place where everyone can constantly see it

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