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Re: Favoritism not tolerated.

crawling out of my hole to evaluate the situation, as Nexus requested... as far as I can see, Chileno, the situation looks like you were trying to find trouble to stir up. ok, sure, it's not common for a super-rare shiny pokemon to be given to others no charge, if in fact it was for free, but that d...

Re: faint switching

we can't take action without proof. next time you report, make sure there's proof- for example, you said he did it twice? after the first time, being ready for a second time would have been good.

Re: see it

you can go on the PL IRC channel (you can find a link to it in the signatures of PP or Nexus, whichever you'd like) and wait for a mod to come online there, once you are able to talk to them in real time they can unban you, and you can send the prize to them. once they have it, you'll be free to go,...

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